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  • aqdas_m 1w

    I feel secure that you exist
    In the same world as I do
    Beneath the same blue sky
    Living the same cycles of day and night
    Drinking the same water.

    I feel secure that you exist
    In the same chaos we are in
    Struggling through the similar ups and downs
    Sipping the same coffee to refresh yourself
    Making the same plans for tomorrow.

    I feel secure that you exist
    With the same rhythm of heart
    Beating with the same sound
    Pumping the same blood, but some memories too
    That rush through your veins.

    I feel secure that you exist
    Thinking about the times we were together
    Praying for my safety and health
    Missing the "me" in you
    To make the same old "us".

    I feel secure that you just exist and breathe...


  • aqdas_m 5w

    That boy in yellow raincoat

    Standing strangled in his own miseries
    At a corner with rain pouring on him
    That boy in yellow raincoat
    Reminds me of myself from the past.

    His eyes were immobile, so was his body
    As if he was standing in the middle of a labyrinth
    Waiting for someone to rescue
    But no, no one is there except him.

    There were people around including me
    Watching silently, yet we didn't bother
    About that boy in yellow raincoat
    Except for the attractive colour on him.

    May be we had our own miseries surrounded
    May be we were all getting late
    To go somewhere or nowhere, actually
    But that boy stood still as if he had time.

    As if he owns his time, he owns no explanation
    To be late or to be standing in the endless rain
    I stood still too, watching him, reminding myself
    About the boy I was in my past, confused, afraid.

    But then suddenly out of nowhere he looked up
    Towards me in my eyes, as if he recognised me
    Like a loop between the past and the present
    And that smile came from him, a big smile.

    Smile that shook me from inside
    Made me understand that "no matter how hard
    The life is, no matter how empty you are within,
    All is going to be alright one day".

    That boy, that little boy standing around the corner
    Gave me the best message of my life.
    And here I am writing this all on a paper
    That would turn "Yellow" one day!


  • aqdas_m 7w

    बता देना सबको मेरा वो एक सौदा
    जो किया था मैंने ज़िन्दगी से, सुकून से, ख्वाबों से, हालातों से...
    बस एक तेरी मोहब्बत की खातिर


  • aqdas_m 11w

    ज़िम्मेदारियों ने बांध रखा था उसे
    वरना उड़ने की चाह थी कहीं उसमें


  • aqdas_m 14w

    उससे कहो रोज़ मेरी गली से गुज़रा करे
    ये दिल कमबख्त धड़कने के बहाने ढूंढ़ा करता है


  • aqdas_m 22w

    अगर तुम ठहर जाते तो देखते
    मेरी हंसी, मेरी खुशी सब महज़ तुम से है


  • aqdas_m 23w

    It's okay to be flawed
    It's okay to be broken
    Somewhere someone would someday
    Match with you
    Their respective imperfections
    To complete everything


  • aqdas_m 28w

    गांव में समझ लेते हैं मेरी ख़ामोशी भी
    शहर में मेरी दास्तां तक सुनी नहीं जाती


  • aqdas_m 29w

    मंजिल तक पहुंचते पहुंचते
    कई अपने पीछे छूटते गए


  • aqdas_m 37w

    हां हो या ना‌ हो, परवाह नहीं
    पर मुझे उसके लहज़े से कई शिकायतें हैं