I want to steal you away feel until night becomes day. Want to hear ANYTHING recited? Just ask ✌🏽

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  • aphrolighte 22w

    The second time I’m drunk in two years
    And it’s amazing
    Feeling strong emotions
    I’m sad
    And happy.
    I have the friendship I’ve dreamed of.
    For a night.
    I wonder,
    what I’ll return home to,
    How I’ll be,
    Will I be ready
    Or completely distant

  • aphrolighte 22w


    God I miss you
    So much more than I thought
    Am I selfish?
    I want to know how you feel.
    That conversation had little information…
    I have questions but, really what’s the point?
    I wasn’t chosen, was I even a thought?
    Sure, I’d be told what I feel matters,
    But let’s get real. It doesn’t.

  • aphrolighte 23w

    "I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free."

    - Charles Dickens

  • aphrolighte 46w

    Dreams and Questions

    I dreamt I was drowning.
    I can still feel the water,
    It’s rushing. It’s chilly but not cold. Pleasant but unpleasant. Thick and viscous. It’s cement to my wind. It’s certainty to my dreamlands. It slips through my fingers, up my arm and down my throat. Encasing me, my body feels pressure but not pain. As if a trillion tiny rain drops hugged you all at once. So fast. It comes in so fast. It envelopes the car in seconds, I look to you and I... I can’t remember what you do. All I can remember is the panic, the fear flooding my mind, the numbness turning off my nerve endings. It’s rushing but there’s no current. Where did this water come from?

    “Now you’re asking the real questions”

    It just appeared. One second we’re on the edge of the pavement, the next, submerging.


    I want to remember a big crash. A black SUV diving into the lake. But I can’t. It wasn’t a crash. It was a dunk. A dunk into the teals of my subconscious, a place I can’t understand. Is it the Neverland I’ve always talked about? Is my deepest of minds the winding jungles I’ve dreamed of? Or does that sound insane. Who in their right mind would see themselves as so entrancing. Is this how it would feel to love myself? Taken away for so long you don’t realize something is missing. The place where they used to stand fades away and memory replaces it with a nightstand. What can I withstand? What can we all withstand?

    “The real question”

    Who are we?
    Why are we like this? Where did we come from and where have we been? Can the subconscious travel through us? Can it travel through everything and nothing? Which plane is real? Why are there even two?

    “we know the answer to that”

    Do all animals dream? Why do we remember our dreams? Do trees and plants and fungi dream? Or are they living in their dreams? What if dream had another name, one not so cliche? Am I considered lazy, for wishing to ask these questions all day?


  • aphrolighte 46w

    Do You?


    Do you ever feel the presence of
    The focus of a lost generation
    Twirling in the stardust of past sensations
    While the simulation robs us of love and patience
    Simultaneously craving ancients to guide so we no longer feel the need to hide, look over our shoulders at our shadows starring into our minds
    Bending the everlasting light
    Spreading into the depths of night
    Fright and fear linger here
    The question remains, are they too, afraid of tears?

  • aphrolighte 67w

    My love where are you

    “God please hold me”
    I ask, sitting in my apartment, with only two cats for companionship. And even they’re sleeping contently.
    I would hold them if they’d let me
    But what I really yearn for is to be held.
    Held in arms that feel like hundred year old tree trunks,
    Safe through any storm, immovable and warm
    Held close to a heartbeat
    Where our two souls meet and leave the physical beneath our feet
    Held in breaths mixing what’s left of our spirits
    I hear it deep in my ear, feel the depth so near
    So near to my heart but my love
    Where are you?


  • aphrolighte 74w

    Justice today

    My stomach flutters
    feeling others rage and pain
    it’s taking aim at our sanity
    shoving blame to different colors of humanity

    ran to me he did
    ran and hid ran for his future
    ran for his life
    ran for his kids ran for his wife

    justice is my name
    I was born in strife
    mankinds games aren’t Very nice
    and I’m tired Of your vices

    find your lord and find your peace
    ignore what entices the flesh, your pieces of meat
    rise to your best because I’m beat
    my feet are worn to the bone
    protecting your homes

    let it be known
    youve outgrown yourselves
    your tells are obvious
    Your obelisk can’t reach the skies
    look each other in the eyes
    and love one another
    or truly suffer your demise


  • aphrolighte 79w


    Love has saved me
    many times before
    love has saved me
    this time and many more
    love has saved me
    it’s opened the door
    love has picked me up off the floor
    given me shelter, Given me clothes when mine were torn
    worn out and cast aside
    love arrived with no downside
    abide by love and you shall see
    what graces were given to you and me

  • aphrolighte 81w

    Let me tell you

    About my future wife

    The wonderful woman

    Im going to love all my life

    You've seen the twinkle of her eye

    Deep in the moonlit sky

    Hiding in the bright shadows of the moon

    Oh lord please bring her to me soon

    Her ears perk at catchy tunes

    Barefeet dancing all through june

    Late night spoons just us two

    She whispers "I love you"

    3 Hoops of gold lighter than air

    Her smile just as big as her hair

    Lost in prayer she repeats

    Please give the hungry food to eat

    One day you might meet her

    But first I gotta see her

    Draw her knee- yur yes indeed

    Then I'll finally be freed 

    One day you might love her

    But first i gotta hug her

    You're somewhere close to me

    Let's change this I to we 

    I've got a woman who loves to read

    Loves to get dirty plantin seeds

    Takes my hand follows me and

    Remembers anniversaries 

    Getting tanner in the sand she's

    Lookin like milk Chocolate candies

    Than she runs away

    Enjoyin the ocean spray

    Today and every day I

    Hold her tight to my side

    Beautiful eyes guide my soul

    Peaceful words do console

    Time may take it's toll

    Everyone's in a six foot hole

    But before we reach those goals

    I just thought that you should know

    That I already love her

    She is an excellent mother

    To our children meant to be

    Now I am finally free

  • aphrolighte 97w


    Stop explaining where you've come from
    And let's walk to where you're going