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  • aphroditenow 1d

    #postcard #wod #pod
    Thank you for EC....
    Thank you for the love...

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    Bluest of Blue

    Do you know I always steal blue from you? I am confessing, I do.
    Do you know your vastness is not frightening? It does not instill the fear of getting lost. I lose myself only to be found back, each time anew.
    Do you know from my window I see how your moon drips to regain itself? The dripping moon is where all my impossible dreams seek refuge.
    Do you know how you keep saving this fragile soul? You are the space, its depth and its emptiness. You are home to stars, Twilight's, clouds, rainbows; sometimes birds and playful kites; my wish to fly far , very far where my fantasy fades into your endlessness.
    Do you know through you I defy distance? You are the only shelter shared by me and him and every other strangers....
    Do you know I know you will still be there when these lives would end and this world would fall apart, standing the screams of the universe.
    Victory to you, the cradle of creations...
    A survivor

  • aphroditenow 1d

    Is this too much a praise for the praise I receive?!!!

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    Great soul

    You keep on beaming,
    Pouring your time,
    Spilling your mind
    Never knowing
    Who my poems speak of.
    How could you?
    You are not Narcissus...

  • aphroditenow 3d

    What do wars leave behind besides horrors? Heroes? Winners? Or survivors?

  • aphroditenow 4d

    Suffering is all pervasive when you are powerless but not daunting if you have strength

  • aphroditenow 5d

    What is red?
    The colour of the love
    Spilling from my unpolished heart,
    Not knowing where to make its way,
    It forms a puddle at my feet wanting love.
    I lovingly name it self-love....

  • aphroditenow 1w

    What is blue?

    That which the sky-stealer wore
    while blending serenity
    with an ungrieved sadness

  • aphroditenow 1w

    ইচ্ছের পাহাড়

    বড় সাধ হয় তোমাকে দেখতে।
    তোমাকে ছুঁয়ে দেখতে।
    একবার হাতের মুঠোয় শিহরণ পেতে।
    আলগোছেই না হয় দিলে।
    বড় সাধ হয় তোমার সাথে আমার বেঁচে থাকা ভাগ করতে।
    আমার প্রতিদিন ভাগ করতে।
    ভাতের থালা, ঘুম ভাগ করতে।
    কয়েকটি স্বপ্নও না হয় ভাগ করলে তুমি।
    বড় সাধ হয় তোমায় নিয়ে ঘর বাঁধতে।
    কোনো সবুজ পাহাড়ের কোলে নয়।
    আমার ধূলোয় ভরা এই সাদা কালো শহরে।
    না হয় মিথ্যে করেই সংসার দিলে আমায়।
    বড় সাধ হয় তোমায় আগলে রাখতে।
    আমার এই ছাপোষা জীবন দিয়ে।
    এই পৃথিবীর শেষে।
    জন্ম- মৃত্যু পেরিয়ে এসে।
    বড় সাধ হয় আমার সচেতন মনন অতিক্রম করে
    আমার অবচেতনে তোমাকে যত্ন করে রাখতে।
    কিন্তু ভয় হয়
    যদি তুমি আমার অস্তিত্বের সাথে মিশে যাও,
    যদি তোমাকে চাইতে চাইতে
    আমি একটা তুমি হয়ে যাই
    আর হঠাৎ একদিন ক্লান্ত তুমি ঘরে ফিরে আমায় খোঁজো,
    তখন তোমার খেয়াল রাখবে কে?
    কে দেবে জলের গেলাস এগিয়ে?
    তখন তোমায় ভালোবাসবে কে?

  • aphroditenow 1w

    Wildness of broken crayons

    I often wonder:
    How you would define the wild-
    That which cannot be tamed,
    That which cannot be chained,
    That does not conform,
    It may be a rebellion with fiery eyes.
    That which is born to the wilderness
    Will perhaps become too exclusive.
    Would you call a child wild?
    The child who takes care of his crayons,
    Keeps each intact, a beautiful whole,
    But fills the elephant in his page with pink.
    I myself can't figure it out.
    However, I know
    I would certainly call a child good at learning
    When the child could be trained to think
    An elephant always wears grey;
    It is ridiculous to paint an elephant pink.

    Looking back now I know
    I used to be the child good at learning.
    I knew I was never wild.
    I was the child who would
    Stack all her crayons perfectly
    Following the pattern of a rainbow,
    Keeping each crayon stick a whole,
    Guarding the rainbow with rigid
    Black and white on the either side,
    Believing the VIBGYOR to be followed
    Simply, solely, everywhere the colours could be spilt.
    I was not wild.
    Never did I look for rainbow in the faces surrounding me,
    But for in the rain-washed bright sky.

    As I kept growing up, the crayons got eroded.
    Growing up, at times, can be fun.
    Now, the broken crayons in my bag
    Tumble, welter and roll,
    Carve out utter chaos in blank pages,
    Wildly and unrestrained.
    Now I know what a VIBGYOR is
    Besides knowing what and how a child sees.
    At last I could fill myself with life....

  • aphroditenow 2w

    #start #wod
    Thanks for EC

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    A Teardrop on love

    I love to love you.
    I love to love the idea:
    You have loved me too ;
    Quite careless though,
    Like breeze through untamed locks
    Doesn't know how maddening its touch is.
    I love the way I build you up
    Every night like a familiar stranger,
    Sometimes in dark,
    Sometimes in Moonbeam,
    Stitching sinew,
    Drawing every string with care
    Until you would become quite vivid
    To scream my name, Moonstruck,
    Until the sun would rise
    And you would become a cool morning air.

    I love to love you.
    I love to call the voice insane,
    The voice that whispers:
    I don't love you,
    You are just a piece of my figment,
    I love my idea of what you are,
    I love to mould you inside me,
    With my fragments.
    I love to disown that voice.
    I love to reiterate:
    I love to love you
    And I do with all my soul.

    Doesn't that make me love you?


  • aphroditenow 2w

    What hue will you choose
    If death asks to paint our tale?
    I'll erase that forever....