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  • apathetic 4w

    Just the least I could write about The @nightwriter_i

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    The chocolate boy.

    Mr. Nightwriter, the many times you have tried to convince people that you aren't amazing, you fail miserably. The late lateef and absent minded lad from college, I can pick you from a crowd of 100. I had the privilege of being your senior. "Hey, are you free today?" I haven't forgotten these words. The lean handsome guy who would sit on the stairs and look at the grotesque spiral staircase. You had no idea that people used to look at you as the unordinary. And it was always a hassle for my buddies to approach you because you were so damn polite to them, Shristi was in love, Raima had written over 7 poems for you. But it really didn't bother you, did it? The genius guy who never really attended the classes but was still at the top. A wayfarer glass, bag on the left shoulder and always looking around as if looking for something meaningful. Our last chai in Jatin Das Park after that Rancho disappeared. It was heartbreaking, we had to continue walking down the stairs of the college without you. Everything felt empty. "The small mole on your nose is really cute" the one on the right side of your face is cute too, kunal. This one sentence is still etched in my memory. You really knew how to talk. How to talk to anyone. Irrespective of how you always seemed dejected by the chaos, you still used to talk to anyone who used to sit beside you. And that's a rare quality, kunal, people your age seldom give a fuck and don't even have the guts to keep a conversation going. I had never seen you angry, until now. Hope you keep the don't date hoes (ddh) pact alive. Heartbreaks are unsolicited lessons we didn't need. There's abundance coming your way, and you know it ;)

    "Paddle deep into your whereabouts"
    The life of this account is dedicated to you. :)