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  • aparaajita 192w

    Another story of the night

    The dense dark night
    Casts a spell of crisis.

    I'm awakened from a deep slumber
    The call of emotions guides the way.
    And I'm reminded of something pure
    That rests deep into my soul
    What is it soft and calm
    Yet jolts me hard to rejig my mindscape?
    What be it named, that questions my identity
    My purpose of existence?
    How hard I resist
    It digs me deeper
    Miserable my condition
    It takes no pity.

    The cool breeze walks past
    Smirking at my befuddled face
    This quest of the anonymous has troubled me of late
    Yet for sure , I'll find my answers.
    Some other night when the stars shine bright
    A lot shall seem clearer.