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  • anwasasil0011 1w

    Defination of beauty

    When I was little I was told that I have beautiful arched eyebrows. They are naturally beautiful. I started to belive from that very time that the only beautiful thing in my face is my eyebrows. When I was in college my crush once told me that he really likes my round shaped lips. I started to believe that my lips are beautiful too. So , now I have two beautiful things in my face. I just wonder if someone had ever told me that my small eyes and flat nose are beautiful too then probably they can be beautiful for me now. We have created the definition of beauty . The way we see the world and think yeah it's beautiful is beautiful. We have created that notion of beauty as round shaped eyes, sharped nose and whatever we believe. We have created that the small eyes , flat nose are not that much beautiful!! Do you think it's really the way you believe it?? you really think whatever you believe is the ultimate??!! I am just asking you is it really the ultimate beauty??!!!

  • anwasasil0011 3w

    It's absolutely fair to get exhausted for some relations in your life.
    It's quite normal to get bored with the person you know for years.
    Circumstances effect differently on different persons.
    Everything changes.
    Peoples too.
    But to act like something really changed within us is what ditching to be get defined by.

  • anwasasil0011 7w

    Sometimes in a stormy night,
    The lightening in the darkness,
    The touch of cold wind,
    Gives me so much peace,
    Peace of silence.

  • anwasasil0011 7w

    It's not an exceptional case
    You will feel like a broken heart!
    You will think like there can't be a better choice than giving up
    You will feel like an alone soul , being served like a crispy joke , front of absolute strangers!
    You will .
    But, the one truth that let you not giving up is-
    You are not alone,
    You never can't be alone,
    You never know,
    may be you never can't meet,
    Never can't touch,
    But there are someone,
    Standing lower than you,
    In this stairs
    And still hoping to reach at the top :)

  • anwasasil0011 7w

    We are really independent just like a corporate slave.


  • anwasasil0011 11w

    একসাথে বসে মন খুলে দেওয়া কত আড্ডা,
    পরন্ত বিকেলে হুড খোলা রিকশায় হাতের ওপর হাত রেখে দেওয়া কত কথা ।
    মাঝ রাতে হঠাত্ করে ফোন,তোর ফাঁকা রাস্তায় এক সাথে হাঁটতে চাওয়ার পাগলামি ।
    যখন তখন গান শুনতে চাওয়ার বায়না ।
    রাস্তা পার করার সময়,শক্ত করে আমার হাতটা ধরে নেওয়া ।
    দুটো ছাতা থাকা সত্ত্বেও ,ইচ্ছা করে বৃষ্টি তে একই ছাতার তলায় চলা।
    কি না তুই ছাতা আনতে ভুলে গেছিস!
    আমি কিন্তু বেশ বুঝতে পারি তোর এই মিথ্যেটা।
    সন্ধ্যে নামার মুহূর্তে, রাস্তার পাশের দোকানে দাঁড়িয়ে দুই চাখোর এর একসাথে কাপে চুমুক ।
    কাঁধে মাথা রেখে আরও কত দূর যাওয়া বাকী।

    আজ আবারও বৃষ্টিতে ভেজার পালা ।
    আবারও গোধূলির আকাশ প্রেমিক প্রেমিকার প্রেমের রঙে রাঙা হয়ে উঠবে।
    আজ আবারও সেই পুরনো আস্তানায় , তোকে নতুন করে খোঁজার পালা।

  • anwasasil0011 23w

    In this lonely alley,My heart is melting for the most precious feeling of this world.
    The street lights, the colours around us, are embracing our love.
    This drizzle don't want us to stop in making love.
    The bright shades of colours painted in this wet street,making this moment more colourful.
    My hands holding your waist so tiedly,
    Bringing you more close to me.
    My chin is so close to your wet lips.
    Your wet hair is falling on my hands.
    Your eyes, telling me, drown in this moment for ever.
    There have a lil bit of shyness and infinite love on your face.
    In your every touches I feel the trust you have on me for life-long.
    Let's make love, unforgettable forever.

  • anwasasil0011 23w

    তোমার নামে

    তোমার হিমে ভেজা শরীর,
    আমার কম্বল মোড়ার বায়না।
    আমার হৃদস্পন্দন বাড়ানো ছোয়া,
    তোমার উষ্ণ শরীরের নেশা।
    তোমার ঘোর মাখানো গন্ধে,
    আমি আবার চাই ডুবতে।

    তোমার শরীর কাঁপানো আলিঙ্গন,
    আরো প্রগাঢ় নেশায় জড়াতে,
    আমার ওষ্ঠ ধার সিক্ত,
    আরো তীব্র চুম্বন টানতে।

    তোমার আলতো ঠোঁটের হাসি ,
    আমার wine glass এর নেশায়,
    চাঁদের আভাচ্ছন্ন মধ্যরাতে,
    ব্যাস্ত মুহূর্ত বোনায়।

    মেঘ ঢ়াকা আকাশের নীচে,
    তোমার গিটার ভরা সুর।
    ভেসে চলেছি মাতাল স্রোতে,
    রোমাঞ্চ টানছে আরো দূর।

  • anwasasil0011 24w

    The living lighthouse

    While talking about living lighthouse, my mother is the person who knows me the best, understands me the best, handels me most of the times when i feel shattered.

    But not for every time I have found my mother when my teary eyes make everything blurred.But there I have had my best friend by my side.
    Even for sometimes when I feel upset , a short conversation, a few but worthy words from just a known person make me feel better.

    Even sometimes it happen that looking at an incident in front of me or hearing about the way someone else has handeled the difficulties, help me to correct myself.
    Help me to rethink that I am not alone.

    So, it's not that one lighthouse which guides me all the time.
    I want to express my gratitude to all the persons for being there, to all the moments that happened to me and direct me at the shore of the sea.
    Thank You So Much❤


  • anwasasil0011 24w

    The Banyan Tree-

    I am the
    Banyan tree.
    I don't know how
    much old I am now, but
    I am so old.There are lots of
    Birds nest in my shaggy head.I don't
    remember all of their names.But I can remember a lil sparrow nested on my topmost twig yesterday.I also remember those women ,many days ago who came to fill their jars in the pond. They don't come
    anymore.I also remember a lil boy who
    Stared at my roots.Maybe he
    get puzzled by the
    tangle of my
    roots!A lil
    boy,so much
    Wonders in
    His eyes.
    Maybe he
    Grown up
    Now.I can't
    Recall his
    Must have
    Been a good
    Man now.
    There is a
    Near my root.
    Not even
    Looking at
    Me .He is busy
    With his video
    Game.I wish
    That lil boy to come one day and stand at my root.Do you know where is he now??