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  • anushka 290w

    Year 2050

    Written in gold, was our story
    But no one to read it.

  • anushka 290w

    I write because

    I write because poetry gives a purpose to my soul..

  • anushka 290w

    ANUSHKA© @mirakee

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    Internet romance

    I've seen romances flourish on the Internet.
    I've seen people fall head over heels in love, on the Internet.
    I've fallen in love, on the Internet, but
    what went wrong between us, baby.
    Why are we not in love anymore.
    Why are we so distant, why are we not together anymore.
    What did we do wrong that we can't see each other anymore.
    Ours was the perfect Love story, maybe beyond acceptance of the society.
    Was it why you moved away and asked me to forget you, and forgive you for being a part of my life?

  • anushka 291w


    Every poem of mine,
    speaks about you..
    But not every word of it,
    means anything to you..