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  • anusha_sharma21 5w

    Even a white rose have a black shadow

  • anusha_sharma21 16w

    Hello everyone ���� so here is the next part �� I hope you like it �� It's been a long long time since my last post�� I hope you like it �� enjoy reading ��

    When I looked up again,I saw.. His face is inches from mine and as he moves in...
    "What? What?"
    "I was just putting jacket over you!! Don't be like this. You don't like me or what? Always think of me in bad way!!" He said flicking my forehead.
    "Ouchh!!...." I groaned in pain.
    "You get angry at little things." He said smiling.
    "Aishh!! You are the one who provoke me."
    "Ahh!! Ok fine. You won!!"
    "Whatever...." He said copying me.
    "What? What did you just say??" I said narrowing my eyes.
    "Mmm..... I heard!!"
    "Ahh!!!.." he said being confused af.
    "Aishh!! You idiot..why are you scared!!"
    "Ahh!! Nothing like this.. why I will be scared!!"

    While we were talking Josh comes.
    "Sorry to interrupt you. Kiara!! Simone is looking for you." Josh said.
    "Ohh!! I have to go. Errr... Here is you jacket." I gave Robin his jacket.

    Conversation between Josh and Robin.
    "So, what was going on!!" Josh asks suspiciously.
    "What do you mean?"
    "I mean jacket? I saw you putting jacket over her."
    "Mmm... So?
    "You like her, right!!"
    "Errr.. what are you saying??"
    "Don't act innocent in front of me."
    "Eileen told you!!"
    "What? Eileen know about this!!"
    "You traitor. You didn't tell me about this!!"
    "Ahh!! Sorry. I was going to!! By the way, how do you know about this?"
    "I have keen eyes. You know?"
    "Aishh!!!! My bad"
    "No problem!!! I'll help you."
    "Don't tell Simone about this!!"
    "Okie!! I won't. Don't do something stupid that make Kiara angry!!"
    "Got it!! I won't do."
    "Let's go!! Everyone is waiting."

    I was walking out of courtyard and through the house. Tia bumps into me on my way out and stands in front of me.
    "What are you doing here?"
    "None of your business!!"
    "It is!!! Where is Josh? I saw him coming here."
    "Go find him yourself!!"
    "Yaaa!!!! What do you think you are??"
    "Till my knowledge I'm a human. And about you? I don't know!!"
    "Yaa!! You can't talk to me like this!!"
    "Why? Are you someone special? Or a celebrity?? Ohh!! I'm sorry!! How can I say something celebrity!! Lmao!!!"
    "Get out of my way!!" She said annoyingly.

    Conversation between trio (Kiara Eileen and Simone)
    "So? How was surprise??" Eileen asks.
    "Ahhh!!! That. This....!!" I said showing them bracelet Robin gave me.
    "Ohhh!! It's so beautiful :)" Simone said.
    "Yaaaa!!! Don't shout!!" Everyone is seeing!!"
    "Okie!!! But it's really beautiful!!"

    We were talking when I heard a familiar voice, I turned back to see, it was.....

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    My Bossy Girl

    Part 21

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    She's not a drug
    But she's my addiction
    She's not family
    But she make me feel like home
    They are not GOD
    But they are the light of my life

  • anusha_sharma21 33w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Pity

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    Better to be disliked than pitted

  • anusha_sharma21 33w

    Hello everyone ���� so here is the next part �� I hope you like it �� I am trying to make it look realistic �� it's kinda big ���� but I hope you read it full�� have a good read���� and for whom who are waiting for real love story to start �� then I want to say that it takes time to fall in love with someone and especially for the girl like Kiara, female lead �� so wait a bit. I am still thinking about it����

    I am really sorry for posting it too late ���� I hope you enjoy reading it ��

    "Yeah!! So here the thing is actually I think there is something wrong with Robin!!"
    "What?? What do you mean?"
    "I mean he is.."
    "He is gay?? What are you saying !!" Simone interrupted Josh in between.
    "Nahhh!! Nothing like this. Simone don't guess anything. Let me complete. I mean like his behaviour these day is quite awkward. Don't you think?"
    "Nahhh!! I don't think!!"
    "Ahhh!! I am not talking about you!! I am talking about kiara. Like his behaviour towards Kiara has changed!!"
    "Yaaa!! I agree with that. I find it awkward too!!"
    "So? Don't you think he likes Kiara??"
    "Why? I don't think so?"
    "Simone!!!! Ahhh!! You are making me go crazy." He said annoyingly.
    "Uhh!! Sorry!! I didn't mean to!!" She became sad after hearing this.
    "Ahh!! I am sorry. I didn't mean that. Look at me. I am sorry. Please!!" He said as she was looking down.
    "Mmm.. ok! I am not getting you? Tell me straight forward. What the real thing is??"
    "I am damn sure that Robin likes Kiara!!"
    "Seriously.... Simone!!! I mean we should help him."
    "Don't give nonsense type of idea!! You know Kiara...if she get to know then..."
    "Ahhh!! Why are you afraid of her??"
    "What? Afraid? I am not!! It's just that I know her very well....she don't come in the category of people who fall in love easily or like someone!! She is different....and if Robin propose her and she says anything cruel that might hurt Robin then??"
    "Mmmmm.... That's the real problem!!"
    "Yeah!! I don't want to see her sad as she was back then when she saw her aunt....."
    "Stop it Simone!! We all decided not to talk about that incident ever better know consequences then??"
    "I know it better than you!! Because I have seen her suffering all these years and now she is recovering from that incident so it's not the correct time for Robin to do something like this :( "
    "I agree with it but...."
    "We should go Eileen and Kiara might be waiting for me." She said interrupting conversation.
    "Mmmm.... let's go!!"

    Me and Eileen were sitting near pool waiting for Simone.
    "Huh!! What the heck is this??"
    "Yaaa!! Like they need to talk about everything today only."
    While we were talking Simone comes.
    "What happened?" Eileen asks suspiciously.
    "Nothing!! Atleast not what you are thinking!!"
    "Ahhh!! Stop this nonsense. Will you? She said nothing happened." I said annoyingly.
    "Ok! Why are you angry!!" Eileen asks.
    "Nahh!! I am not angry. I am tensed about debate competition!!" I said
    "Ummm.. don't take tension. It will be all fine."
    "Yaa!! I hope so!!"

    While we were talking Robin came in front of us.
    "Hello!! Everyone."
    "Hi!! Robin" Eileen and Simone says waving at him.
    "Kiara!! Are you still angry?" He asks me.
    "Angry? Huh!! I'm not."
    "Thank god. I thought you are still angry."
    "I don't have time being angry at you. I have others thing to do!!"
    "Why?? You always talk to me like this??"
    "Mmmm.... Ahh!! Fine. Stop nagging."
    "I want to talk to you alone!!"
    "Why? Are you scared I will slap you if you talk nonsense."
    "Ahhh!! Nothing like this. Please!! I have a surprise for you."
    "Surprise? For me? Huh!! I don't like surprises."
    "Mmmm.. no problem. I am sure you like this one."
    "Ok!! Stop nagging."

    I jump off the edge and walk with him through the crowd and inside, where the music is pumping loudly and people are dancing in a frenzy. For a moment I lose my hand with Robin as I squeeze through the crowd. He's already ahead of me. I squash myself through a couple when a guy comes up to me and puts his arms around my shoulders, and I nearly choke on his breath. I see Robin coming towards me and he grabs my hand, leading me away from the crowd and through the house. He takes me out through a side door, to another courtyard, only this one is quite and empty of people.

    I feel almost panicky, wondering whether I am still alive. I sit on a chair, not knowing if I should Stay or go. Robin sits on a table, smiling at me.
    "Ahhh!! Those bast**ds"
    "How easily you curse people!!"
    "Ahh!! They are crazy. I almost choked."
    "Mmm... Are you okay??"
    "Yeah!! I am. By the way, how do you know this place. Have you been at Josh's home earlier?"
    "Yeah!! I came some days back!"
    "Ahhh!! So suffocating. I need some air." I said flapping my hand.
    "It's all yours!! By the way, everything going well?"
    "What type of question is this? What do you want to know?"
    "Ahh!! I was talking about debate competition preparation."
    "Ohh!! That. Nothing interesting!! It's too tiring."
    "Mmmm... Do your best!!"
    "Huh!! Best? Do you really think it will be good having people like Tia and Clarie in the team."
    "Mmm... That's bad!!"
    "Leave it!! I don't want to talk about it!!"
    "Ahh!! My surprise!! I forget??"
    "Huh!! You are good for nothing!!"
    "Ahh!! Okie fine. First close your eyes!!"
    "Ahh!! I am not a kid anymore. Stop this nonsense."
    "Please!! For me."
    "Are you someone special? Huh!! Ok." I closed my eyes because he looked like a kid who is refused for having toys.
    "Open your eyes!!"
    "A bracelet? But it's beautiful."
    "Ohh!! I am happy you liked it!!"
    "But why? You are giving me bracelet?"
    "Ahh!! It's because I made you angry that that's why!!"
    "Aigo!!! You are really something!!" I said laughingly.
    He doesn't say anything, just dangles his legs and stares at me with an intensity that make me feel giddy. I look away, down at my hands. When I looked up I saw.... Oh!! No Robin.....
    To be continued........

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    My Bossy Girl

    Part 20

  • anusha_sharma21 35w

    True Beauty can give us life lessons and realizations that can change our perspective in terms of finding the real definition of beauty.��

    There are certain parts of yourself that you’re not happy with, you can try to change them — but in a healthy way, with caution and careful consideration. It also share that a slim figure and a pretty face are not everything, but they’re merely additional qualities that are still secondary to inner beauty.����❤️❤️

    Every person is striving to be loved and accepted for who they truly are. Greatness can’t be measured by looks alone.✨��

    Remember, faces are never ugly or beautiful. Minds are.✨

    I suggest you to see k-drama 'TRUE BEAUTY'��

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    Cinderella needed glass shoes to get her prince
    Mo Yeon just needed the shabby shoes to get her prince charming

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    Cinderella needed glass shoes to get her prince
    Mo Yeon just needed the shabby shoes to get her prince charming

  • anusha_sharma21 38w

    Have you ever wondered what 'Mirakee' means?

    - For those who are not aware, the name 'MIRAKEE' originated from the Greek word 'MERAKI' meaning to put your soul, passion and creativity into something.

    Google defination:-
    Mirakke means to leave something of yourself (your soul, creativity or love) in your work.

    I hope you like this information ��

    And thank you my MIRAKEE family for 200 followers �� I'm really happy that you like my write-ups �� Thanks a lot ❤️ lots of love from me ��
    ��I PURPLE YOU ��

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  • anusha_sharma21 39w

    Hello everyone ���� so here is the next part �� I hope you like it ������ I hope you are loving the story �� I am trying my best to make it look realistic ��

    "Look," he says after a couple of minutes of chitchat, I've got this party at my house on Friday night. It's my birthday!"
    "Your birthday!! Wow!!" As I shout in excitement.
    "Shut up. Can you...can you come?"
    "Obviously! I always come."
    "But this time Adam is not there that's why. I thought you will deny!!"
    "Shut up! Don't talk nonsense. I'm your friend, why will I deny."
    "That's like Kiara!!"
    "Can Simone and Eileen come too?"
    "Yeah, sure, of course. I was going to ask them anyway."
    "You, Simone, Eileen and Robin. Done!!"
    "What? Robin too!!"
    "Ahh!! Are you still angry? Don't be."
    "Nahh!! I'm thinking how can you both become good friends?" I said narrowing my eyes.
    "Don't see me like this."
    "Mm... Fine!! I'm still angry from him. Really?? Like he helped Clarie??"
    "That's fine!! He is new student. He don't know about Clarie!!"
    "Huh!! Fine. You won this conversation."
    "Finally!! I made one. After a long time!!"
    "Don't be happy!!"
    "As you wish!! My master."
    "Umm... Stop calling me that!! I hate it."

    I called Simone after reaching home.
    "Hey! What's up."
    "What is it? Busy bee!!"
    "Ahh!! Sorry! I'm busy because of debate competition!!"
    "Fine!! What is it about??"
    "Ohh yes!! Are you free this friday?"
    "Why! Anything special?"
    "Yupp!! It's Josh's birthday. You are invited too! You have to come. You can't deny."
    "Josh! Ummm... Ok!! I will come."
    Almost every weekend somebody throws a party. I'm usually invited and I've been to a couple but to be honest it's not much fun if you don't drink. Simone hates them because finding something something to wear is her nightmare and then spend the night thinking everybody making fun of her. I don't really think I'm going to fit in very well. Since, these days I've been eating a lot. But then again, it's Josh's party.
    "Have to ask mum about it!!"
    "Why? She will deny!!"
    "Nahh!! Nothing like that. About timings!!!"
    "Ohh!! Me too."
    "So, your mum's ok being taxi driver?"
    "Oh sure!! No big deal."

    On Friday Simone comes to pick me up. When we reached there everyone were already there. Eileen and Robin too!!
    "Heyy!! Tia's here." Simone says pointing at her.
    "Ahh!! She is a headache. Ignore her."
    Simone and I walk through the crowd. There are lots of other people we don't recognise hanging around, huddled together, dancing, laughing, gossiping and drinking. Everybody's divided up into their status group. The cool group, the good-looking group, the shy group etc.
    "Why is everybody staring?" Eileen asks us.
    "It's obvious, isn't it?" Simone and I say in unison. We all stare at each other in surprise and then burst out laughing.

    I saw Josh coming towards us. He's beside us in a moment and we all have s bit of laugh and small talk.
    "So are you having fun?"
    "We just got here." I said.
    "But the atmosphere is pretty cool." Eileen says.
    "How about you, Simone?"
    "Great!!" She says shyly. .
    Somebody calls out to him and he looks disappointed.
    "I'll come by soon. Don't go anywhere!"

    Eileen slings her arm around Simone's shoulder.
    "Huhh!! I believe somebody well and truly has a crush on you."
    "Most definitely! The way he looks a you." I said giggling her.
    "I feel hot. I need a coke." She said as a way of avoiding us.
    "Okk!! Fine. Let me grab one for you." Eileen says.
    "Josh's looking for you." Eileen tells when she returns.
    "Nahh!! For Simone." She says.
    "Where is he?" Simone asks.
    "He's been walking around asking people where you are. You're kind of hidden here, don't you think?"

    While we were talking Josh appears before us. Simone smiles sheepishly at him.
    "Simone, I wanna talk to you about something!!"
    "Yehh!! Sure."
    "Can I speak to you alone?" He asks Simone and Simone stare back at him in surprise.
    "Yeah! Ok"

    They both went quite far that we can't even see them.
    "I've been looking all over for you."
    "Have you?"
    "Yep. So! Are you having fun?"
    "Me? Yeah...Sure I am. Cool party."
    "So... I wanted to talk to you about something really important. Like it's about something I want to tell you. I mean...."
    "What? What is it? Please be comfortable with me!!"
    "Yeah!! So here the thing is actually I....."

    To be continued.....

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    My Bossy Girl

    Part 19

  • anusha_sharma21 39w

    Pamper your angelic soul,
    Buy yourself a boutique of rose,
    Tie a silky ribbon in your hair
    And spritz your favourite perfume.
    Live your fairytale
    Spread Wings and let your
    Light shine brightly.