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  • anu_kum 21h

    Softly touching lives
    Before flying away
    In the wind's direction
    Akin to a feather

  • anu_kum 1d

    Real Identity

    Remaining calm
    In the face
    Of all turbulence
    That's who she really was

    Standing tall
    For all her dear ones
    In return for a little love
    That's who she really was

    Enjoying her solitude
    Only to end her day
    Sharing with her special person
    That's who she really was

    Styled simply
    Wanting to win hearts
    Through generosity
    That's who she really was

  • anu_kum 2d

    The Friendship Love

    Instantaneous connect
    To the depth of sharing
    Their darkest secrets
    And deepest fears
    Holding each other
    Through thick and thin
    With no judgement
    Creating their own bond
    Aloof from the world
    I thought that love
    Would last forver
    I was wrong

  • anu_kum 4d

    Shooting Blues

    How does the velvet character set in?
    A result of all the adventures you spin

  • anu_kum 1w

    Permanent Impermanence

    The sun shines bright
    Even through the darkness
    You left in your flight
    Completely cold and heartless
    With the winds still flowing right
    Leaving the tree shade seeming artless
    And the riverside awfully quite
    As I gaze up at the stars tonight
    Everything appears so pointless

  • anu_kum 1w


    He stormed in
    With all his
    Crunchy humour
    Adding salt
    To her otherwise
    Insipid life
    Bringing back hope of
    The tangy adventures
    Behind her
    Sweetest smile
    Only to leave her
    At the helm
    Filling her heart
    With the same
    Bitterness she
    Had accepted
    As the flavour
    Of her life

  • anu_kum 1w


    A wild goose chase
    In a non-sensical race
    Towards a finish line
    Existing only in the mind
    Going into a frenzy
    Over an envy
    Causing pointless pain
    All in vain
    For it was in pursuit
    Of a brute

  • anu_kum 2w


    Unfiltered conversations
    Spreading smiles
    Through snappy punchlines
    And assertive style
    Over-burdening care
    Going way beyond
    Her natural flair
    And simple fashion
    Holding together all bonds
    With no heed to her wounds
    Was the girl of his dreams

  • anu_kum 2w

    Being Alive

    I love the thrill
    Coming from the
    Constant attacks
    And unexpected
    Filling my
    My o' but dead
    And lonely heart
    With life
    I had long
    Forgotten existed

  • anu_kum 2w


    Secrets spilled to the gentry like news
    Meant for the common man making her
    Self-doubt a topic of public review
    And soon her only friends were the
    Stones pelted from every which way as
    A reward for her selfless love but
    Yet she smiled on life's endless beauty