I write here to express or tell whatever I feel like writing about, in whatever way I see it or want to write it, without a large barrier in between.

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  • anthonyr 1w

    Starlight Switch

    You may well have taken my heart where it last stood in the test of time.
    But I'm still me and still have a dream, no crashing heart or mind is enough to put an end of the line to my tracks. Defrosting the icy darkness and what does that ice and dark feel like once thawed.

    (Just writing what feels like something)

  • anthonyr 3w

    Price or Priceless

    There's a high price to receive someone's love after they've been screwed over and destroyed by life a number of times. Only a person stronger than all of those can stand in front of that and still hold together and be strong enough to be themselves. In front of the totality of all that they are. Still with gentle assurance and spirited support through it.

  • anthonyr 4w

    Healing Time

    Time to heal. I'll accept nothing else right now.

  • anthonyr 4w

    Cold Night

    Looking up at the rain, as cold stricken rain. Draw the blinds, that's the curtain call. But outside the house, on the outside of the glass, looking up. Closed out. There's still light overhead. The dream, for whatever happened to it, is so dark now it can't even be called a dream, might as well be said a nightmare that went too long. With rain cold as ice, was that feeling or rain so cold on such a night.
    There will be better days. When days the heart were not a rock and did not roar but brought down a deluge. Reaching out, the rain freezing from a frigid touch. A cold snap, bringing along a cold soul, drained on that night. Knowing no one will show up in the driving rain. The ice brought on with a fall to ground. Breathing in, with a shudder and shake. Stand up. Life isn't done yet. Rise, and shine again.

    (I just wrote from a feeling)

  • anthonyr 4w

    Coin Sides

    Fragile but stubborn.
    Indomitable yet passive.
    Peace submitting rage.
    Muted with a loud presence.
    Calm atop chaos.

  • anthonyr 4w


    Reigniting the flame that goes out every night. Becoming a beacon.

  • anthonyr 5w


    A dream with a devil-may-care attitude, always there in the middle of view or lingering in the background, awakening.
    Not seeing, not noticing the worsening caused in it's wake.
    The most affected, never seen and never heard cast in it's wake.
    Like a single drop in the ocean that is humanity, swept away, dunked and rolled through the crushing waves, wake gone. Never found again.

  • anthonyr 5w

    Counting Times

    Can't be in one place all the time, can only try to be there for what's important and when it counts the most, what needs to be done. The rest is free time and taking steps.

  • anthonyr 6w

    Maelstrom Stirred

    Cascade of many emotions underneath. Calm breaking the surface tension of the water's patience.
    The maelstrom stirred, swallowing the calmness whole. Quiet, so nobody disturbs further the complicated balance.

  • anthonyr 6w

    Wings Disintegrated

    I don't think you knew. You weren't my right hand, you were my right wing.