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  • anthonymusto 36w


    Moon High Melting It's Milky Light Into Night
    The street lights dance with my movement

    Necromancer as I prance congruent with my


    Ego shining through my skin after swallowing it's

    Pride in every stride I scan my land with piercing 

    Eyes two that are for looking and one for me to

     see crystal clarity that I maintain 3 in perfectly

    Placed positions in my soul


    And every drop of it until all I have left is my contorted body

    My corpse bitten by my lack of remorse

    Can eat away at me most viciously

    That still wouldn't not stop me 

    I refrain from feeling sorry

    Stay far from me I'm a bomb of empathy 

    Pulsating with it's essence 

    It's presence and it's immensity

    Truth is a weight I can carry 

    Increasing in mass 

    In density 

    Condensing so pleasant 

    Like sugar cane in cake 

    A recipe and an increase of my 

    Power it's so overwhelming I shake

    But I'm built to filter the feeding of hate

    I'll scrape the scraps onto their plate no need

     to contemplate I cannot lose my stoic cape

    I don't share fate that's done 

    I can't place my empathy outside of me 

    I have places to see 

    Family that would miss me

     I'm one of three 

    I seen in every eye

    I see death lick at flesh with a flirtatious flicker 

    Licking at their skin 

    Their screams like tree bark grow thicker their 

    Ungodly grin that reeked of sin

    Before you wish for sunny days 

    Remind yourself of the desert 

    And it's animalistic rage that can only be self