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  • anthonyhanible 5d

    The Real Breakup

    No makeup
    Just wet pillows waiting to dry
    Eyes so puffy
    Wearing sunglasses just to hide
    Phone ring and ring
    Sometimes you push ignore
    Throwing it to the floor
    Eating you really can't
    Still thinking about
    It's so hard to live without
    A man made pond of my tears
    Or of my blood
    My heart my brain
    Feels like it's about to explode
    Realizing the facts
    Sorry my body doesn't know how to act
    Without you
    Alot of me has disappeared
    No sleep
    Running on fumes
    No shoulder
    No friend
    No love
    No hug
    No kiss
    Nothing is the same
    How can I explain
    My world
    Just because
    This is it
    There's no makeup
    There's no coming back
    Realizing the facts
    I ran into a wall
    Fall back
    That's a rap

  • anthonyhanible 1w

    They Told Me You Was Going To

    Your words
    They Told Me
    You was going to pull me close
    Squeezing the life from me
    But I'm still not listening
    Still not understanding
    I'm still sitting here
    Your words
    Cutting me
    Wow I'm bleeding out
    They Told Me
    I know
    They Told Me
    You Was Going To Walk
    All over me
    And I laid down anyway
    Not believing
    There's a robe around my neck
    They Told Me
    To stop
    Before you kill me
    My heart is beating so fast
    My mind is so scambled
    So I jumped out the window
    They Told Me Was Going To
    Push me there

  • anthonyhanible 1w

    My Family Routine

    Up way before the sun
    Slowly getting out of the bed
    Not trying to wake up the house
    Not before I wash up
    Brush my teeth
    Breakfast is always planned
    Check the calendar
    Smiles on my family face
    While they're getting dressed
    Car warming
    One after one
    Out the door we go
    School first
    Then work
    Hugs and kisses
    From everyone
    Count down
    Until school
    Untill work
    Is all done
    Dinner is always planned
    Just check the calendar
    In bed on time
    We're at it the same way in the morning
    It's our

  • anthonyhanible 1w

    Hey Journal

    Closed with a locked
    The key a hide in a safe
    I write my deepest feelings in my heart
    I write my deepest secrets in my mind
    O Journal
    O Journal
    You know all
    My falls
    My rising
    My times I'm stuck in the middle
    Using invisible ink
    Please don't show anyone
    They won't understand
    Page after page
    That's why I love you
    That's why I hold you close
    My friend
    My favorite thing in the world
    My Journal

  • anthonyhanible 2w

    O Love

    It's killing me
    Killing me love
    I won't see you no more
    I won't hear your voice no more
    Damn love
    I loved you
    I deeply kissed you
    I held you tight
    Making love all night
    O Love
    This is it
    No forever
    It's killing me
    Dying completely inside
    O love
    Your name I scream
    Missing the smiles
    Missing the cuddle time
    You do my face
    I wash your hair
    O love
    O love
    So cry
    Taking one last breath before I die
    Die completely inside

  • anthonyhanible 3w


    Please no questions
    I don't think you handle the answer

  • anthonyhanible 3w

    Being In Love

    Missing her so
    Just from walking in the other room
    Her voice warms me up
    Her touch melts my heart
    Whatever she ask I'll do
    Smiling every step of the way

  • anthonyhanible 3w

    The Opps

    Watch what you say
    Fake friends
    Placing bugs
    Those rats
    Those snakes
    Has so fun
    Taking you down
    Smiles too frown
    Ear recording
    Tape recorder
    Mouth running
    Some true
    Some false
    The Opps
    Not cop's
    But snitches
    Ones that should get stitches

  • anthonyhanible 3w

    It's Hard

    I gave her my heart
    I give her my body
    So in my mind
    Missing her touch
    Missing her kiss
    Our hand shake
    Those hugs
    It's Hard
    To stop thinking about her
    Those good times
    Holding hands
    My chest she lays on
    While I hold her tight
    It's Hard
    Those days
    Those nights
    When I'm alone
    No sleep
    I don't want to eat
    So I call her still
    Asking can we chill
    Something is wrong with me for real
    That's all I hear

  • anthonyhanible 3w

    Sun Going Down

    So sad
    Times when you're not around
    Date night
    Cuddle time
    Movie night
    Sun Going Down
    I'm crying now
    It's getting dark
    I'm lost without you
    Sun Going Down
    Beautiful always
    I love holding you
    Watching the
    Sun Going Down