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  • another_hill_ahead 17h

    To all the dark places I have travelled
    Not by bus or train but in more realistic way
    In my mind
    I see you there under the tree lying above the bright sky
    I try to know you like a the sky knows the clouds
    I wanna hear you like a tree hear the sound of birds
    I wanna touch you like a raindrops touches the green leaf gently
    To all the cemeteries I have ever seen
    With empty silence and sad souls
    The worst one i can recall is the one that lay in the world invisible
    Real is what eyes sees but I see you everyday roaming around me
    The worst and the darkest one is the one where the most brightest soul was buried
    With the roses that ain't alive
    I change them daily behind my eyes but they look like dry black flower from over century and a sad soul buried without a fall of drop from those stranger's eyes who got caught up in their lives like a busy bee
    And my life behind the real world desperate to see you again seems like a traveller searching for soul and a place where he belong

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    Places where my mind takes me

  • another_hill_ahead 7w

    It's been a long day
    A long month and a long year
    It's my birthday in 1 day and I realised that I'm changed in good ways as well as bad ways
    I tried to distant myself from that drama and all boys problems but at the end I go back to that one guy
    But I'll get over this and I know this because I'll find some way
    I'll find a way to hurt myself less this year and write some nice things on next birthday
    So no matter how hard you try some things never go back to the way they were and I'm gonna let those things and people slip away cause they're bad news
    I remember that day when I felt too much about him and after giving up on him
    I never thought I'll get over him
    He was kinda stuck in my head
    He still is but it doesn't bother me anymore cause time heals deepest wound
    Now it's just a good memory and no hope
    He is gone for good
    All you need to do is stop crying, eat ice cream, think selfish and the rest of the part consider it done
    Cause nothing or no one's more important than yourself
    All you need to do is distant yourself from that torturing pain , all you need to let go of some people
    All you need to trust the process
    My birthday's wish this year and for coming years : I wanna laugh while reading this cause i wanna grow this year and i wanna be strong so that I laugh remembering that I was so stupid to let these tiny things bother me

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    Help yourself
    Everything else or anyone else is secondary

  • another_hill_ahead 8w

    I've pinned reminders on my wall
    Saying 'stay away from him, he's bad news'
    So that I can remember what you did to me
    when you smile with your eyes which makes me fall for you
    So that I don't hold back to that dark past

    I've pinned so many quotes reminding me that you're monster
    No matter how much I try to hate you nd get away from that shit
    It takes your one smile to slip these feelings away
    And I hold tighter each time I leave you
    And I pray to god to give me strength to put resistance
    But it's you so my all hard work of maintaining distance works opposite
    So when I move on I make sure that our paths never cross again
    I make sure I never see you
    Cause each glance makes me weaker and weaker

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    He's bad news

  • another_hill_ahead 8w

    I won't risk it

    Some questions are not just meant to be asked
    Cause when you ask them you won't be able to bear the truth
    And it'll mess with your head
    So I wonder what it might happen if I ask him
    But I won't cause if the answer's No
    I won't be able to bear that cause I've faced enough rejection nd I'm not gonna screw the precious time spend by your side by asking you to define how you feel
    Some mysteries are better unrevealed
    Cause it'll ruin the good memories too

    It's for the best cause once I'm broke my little self confidence which keeps me alive will die with me. I won't risk it....

  • another_hill_ahead 9w

    Saw you standing at the stairs to see me
    I smiled nd you can't look away cause there's nothing else left to see
    So you stare like I'm the beauty
    And I tell you let's go home sweety

    But now I wait on that magical stairs
    Cause you took that smile back and left me speechless
    I saw you smiling like the way you did that night at someone
    I keep quiet and wipe my tears so it doesn't hurt but baby I thought that I was the one
    I'm home crying on that pillow which used be place for your head
    And then you come back to me out of boredom
    She isn't boring - you're disgusting
    How am I gonna let you in
    In my life
    Cause all I have in my head is that
    I was just your summer love
    And all that was the moments we shared
    A lie craved beautifully from your magical mouth hitting the exact spot

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    Call me when you kill that habit of yours

  • another_hill_ahead 10w

    I can see the footprints of the people
    Baby let's go somewhere else
    I can see the cars parked near that place
    let's go home
    I can see noice of people at my fav place
    Baby it's not my favorite anymore
    I can see people wishing on my birthday
    I wanna sit on my day alone
    I can see people shouting at beautiful bridge
    God I'm sick of people

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    Let's go somewhere else

  • another_hill_ahead 11w

    You don't know

    You don't know but I saw you talking with her
    Close enough to make me believe that we are over

    You don't know but I saw your face when you saw her
    Long enough to make me believe I'm replaceable

    You don't know but I saw you hitting on her
    Hard enough to break my heart into pieces

    You don't know but I saw you both kissin under the mistletoe
    Now all I remember is that moment and your broken promises

    You don't know that I know you lie to me every single day
    Kissin me after kissin her with the same lips

    Don't you know I can feel the difference??
    Yet I smile cause I'm gonna pretend we are fine

  • another_hill_ahead 11w

    Give me some Polaroids
    And I'll tear them up

    Give me some flowers
    And I'll make sure they die

    Give me a glass
    And I'll break it into million pieces

    Ask me to keep a secret
    And I'll spill it to the world

    Give me your heart
    And baby I'll break it with hammer

    Oh baby I screw everything in a second
    I don't deserve you is what I believe

    All I deserve is a haunted house
    Can anyone come here and change my mind??

    Oh I'll give anything if you can
    Just make me believe in me!

  • another_hill_ahead 12w

    It's been over a year
    And I still follow that old feeling
    When you were used to be mine
    every problem reminds me of you
    Not that you were a problem
    It's just how you used to say it's gonna be ok
    A lots of people now say this phrase
    But it never turned out ok
    Cause you used to make it ok
    I've always been in love with you
    From the day you entered that room
    We look weirdly good together
    I tried to replace you
    But you are the rarest thing I have ever known
    You're irreplaceable and I'm crying
    Cause there's nothing I can do about that
    I know it doesn't make sense
    But it doesn't always have to make sense
    I feel this way and i really don't wanna feel this way
    Wish I could change but you're that magic
    Which cannot be destroyed
    You're that feeling that cannot be forgotten
    You're that love which can never turn into hate
    You're that comfort which can't be replaced by even softest pillow

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    You're irreplaceable

  • another_hill_ahead 12w

    The kind brownish eyes
    And a face of an angel
    Heart irresistible
    Shiny long smooth hairs
    Grown long nails with purple nail paint
    Lacy little black dress
    And sweet happy smile
    The purest art of beauty
    And awesome sense of humour
    A feminist girl with a little temper
    Kissable cheeks and
    Comfortable hand to hold till eternity