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  • anonymouspen 154w


    Just a year ago I was a completely different person.I was the happiest hmmm, I wouldn't mind saying that. I never knew just a single year could change everything. My world turned upside down, I lost someone I dreamed my entire life with, I lost control over my emotions, I suffered from panic attacks, I started being depressed, I lost my job, my business had a great downfall, I lost everyone within a year. I got betrayed by those whom I trusted my life with.I got left by those whom I gave my life to.I got stepped by those whom I once was a ladder.I stopped dreaming.I crumbled my dreams I threw my hopes. I dragged myself i was hopeless.
    Once I realized no one will ever be there to pick me up I became my own saviour. I gathered my strength. I collected my hopes. With the little step i started growing myself. In every disappointment I found more energy to work hard.With every passing day I was able to control my emotions. Step by step, finding opportunities over rejection, getting over my fear, I counted blessings over criticism, i started taking risks again unknowingly I grew up. Within a year I was a completely different person. It took me years to be where I'm today and I take a lots of pride on being who I am. It doesn't matter anymore if there isn't any hands behind me. I learned to walk alone.I learned to fight back. I am my own saviour and most importantly I AM PROUD OF ME.

  • anonymouspen 155w


    When did your words got power to shake my pulse?

  • anonymouspen 156w

    Chapter Two

    Dear life,
    It's been long I haven't write any letter to you.
    Okay Okay I know you're mad at me but you know right within few years my world turned upside down.I'm sorry I wasn't behaving like a good human to handle you and I'm sorry that I left you behind and I didn't took care of you. You have right to be mad at me but you know what I missed you so bad. I was so lost that I almost forgot about you but still you always stood within me and made sure that I was okay. I neglected you , I have hurt you, I tried to suffocate you.

            And I know I have done a lots of mistakes. I knowingly have made decision that weren't right and regreted about all those thank you for reminding me that you were right there.Thank you for loving me and rewarding me with a second chance.
              Dear Life all I want to say is I Love You and I'll always take care of you.

  • anonymouspen 164w

    I have lazy late night conversations with THE MOON,
    He tells me about THE SUN
    and I tell him about YOU.

  • anonymouspen 166w


    Either i care too much or I don't care at all
    I'm very choosy about the people i allow you in my life. so if you're my human be ready for little possessiveness, drama, fights. you mean alot to me that's why I fight. otherwise I don't care even if you put the whole world on fire

  • anonymouspen 167w


    Isn't it scary to watch yourself giving upon someone?
    Isn't it scary to kill your hopes, your feelings, your happiness and lastly yourself.

  • anonymouspen 168w

    I'm in a troubled water
    But so close to the shore
    Not allowed to ask for help or
    Acknowledge a breakdown
    Voiceless scream that I scream every night
    Asked to keep my pain and trauma
    Upto my own bedroom door
    Yet I strive to be happy like the most

  • anonymouspen 168w


    They both loved balloon so much
    as the colorful string was gently tied in his wrist
    hands help up in the sky with a big smile and sprakle in his eyes.

    While one little hand received and the other sold.

  • anonymouspen 168w


    It's been years you are telling me your fears, insecurities, goals, dreams and what not. You consider me a good listener and I'm nothing else but glad to know that. I have realized that you love making lists. Lists about the things-you-love, things-you-hate, things-you-want-to-undo, things-you-want-to-forget, things-you-want-to-speak-up, things-you-want-to-express, things/people-you-are-close-to, and things/people-which-are-close-to-you. One thing that disturbs me is that longer the list of 'People you are close to' is, shorter is 'People that are close to you'.

    . No! No! I don't mean that you'll break easily. I mean you are transparent. You are expressive and you say what you mean. But, on some days, you forget what you are and try to hide behind words, you try to hide behind me.

    You put all your fears inside me and close me every night. If you continue doing this I don't know how you are going to overcome any fear of yours. You fear rejection. You fear failure. You fear to love - you fear not showing it, you fear not receiving it and you fear giving up on it. You fear giving too much.

    Listen to me,
    All your fears are valid enough to be expressed. Don't suffocate yourself by pushing the fears down your throat.

    And one last thing,
    If you allow me,
    I would like to go to your parents, best friend, lover, sibling, ex-lover, and everyone else who thinks they 'KNOW' you, and yell it on their faces that,

    'No one knows you completely,
    Not even me.
    So, they better stop making judgements and assumptions about you.'

    With love and courage,
    Your dearest diary.

  • anonymouspen 168w

    Her imaginary world

    Quite at night, in solace
    She tried hard but pen didnt move....

    Papers all white, maybe she was running out of words,
    Maybe her soul was too drained,
    For a moment she was emotionally exhausted.......

    And now running out of her lives
    All faded draining drousing herself and imaginary died.......