ask those shooting stars they witnessed my love❣️

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  • anonymous_wryter 4h

    I wish I could stand on a star
    I wish I could be where you are
    They say, don't you ever give up
    It's so hard,
    to be something when you're not
    But I have walked alone, with the stars in the moonlit night
    I have walked alone, no one by my side..

  • anonymous_wryter 5d

    Nayi nahi hain yeh baatein wahi
    Phir is modh par hum milein hain
    Na jaane ab milenge hum kabhi
    Toh ruk jao ik pal yahan pe
    Yeh narm chadaron ki silvatein
    Tujhe abhi bula rahin hain
    Na jao duur insein yeh kahein
    Yeh sukoon kahan pe hai hasil?
    Dil ko mere yeh hai pata
    Ke milon ka yeh faasla hai
    Alag Aasmaan bhi hai toh kya?
    Yeh dil na manay
    Yeh gaadiyon ki aisi daudh sa
    Tera bhi dil daudhta hai
    Ha ja rahe ho duur tum toh kya?
    Main hi toh dil ka musafir
    Toh ik baar phir tu haske zara
    Dekh le meri in aankhon mein
    Main kaid kar loon har woh pal tera
    Teri yeh baatein
    Jo hain
    Toh aur kya hai yeh baatein bata?
    Kyun ab din bhi dhalta nahin yeh na ho toh?
    Tum udhe ja rahe
    Yeh aasmaan mein khidkiyon se dekh tu pahadon ko
    Yoon chote se lagay
    Hai kitne bade jo ho samne
    Durr jo hai khade
    Unhe bhi ye humari zindagi
    Yoon titliyon si choti choti si lage
    Hai kitni badi nahi jaante
    Khaali ghar tera
    Yeh chabiyon ki goonj aise
    Tujhe dara rahi, tu darna nahi
    Main hoon yahin par
    Ab Alag Aasmaan hai
    Aur hai zameen bhi kuch alag si
    Par miloge jab kabhi, toh dekhna tabhi
    Main kuch alag nahi....
    @Anuv jain
    #Alag Aasmaan #song #wod @miraquill
    @writers network

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    This song is one of my favourite song lyrics because in the fast forward moving world it always teach me to take a break and look around the world it's so beautiful. Thankyou Anuv Jain for "Alag Aasman" one of the best song I ever heard

  • anonymous_wryter 1w

    Dear younger me,
    I know you are much happier as who you are and I am proud over you. In the future you will get many toxic people around you just ignore them ok! You have to stay happy no matter what. Never overthink over something because everything's goona be alright and for those things you are going to be worried that much will utimately become a past memory and it won't matter for a long time.just believe
    on yourself.many people will come and go but always remember everyone is not meant to stay forever, and those who really like you will utimately stay in your life no matter what.
    I know you are small right now and you get angry on your parent for not giving you privacy and not letting you go out with friends or buying a bunch of make-up products as your all the friends have or never- ever celebrating your birthday but always remember may be the decision made by your parents could be wrong but their intentions are never wrong. They are the only one who truly cares about you. I know you have always been a shy one but bring some confidence inside you , become brave enough to handle your own situations and read as many good books as possible, start valuing time because it is more precious than money. Its ok! to have failures because trust me you will achieve so much success and happiness in future.make yourself a bit emotionally strong because people don't really care about why you are crying so cry when you are alone but not in front of anyone because you are not weak .I know you get angry over small things but just try to have some patience because this is life ,it tests you at every moment. I know you believe a lot on fairy tales , I am happy for you because you are like that you have always believed on fairy tales but one advice, just don't hurry up ok ! Good things take time and don't trust on wrong people because there are many fake people around will get your true love but at the right time at the right moment till that follow your goal and achieve it. Be happy, healthy, positive and successful and always remember everything in life happens for good....

    #letter#wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Dear younger self,
    You have always been enough and I am proud of you for what you were then, and what you are now....
    I love you .always be happy, cherish every moment and you are gonna be great. This is me a future version of you telling you about your future.

  • anonymous_wryter 2w

    Did you heard your inner voice
    Or just kept listening to what your mind was saying
    Did you stopped when you knew the reality
    Or you continued going that path,
    Did you made the wrongs into right
    Or you accepted the fate as it is
    Did you got upset
    Or you got lost in streets
    Just tell me once
    Why do you came this far
    and close to the silence and peace..

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    She was drowning towards more and more darkness but nobody was able to see the reality.....

  • anonymous_wryter 15w

    Aloof, distant , a lone wolf,
    It's what the world call you..
    Living around those cold walls around,
    Separating yourself by a boundary of self doubt...
    But they don't know how are you?
    How depressed inside you are,
    Watching at those stars,with the hope...
    May be someday everything will be fine,
    May be the next dawn would be bright...
    As if, a silver line in the cloud..
    So just keep believing in yourself ,
    One day everything will be fine...

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    Everything will be fine

    Take a deep breath and relax...
    Everything is going to turn out,
    Better than what you expected....

  • anonymous_wryter 15w

    It's like a dream come true,
    Which I can't believe...
    I was in state of shock,
    That my face could easily reveal....
    My eyes turned watery,
    Just by seeing that one text, which was unexpected..
    May be because it was something unbelievable,
    You wished me birthday,
    And my heart started to dance,
    My day got lighted,
    as if some miracle just happened...
    I just can't believe your remember...
    The entire day I just hoped ,
    But I already knew it was not possible...
    But It really surprised me,
    That moment made me believe,
    That miracles happen, once you believe....

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    Thankyou to that special person for making my day special
    Happy belated birthday to me

  • anonymous_wryter 19w

    Life, it goes on....
    Waits for non,
    No Matter whether it's going smooth,
    Or you have craders in path...

    Life , it goes on...
    No matter you are happy or sad ,
    It tests you each and every second,
    No matter you are prepared for the test or not..

    Life,it goes on....
    It teaches you to give your best,
    To have patience ,when things go wrong...
    That up's and downs will be there..

    Life , it goes on....
    It changes you from the arrogant person, to the one with kind heart..
    It transforms you from a good to a better person...

    Life, it goes on....
    It teaches you how to face the storm,
    That we have to strong and fight till the last breadth..
    The best teacher in every person's life,
    That takes test first and teaches the lesson later....

    Life, it goes on......

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    Life: The Best Teacher

    Life,it goes on...
    The best teacher that teaches us so much....
    And A very" HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY"to all my amazing teacher.You all are my guiding light and I am blessed to be your student...

  • anonymous_wryter 20w


    Ajj Aasman nae kuch kaha,
    Aur Zameen sae jakar paigam mila...
    Khusiyo ki nayi wajah Mili,
    Aur zindagi Mae naye maksad ka Naya Naam Mila....

  • anonymous_wryter 20w


    AJ phir us galey sae guzri,
    Jaha Jana mana tha mujhe...
    Dimag nae kaha mat jao, kuch nahi milega waha,
    Par Dil ki suney to..
    Apke ghar ka pata maloom ho Gaya

  • anonymous_wryter 21w


    Shaandar taaro Bhari raat mae
    Wo shehjado jaisa dikh Raha tha..
    Kahi door pariyo ki duniya sae,
    Safhed ghorey par ...
    Jaise bas merey liye aaya tha