SENTIMENT... sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side..

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  • anonym_o 19w

    On those days where I felt misery and no hope
    The thought of only you would help me cope..
    You are the one I could always willingly trust
    Thought we always belonged in an sacred tryst..
    Guilt and remorse took over my nights
    My heart so dark, nothing ever excites..
    It heals nothing, but I want to let you know thyself
    I never stopped loving you, I stopped loving myself..

  • anonym_o 19w

    Too numb to feel anything anymore
    Got nothing in this world to adore..
    My heart clenched in this iron fist
    All my angst and regret turning into a mist..
    The cries for help stuck in my throat
    May be they knew my pleas will go unsought..
    Is there a way out of this gruelling pain
    May be not, as I slowly go insane..

  • anonym_o 22w

    Why do you like snakes?
    "Because they hiss when angry and bite when afraid,
    They don't act all gushy and leave me betrayed"

  • anonym_o 22w

    When I see couples whispering sweet nothings..
    I remember your screams and blatant bluffings..
    When I see women being hyped by men with cheer..
    I see myself in the corner cowering with fear..
    When everyone sees romance,warmth and kisses..
    I envision your nails digging my flesh like thistles..
    When I see young girls showing off their promise rings..
    I look at my broken finger where the scar still stings..
    I once beleived and trusted love
    Now all I could do is try and unlove

  • anonym_o 22w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Relief

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    Relief is relive

  • anonym_o 22w

    A smile,I heard makes you lot happier..
    But my smile has always been a barrier..
    I smiled to push my emotions inside..
    My happiness you see is just a misguide..
    My whole life is just a facade..
    The daily smiles is for your own accord..
    So "A smile doesn't make you happier
    It just makes you look like you are"

  • anonym_o 22w

    When the world gave you cuts and gashes
    You rose like a phoenix from the ashes
    When everyone tried to drown your voice
    You stood strong by your choice
    When your own head kept saying retreat
    Your heart never accepted defeat

    coz girl!! YOU ARE MAJESTIC
    so, don't care about people being pathetic

  • anonym_o 24w

    Love is beautiful they said
    Love heals in many ways I heard
    Love in books is beautifully enchanting
    Love in movies are all about sweet romancin'

    Love can be ugly and toxic
    Love breaks you and makes you sick
    Love is horrifying and so traumatic
    Love makes you feel worthless and pathetic

    Why does nobody speak about that??
    Not because they are dumb
    But because" THEY ARE TOO NUMB"

  • anonym_o 28w

    The unending staircase as I've always called it..
    Growing I realised are too many stairs to climb for a misfit..
    I can't i gasp between hissing breaths and knees too frail..
    When will this end? This dark and winding trail..

    The days just won't end, and no one ever cares..
    Why will they?they aren't the one with nightmares..
    Everyone hopes for a palace at the end of this stairway maze..
    While i'm just looking for a place to jump as the breeze hits my face..

  • anonym_o 34w

    I've heard you are going around saying people I should apologize to you. So yeah here's what I'm sorry for.....
    #sorrynotsorry #notguilty #broken #strongerthanever #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork

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    Yes! I'm sorry, it's all my fault
    I sincerely do, as I know the rules by heart..
    I'm sorry I only felt the warmth of your hand
    And ignored the icy cold soul beneath slowly expand..
    I'm sorry I vehemently ignored all the warning signs
    Though every word you said sounded like the ominous chimes..
    I'm sorry I let u control every aspect of me line by line
    Even the voices in my head screamed at me to decline..
    I'm sorry I was on my knees begging you to love me
    I should have listened to my own heart asking me to foresee..
    Most of all,
    I'm sorry for choosing you over myself
    It will never happen again I chant over and over thyself..