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  • annu_kriti 1w

    Thy memoire

    As I torn apart
    The pages of thy memory
    You pop out like a heroic saviour
    Amongst the fallen stories.
    The one who made me laugh
    The one who soothed my painful fall.
    In disguise although
    Without any commitments or so
    I shared my part with your pain
    Nothing is left to remorse
    As I myself opted for the same.
    Sane I might seem now
    A little broken with mended memories
    Which I threw a long time back
    But could not resist to replay as a broke record.
    I am still stuck somewhere in same place
    With that old song and
    Your blissful face.
    I was never a dancer
    But you made me dance on your tunes
    Kathak bhangra hiphop
    In that little monsoon
    Which never lasted for long
    Just for few days.
    But as you went away
    I wept with the remains
    With not even a promise
    To meet you again.

  • annu_kriti 2w

    The more you self doubt,
    The more you will see even your right decisions
    Getting wronged.

  • annu_kriti 3w


    And yet we stand here again
    In the alley
    Bridging our closures with pain
    With some unknown happiness peeping from front door
    Waiting our arrival
    And a waving past with tears to part our souls.
    Like always we do this time too
    I considered my nomadic realm as a reality
    Getting involved with rooms and doors
    With the people's irrelevant lores
    Time has approached near
    To pick up the pieces
    And row the seer
    But still some things hold me back
    The memories, the comfort ,the attachment I have
    But nothing can defy
    The footprint this phase left
    Subtly and slowly
    But still with a depth.
    I know whenever we all shall meet again
    We will say in reminiscence
    Those were the days
    When nothing made sense
    But everything seemed a little too good to blend.

  • annu_kriti 5w

    I can just not resist you.
    Dieting is thing of past
    I savour your obsession
    Even when my heart aches
    And brain laughs .

  • annu_kriti 6w

    Forbidden tales

    As I approached to open the rusted gates
    Of thy memory
    In the hidden depths of my conscience
    I always forget the key
    to unleash
    The darkest moments of ecstasy.
    Where we were behind the closed doors
    Not had boundaries to remorse.
    Our breaths synced in enclosed
    Shelter of our bodies
    Wrapped around themselves
    Under blankets of unsummoned tranquility.
    The chivalrous moves you could have made
    You showed them with utmost sincerity
    A little laughter which followed never
    Could break the bounties
    That unfanthomly followed our unrequited love
    Which always got hindered,
    Wounded and withered
    By the atrocious tase of fate
    Which knocked the doors heavily
    And kept lurking at bay .
    It could not digest
    The warmth between us.
    The jealous one made protest .
    And as the story ends like of every
    Flourishing forest .
    Our too got burnt in the outrage
    Which never came to rest.
    I still find the broken remains
    Of our bond in a closed cage .
    Still protected by fate
    Although too harmless to say .
    It's freedom is still a questionable stake
    As till date, fate fears it's escape .

  • annu_kriti 7w


    I might not seem strong enough to face my failures with a smile but
    do not underestimate me
    I have them recipe
    to celebrate then though
    as a bumpy ride
    towards my destiny.


  • annu_kriti 8w


    I will never remember you again
    As I have promised myself in pain.
    I will not listen to the echoing voices
    That you instilled as a record in my head.
    Nor I shall remember to forget
    The joyous moments we spent.
    The exchange of the breathtaking
    Stares when you looked at me for the first time.
    I will never leave your memories
    Alone to get faded as memoir
    Still you can have peace
    As they will never be left alone.
    A cold shoulder will suffice
    For the unworthy unwise
    Actions which consumed us for a while.
    Not a chaperon I need
    To relieve myself from your keeds.
    I will be brave
    To get myself a coffee .
    To walk alone on roads
    And still not feel disowned .
    I will rescue myself
    And you won't see
    As I will had already left
    You with your hypocrisy.
    The false charms
    Will not adore me
    Nor I will see it as my tranquility.
    But still sometimes when I will feel provoked
    I won't hesitate to address my thoughts .
    You were mine as much as my beliefs on myself
    But now truth is something else instead
    I am happy for your peace
    But even after so much time
    Can't find a reason to erase your memories .

  • annu_kriti 9w

    Dell, some destructions are like forest fires and some are like storms . One slowly sets the are ablazed to leave only ashes and other one not even provides you with time to think or act .
    Both are equally painful and damaging.
    But the question arises whose impact lasts for long . If we set an analogy a backstabber friend is far dangerous than a jealous foe. A friend like forest fire might be a slow poison in your life . It will gradually weaken up from inside and make incur more damage in long run like forest fire do by directly impacting the biodiversity for a much longer time . On the other hand, enemies might ravish you like storms at once but you always have second chances to stand again and answer back. At least you don't feel betrayed .
    Moral of the story enemies might not feel a good word to address the ones who want to hurt you but they are definately far better than those friends who seem nice on your face but on your back ruin your fate...

  • annu_kriti 9w


    If I could personify appreciation
    It would my teachers blessings
    Millions are broke and made in a day
    Just a little encouragement
    Holds the power to change your way.
    So next time you see someone doing
    Something worthwhile
    Do stop to pass a smile
    And give a thumbs up to lessen their turmoil..

  • annu_kriti 10w


    Look around you dear
    So much to invest apart from fears
    That reign your peace
    Just because you allow it so.
    Instead of bliss you
    Feel yourself in a deep porthole
    You quantify people
    As the sole cause of your joy
    Hate begets hate in your mind
    For all those who ever loved
    Left without coy.
    Things and people never belonged to you
    They were just catalyst in tew..
    In making and breaking of your purpose
    Never you.
    Being surrounded by a million
    And loved by one suffices
    Only if you desire to acknowledge
    How many are out there
    Whom you miss in crisis.
    Concerned with your agonies and tears in bounties
    You keep on moving around
    Just try to look behind yourself
    You will find million hands to reckon.