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  • anne_verse 24w

    Short story..

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    She tried to move with ease as she passed by from where he was seated. Her being relentlessly ached for his presence yet, felt queasy everytime he is around. The way he followed his gaze towards her is painfully unnoticeable by her. The warmth of his breath exudes in the air making it thinner and letting her breath harder. They exchanged smile as he rose from where he was seated, his eyes gleaming with inexplicable desire to hold her yet he hesitated and slightly brushed his arm to her. They both froze at the shock they felt, the tingling sensation that made her weak, he felt numb. They were both breathing heavily as they locked eyes for a second then she nudged him and broke the spell.

    Want some coffee? She asked and turned her back at him as stride towards the kitchen while composing herself. He was standing while staring at her. "Want a sweet coffee?" She asked again. Uhmm.. no i want it black no sugar he said with crackling voice and fished out his cigarettes on his pocket and went to the door for a smoke.


  • anne_verse 24w


    I thought writing means enlightening other people with my thoughts but I found out that, I was all along writing to find my way back to where I belong.

    Everytime i scribble something so clear or complex for other people, I realized that I was scribbling my path to redeem myself, scribbling myself to find my lost self again.

    Thus, if you ever find me wandering just give pen and paper and ill scribble you where I am at and how to lead me back to the right path.


  • anne_verse 24w

    I miss....

    I miss
    Deep conversation with just anyone,
    A stranger who was struck with a question that led him/her to think deeply and reflect on one's journey.

    A friend who thought about the last convo we had and searched one's heart about it and willingly share one's soul.

    An acquaintance who suddenly called you and shared his/her story about how she overcame a struggle and wanted to share his/ her journey with you.

    Quirky friends who are witty enough to share their problems yet they can laugh about it, they can see the light behind it.

    Strolling in the midnight while we hold hands and feel each other's presence and not demand a single word to compensate the silence.

    Oh, i miss how the moon shed its light for me not to stumble at night while getting lost in the darkness of the night.

    Oh how I miss to be at present, to be in the moment, to be seen, to be touched in the right spot where I know I will always belong.

    Oh, how i miss to be held like there's no tomorrow and that the world is just the warmth of our breaths and the sound of our heartbeat.

    Oh how I miss...

  • anne_verse 26w

    This is one of the many nights I long to have a deep and long conversations with you,
    Those kinds of conversations that keep me awake and keep me company while we both doze off in the middle of a funny, sad and serious conversation.

    I hope one day we could do that and promise to do it together forever.


  • anne_verse 26w

    To those who felt lost and gone.. huggsss

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    Many parts of me wandered off to my whys
    They've gone for a voyage of what ifs
    Many of them have searched their way to my peace
    And left my body without appease

    They trudged pavements of mysteries
    Jumped into the world of the unknown
    Their Songs of freedom has lost their tune
    The echoes of unsung promises, cries

    Under the warmth of the sun they freeze
    The light of the moon blinded them
    And Crawled in the thorns of happiness
    The coldness of the night shattered them

    "Come home" says my spirit
    Yet my body says "to where?"
    "To me'' says the light
    As the parts of my soul gathered in the direction of the illuminating love that bonds the imperfect parts of me that left long ago.

  • anne_verse 26w

    To those who are suffering alone,
    Fighting their battles
    We may always find refuge
    At the feet of Jesus!

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    The safest place
    to cry out your woes
    To be naked,
    To be nothing,
    To be who you are
    And to be vulnerable
    Is at the feet of Jesus!


  • anne_verse 27w

    I knew i had to let go,
    I knew i had to hold on,
    I knew i had to keep the faith
    I knew I had to move on

    I didnt.
    I ended everything...


  • anne_verse 27w

    Be my scape,
    Whatever form or shape
    Love, be my colors
    That camouflage in my dolor

    Love, be my sweet song
    When pain is on prolong
    Hold me love,
    Hold me love

    Stay with me
    Bear with me
    Make love in my pain
    Cry with me, not in vain

    Hold me..
    Just hold me..


  • anne_verse 27w

    The saddest part about sympathy that people perceived is that they always look at what you dont have in the physical sense but never in the depth of their loneliness, depth of their of their misery. Something that is reachable by understanding with the right spot to touch.

  • anne_verse 27w

    She is giving up many things,

    She has to let go of many things

    She has to stop many things

    She has,

    For her to live

    For her to grow

    For her

    Yes! For herself.