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  • anne_verse 1d

    Hello Dear!

    I pray that you'd finally feel the warmth of the morning sun hugging your skin,
    More than the coldness of death in your soul,
    I pray you'd finally wake up loving the hues
    More than the intensity of your blues

    My dear!
    I hope you'd finally feel the love of life
    Presenting itself in every beat of your heart
    Love! I hope you'd finally see your smile more than the strife
    I hope this time you'd treasure the lessons and not your hurts

    This time my dear, I pray that you'd grow more into loving yourself
    This time, you'd see more of your self worth
    More than others worth
    This time, you'd blossom not only in spring time but with resilience your beauty sparkles in winter time
    This time you can walk Freely, strong and more beautiful all by yourself.

    My dear this time!
    Is your time!


  • anne_verse 3w

    I hate the way I love You
    You both fire and ice!
    So sharp!
    So strong!
    Hot and cold
    I would take them all

    I hate the way you love me
    It is all or nothing!
    It is life or death!
    And peace

    I hate myself for loving you
    The way I crave your presence
    That leaves me breathless,
    Engaged, and useless!
    The way I hate your presence
    Makes me wander into space!

    If this isn't Love!
    What else could it be.
    If this is what it takes to feel loved
    What else could it be?
    Should it be tasteless?
    Should it be nonsense!
    Should it drive me crazy?
    Or should it makes me sane?

    Tell me Love,
    Could this be Love?


  • anne_verse 11w

    There were days I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, held my tears and swallowed the bitter pill, knowing that I'll have do it again and again.....
    Still I'm hoping to savor other tastes but this.


  • anne_verse 11w

    I know you want to hide from your pain,
    From your past,
    From your nightmares
    From your flaws
    From your imperfections

    I know you want to hide them from me too,
    But I love you along with it, you are a package!
    I know I cannot handle it cause I have mine too!

    But together we can,
    Because we know someone
    who can take all of them
    In fact, He already did 2000 years ago
    And a promise of a life time, of peace,
    Turn our mourning into dancing
    Find beauty in our ashes!
    And made us whole again

  • anne_verse 14w

    I want to have that moment,
    Where we just hold each other then hear each others heartbeat and feel each others presence for a long time.


  • anne_verse 14w

    What did you do today my love?
    Asked the brain.

    " Survived" replied the heart as she looked away from brain timidly.

    She was exhausted beating yet, what was she to do? She is designed for it, to keep everyone alive. Yet somehow she questions her role in the body, she questions her identity as the most important part of the body.

    Can she just rest for a second? Just a second of her own time. But she knows it is imposible she has to move on, she has to take every beat seriously, dutifully.

    Hoping one day she would beat the drum again joyfully.

    "Hang in there, one day we will", said the brain feeling the heart's frustration.


  • anne_verse 16w

    They both understand their stand as lovers thats why they chose to let each other's go. Even if they know they are better for each other, they really treasure each other their decision to not stay is the best for both of them. Maybe not this time, not today.


  • anne_verse 17w

    Short story..

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    She tried to move with ease as she passed by from where he was seated. Her being relentlessly ached for his presence yet, felt queasy everytime he is around. The way he followed his gaze towards her is painfully unnoticeable by her. The warmth of his breath exudes in the air making it thinner and letting her breath harder. They exchanged smile as he rose from where he was seated, his eyes gleaming with inexplicable desire to hold her yet he hesitated and slightly brushed his arm to her. They both froze at the shock they felt, the tingling sensation that made her weak, he felt numb. They were both breathing heavily as they locked eyes for a second then she nudged him and broke the spell.

    Want some coffee? She asked and turned her back at him as stride towards the kitchen while composing herself. He was standing while staring at her. "Want a sweet coffee?" She asked again. Uhmm.. no i want it black no sugar he said with crackling voice and fished out his cigarettes on his pocket and went to the door for a smoke.


  • anne_verse 17w


    I thought writing means enlightening other people with my thoughts but I found out that, I was all along writing to find my way back to where I belong.

    Everytime i scribble something so clear or complex for other people, I realized that I was scribbling my path to redeem myself, scribbling myself to find my lost self again.

    Thus, if you ever find me wandering just give pen and paper and ill scribble you where I am at and how to lead me back to the right path.


  • anne_verse 17w

    I miss....

    I miss
    Deep conversation with just anyone,
    A stranger who was struck with a question that led him/her to think deeply and reflect on one's journey.

    A friend who thought about the last convo we had and searched one's heart about it and willingly share one's soul.

    An acquaintance who suddenly called you and shared his/her story about how she overcame a struggle and wanted to share his/ her journey with you.

    Quirky friends who are witty enough to share their problems yet they can laugh about it, they can see the light behind it.

    Strolling in the midnight while we hold hands and feel each other's presence and not demand a single word to compensate the silence.

    Oh, i miss how the moon shed its light for me not to stumble at night while getting lost in the darkness of the night.

    Oh how I miss to be at present, to be in the moment, to be seen, to be touched in the right spot where I know I will always belong.

    Oh, how i miss to be held like there's no tomorrow and that the world is just the warmth of our breaths and the sound of our heartbeat.

    Oh how I miss...