Turquoise and everything

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  • anne_clara 48w

    Or is it?

    It is me squirming in pain
    My insides are in a constant conflict
    It’s alright, I whisper
    Or is it?
    There is a winner in every battle
    Atleast some is winning
    It’s sorrow, I mutter
    Or is it?
    Is it just me?
    Who hears these voices
    The one which does not exist
    The one which is all in my head
    Or is it?


  • anne_clara 67w

    How good is, good enough?

    She tried, tried and tried
    Each day she sought to be better than yesterday
    Meanwhile she was losing herself in this endeavour
    She’d love to compare it to an infinity ring
    When she had summoned all the courage
    She asks herself, how good is, good enough?

  • anne_clara 118w

    The Battle of life

    Lo, I sit here in vanity
    Flattered by the wind filled with hefty dreams
    They call it the battle of life
    Vicious cycle it is, I need to keep pedalling
    Lest I may fall
    Fall so brutal, breaking my insides
    Ceasing isn’t an option, till I reach my grave
    Anxiety suffocating, melancholy strangling, angst throttling
    Piercing through me, their strings so deadly
    It’s an arduous effort to defeat them
    Lo, they engulf me further
    The wretchedness of my heart trickle in silence
    The muscles of my leg ache in grief
    Ceasing isn’t an option, till I reach my grave
    Lest I may fall.


  • anne_clara 125w

    It was not long conversations or chats
    it was just an eye contact
    He spoke stories, she blushed brighter than red
    They had a starred memory.

  • anne_clara 128w

    It’s a privilege that we are sent here
    It’s enthralling that we can inscribe our days yet to come
    But little did we know it’s in our hands
    Little did we know, we can mend it
    If only we had the knowledge
    We wouldn’t have blamed it all on fate
    Little did we know we could’ve ended it better.


  • anne_clara 136w


    Everyday I meet a new me
    Everyday I unravel a new entity
    Everyday I find a new expertise
    Little did I know it wasn’t the same me
    Everyday I evolved.

  • anne_clara 148w

    Giving is a nice deed,
    The muddle is;
    People who can give, don’t want to give
    And people who do not have, want to give everything
    When will life play the fair card.

  • anne_clara 148w

    The mere existence of me feels like it’s consuming this earth;
    The earth’s so wrecked, that it’s tired of crying
    It’s sobbing sadly not knowing whom to vent out it’s agony
    It’s enfolded by black smoke
    The smoke which won’t wipe off
    The smoke which will choke it to death one day
    The smoke which is too dark to come out of
    The smoke which came from the burning blaze of Amazon.

  • anne_clara 163w

    How heavy can this get,
    Held captive by the cage within you;
    Screaming its lungs out to let it free
    Squirming and wriggling it’s way out
    To just get strangled by itself.


  • anne_clara 173w

    The surreal feeling when everything in life just ceases;
    It’s a battle between you and your soul
    The exuberance within you just breaks
    It’s astonishing to comprehend that it’s finally only you
    What an enigma everything around was
    It’s indeed a moment to be relished
    The mask of pretence just left us
    The disguise which was worn to face the world,is now in shambles
    The gruelling phase comes to an end
    Face yourself with glee
    Now that, it’s only You