i like to write poems, even if they aren't good. it's a very simple way of expressing myself and my feelings.

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  • anna_leigh 19w

    Of The Stars

    nuclear fusion.
    star is born.
    maybe billions,
    years go by.
    elemental release.
    solar system,

  • anna_leigh 24w

    ive broke up with twice. i cant do this anymore. he wont let me leave him. #toxic #manipulation #abuse #violence #writer #writersnetwork #newpoet #newwriter

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    It is impossible to leave you.
    You wrap your dirty hands around my neck,
    You tie me up with rope,
    You lock me in chains.

    I've runaway twice,
    Soon to be thrice,
    And you never hear my cries,
    After you kill me, again I rise.

    Over and over, subject to your torment,
    Forever reliving the moment.
    I don't need you, a plague, a virus,
    with you, I'm always in crisis.

    I hate you.
    I want to be free.
    You won't let me.
    You would rather die
    Than be without me.

    You are a parasite.
    You are a sour sight.
    Let me leave you,
    Before you kill me.

  • anna_leigh 25w

    Irrational Fear

    The thunderous boom,
    the rattling windows,
    the vibrating ground.

    A terrifying flash,
    a horrendous sound.
    barking dogs,
    crying toddlers.

    lightning strikes,
    fire burns,
    unbearable fear,
    i shed a tear.

    against a sound.
    my enemy.

    my abuser,

    my fear.

  • anna_leigh 25w

    denial is harsh, and sometimes you don't want to admit you're wrong. #help #unwanted #wrong #harmful #denial #admit #writer #writersnetwork #newpoet #newwriter

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    Harmful Help

    Are they okay?

    Can I help them? 


    If they ask.

    I’m going to help them.

    You are going to hurt them.

    I will not.

    You will.

    I will help as many people as I can,

    You help no one.

    I’m doing the right thing.

    You are doing the wrong thing.

    I am not.

    You are wrong.

    I am not wrong.

    You are hurting them,

    I am not hurting them.

    You are killing them.

    I am not killing them.

    But you are.

    I am not.

    You are.

    You have killed them with your unwanted help.

    They did not ask for your help.

    I do not care, I am doing the right thing.

    You are not.

    I am.

    No, you aren’t.

    Can’t you see?

    They are all dead.

    No they aren’t.

    I did not kill anyone.

    You killed everyone.

    Unwanted help

    Hurts more than welcomed help.

    You are telling them they need help,

    And that is wrong.

    You are wrong.

    I am not wrong.


    You are.

  • anna_leigh 25w

    Forced To.

    He is the scent of strong coffee,
    He is the shine of morning dew,
    He is the rays of sunlight in the early morning,
    He is the smell of rain,
    He is the color of the Earth,
    He is the wind of a storm,
    He is the eye of the hurricane,
    The wave of a tsunami,
    The debris of a tornado,
    The ashes of a dead fire,
    And yet, I love him.

    I love him to the point where my lungs fill and swell with fire,
    I love him to the point where my heart beats faster and faster, overfilling my body with blood,
    I love him to the point where my eyes leak tears when I press on spots he's touched,
    I love him to the point where my skin cracks and bleeds,
    I love him to the point where my bones split and rearrange themselves,
    I love him to the point where my brain bleeds and blood leaks out of my ears,
    I love him to the point where my body flinches at his touch,
    Where I beg him to stop giving me bruises,
    Where I beg him to stop pulling my hair,
    Where I beg him to stop forcing me into doing things I do not want.
    And yet, I still love him,
    Beacuse I have to.

  • anna_leigh 25w


    we sat under the stars,
    hand in hand,
    looking at the stars,
    above us,
    and the cars
    below us.

    we know the stars,
    there is an infinite amount,
    no words were shared,
    for there was nothing to say.

    yet, i wish she talked.
    i wish she talked about space,
    stars, constellations, galaxies, solar systems, planets, black holes,
    everything space
    and space's everything.

    yet she did not.
    instead, we sat,
    hand in hand,
    looking at the stars
    above us,
    and the cars
    below us,
    loving each other
    under the Universe's infinite space.

  • anna_leigh 26w

    more often than not, the people you envy have the same problems as you. they just hide it better. #imperfect #eatingdisorder #sad #envy #jelous #hurting #writer #writersnetwork #newpoet #newwriter

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    Soft skin,
    prone to sin.
    Rough skin,
    gross to touch.

    Silky hair,
    it's not fair.
    Uneven, split-ended hair
    falls out with touch.

    Tall, skinny, blond.
    Perfect reflection in a pond.
    Short, fat, brunette,
    impaled with a spear.

    Beautiful coral reef,
    Blue eyes like ocean waves.
    Mistaken as a whale,
    and brown eyes like dog shit.

    Perfect size of zero,
    yet food you do not swallow.
    Ugly size of sixteen,
    douse me in gasoline.

    Perfect friends,
    always follows the trends.
    No one knows who I am,
    might as well be labeled ham.

    You puke after eating,
    every day repeating.
    I eat and don't stop,
    every day nonstop.

    You are perfect,
    but underneath, a defect.
    I am a defect,
    wish to be perfect.

  • anna_leigh 26w

    Fear Incarnate

    you laugh at me.
    you mock me.
    you drag me through the dirt.
    you shove glass down my throat.

    my throat bleeds
    when i try to ask for help.
    i lose my sight when i look for an escape.
    i lose all my senses trying to fight.

    every day, and it doesn't stop.
    not even when I'm asleep.
    you haunt me in my wake and in my sleep.

    when will i be free from you?
    your hands grasp at my neck,
    choking me 'til im purple and blue,
    'til my body goes limp.

    you never gave me a fighting chance.
    you never let me defend myself.
    you never thought about me.
    and then you killed me.

  • anna_leigh 26w

    #sad #atpeace #meaningful
    i wonder if this is too violent?

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    The Freeing Pupeteer

    rough, bumpy scars,
    surrounded by metal bars.
    stripes of raised skin
    reminds you of sin.

    the blade is thrown out
    all you do is pout.
    after it stings,
    you get pulled by strings.

    the pupeteer wants you,
    and he goes to pursue.
    haunted by ghosts
    and their hosts,

    you accept his offer,
    and head to the slaughter.
    perfectly preserved in wood,
    you feel understood.

    now as a wooden doll,
    your final breath will fall.
    finally at peace,
    lay your soul in a coffin of fleece.

  • anna_leigh 26w


    Orion shines bright,
    reminding you the height
    of the tallest mountain.
    can it touch the stars?

    Orion, can you see Mars?
    Stars emit light like a fountain,
    and you are stuck in the sky.
    do you harbor hate?

    Orion hears our cry.
    He sheds a tear,
    it falls to our sphere.
    do you believe in fate?

    Orion, a constellation,
    you bring us temptation,
    to touch space
    in an endless chase.

    two degrees above absolute zero
    are you a hero?
    cold and desolate,
    yet, the creator of us all.