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  • ankitj 93w


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    আমিটি : আন্টি ডিপ্রেশন সেল খোলার ছিলো, খুলে
    দিয়েছি এবার ইন্টার্নাল ডেটস দেবো !

    ছাত্র : আমরা ডিপ্রেশন করবো না ?
    করবো না আমরা ডিপ্রেশন ?

    সরকার : না তোমরা করবে না কিছুই !
    মেমে বানাবে খালি !

  • ankitj 93w

    It could have been !

    It's still better that you are asked to co-operate with the government and display modes of appreciation for COVID-19 warriors !

    Section 144 Cr.PC 1973
    Section 188 & 353 IPC 1860
    National Security Act, 1980
    Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958
    Article 355 of Indian Constitution

    And as the list moves downwards, it would be very hard because neither stupids like you know the law nor this situation is ideal for Judicial Review


  • ankitj 93w

    Done with it ?

    Got satisfied with meme-ing 9th April and facilitating ideas to fail govt efforts in a country where there are already people who have taken up COVID-19 as Jihad and methodology of religious idiotness through prayers and offerings !

    But 9 minutes shutting down of electricity even if applied by 60% population would save what amout of energy in this crisis situation and what can be the benefits, your subsidised and social media enlightened minds won't understand !


  • ankitj 93w

    No theory !

    Fighting me would be similar to that of a pheonix which has raised itself from the ashes and the best part is your rudimentary theory confine upto rising from the ashes part and nothing beyond that !

    I understand yet ignore every single conspiracy of yours because those conspiracies were once the catalyst of rising this pheonix from ashes !

    And the illusion is you win everytime except where it is required.


  • ankitj 93w

    Great Job Done !

    Police personnel were pelted with stones while searching Dharavi Slum (Maharashtra)

    Police personnel thrashed and assaulted while searching COVID-19 positives at Rampur (UP)

    Police personnel assaulted, thrashed, beaten while stopping assembly of unwanted people at Tea Stalls at various parts of West Bengal !


  • ankitj 93w

    Truth v. Tolerance

    Let's not make this COVID-19 a Majority-Minority issue as the disease affects all humanity !

    Absolutely correct ! But it's only the specific group of minorities spitting upon doctors, pelting stones on doctors alike CAA protests, hiding foreigners in religious institutions, abusing Police force, directing their masses not to follow Govt. instructions, misdirecting authorities to delay the curb of spread etc

    Why truth has to be secularised and morphed when comes to a specific group of people and tolerance has to be shown at every intentional mistake by them ?

  • ankitj 94w

    Just don't know it !

    You are premium and hold a priority position in someone's life, which they won't ever speak out !

    Because they would never demote your locus priority by approaching you with their solicitude !


  • ankitj 94w

    You missed the update right ?

    Afghanistan Sikhs threatened to evacuate or face events similar to Kashmir insurgency !

    Minorities in Pakistan denied of proper food and humanitarian aids under COVID-19 outbreak !

    I know you missed these updates as we are facing grave COVID-19 pandemic in India right now !

    Isn't it ? Or you didn't want to listen it ?


  • ankitj 94w

    পারবে না !

    Neither I am giving a religious angle nor spreading communal hatred !

    It's you who is desperately trying to overlook it !


  • ankitj 94w

    This is where you turn irrelevant !

    Few months back they were pelting stones over CAA and now pelting stones, spitting on Doctors, assaulting Police, Sanitizing workers etc and hiding COVID-19 positives under religious installments !

    Your conscience is similarly corrupt like your corrupt secularist leaders that you people couldn't even condemn these acts still now !

    You all are passive appeasers of a faulty secularism which has no other objective other than accusing Hindus !