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  • ankitatripathy 2w

    Heavy heart,
    Sleepless nights,
    Desire of having you around.


  • ankitatripathy 2w

    He impels me to fall for him



  • ankitatripathy 4w

    Reality is that things that you get easily, you don't feel like treating them well.


  • ankitatripathy 12w

    I walked away from the life where I begged people to stay,
    I walked away from the life where I gave away evrything I could,
    I walked away from the life where I kept explaining myself,
    I walked away from the life that had no joy, love and happiness,
    I walked away from the life where I felt I would fall weak,
    I walked away from the life where people failed to understand me,



  • ankitatripathy 12w

    Sometimes feelings decay underneath expectations,
    And are noxious when expressed.


  • ankitatripathy 16w


    Break it once,
    And even if you die you can't gain it back


  • ankitatripathy 18w


    My dear Famrita❤️,
    At times I may have failed to express how much your friendship means to me
    But I definitely am lucky and happy I found you in SNIL and I have you as my friend
    You are not just a friend but a dearest buddy❤️
    We might not be good in sharing emotional stuff to each other
    But we definitely share a bond of laughter which I am gonna cherish and value forever
    May be I am not the first one to wish you sharp at 12am
    But I definitely would love to wish you last at 11:59pm before your bday ends
    Happiest birthday to the girl who is a darling in my life❤️,And whose words and accent are as funny and cute as she is❤️
    I love you babe ❤️
    [[Ankita KANKI LOVES Amrita FAMRITA]]

  • ankitatripathy 20w

    I would love to blame you when I shed tears
    Coz you are the only person who knows to make me laugh


  • ankitatripathy 22w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Ego

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    There is no ego in love

  • ankitatripathy 36w

    Sick of trying,
    Tired of crying