just another depressed population citizen got my citizenship recently after my parent brought me back home ��

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  • ankita_uni 6w

    Dear social media

    I hope u understand that I am that chutiya lover of yours that will always open you when I saw your notification but can't you just notify me only about things that make me feel good Jida mere crush heartbreak story on ig so I could enjoy it and most popular kids became depressed like me and putting Pic about world being fake that could give me satisfaction and most important one intelligent people saying india mea koi scope nahi hai .. Hope you understand dear.

  • ankita_uni 6w


    Babe prepare for worst
    Joe baande mughe aaj suna rahe haee
    Yaad rakhna mea kal yahi sab interest Kea sath vapas karugii kutto yaad rahna .
    Then when you will suffer and i will laugh
    HahahA even don't care right
    But I pray that karma gonna bite you in your ass ..cause karma and you are twin
    Dono hee bitches hoe ....

  • ankita_uni 6w

    " Just let it be "

    I love that everyone wants to change other like my family suggesting me to wake up early and do some physical workout papa phele ap toh apni neend kolloe kukii mere udnee Kea baad bhi konsa ap change hone vale hoe meri life still suck toh matter hee ku karta.ek neede Kea dream mea hee toh I m happy . Upar sea meri neede konsa mughsea permission lekar tutatii hai
    Hope you understand stfu
    peace ✌ I m Gucci so are you

  • ankita_uni 6w

    " Overlooked"

    Bitch that's my life I am overlooked by everyone that now even I dont even fucking care and I wish tum kuttee joe mughe overlook Kar rahe hoe unkaa main road mea accident hoe aur tb tumkoe log overlook karke Jaye. saale kutte hope u get ur karma .

    " TOXIC WEIRDO" that's me . Peace✌

  • ankita_uni 6w

    " Random thought of my depressed mind "

    I think people should not cry after a family siyapa they should try dark comedy instead I mean

    Laughing burn more calories than crying babe kaamse kaam hot toh Baan jaauugaye . Upar sea google mea jaa Kar roti huee logo koe dekh self satisfaction mill jayega kukii competitive as we are kaam sea kaam kaahanne koe mill jayega ke ess chutiya sad soul sea toh meri life better hai .

    I am sick I know