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  • ankita_saikia 10w

    A romantic scribble it is ❤️

    This is a special write...

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    Longing for Love

    Lightly touched in soft sapphire skies
    the deep blue of those loving eyes
    Hair flows upon sun kissed skin
    through flowers and back again
    I feel your smile, even then
    wrapping the beauty within
    Lightly touched in soft sapphire skies
    the deep blue of those loving eyes

    Roses glisten in morning dew
    rare beauty begins shining through
    Simple pleasures meant for me
    in your smile so peacefully
    Feels divine and heavenly
    gentle touch, as love can be
    Roses glisten in morning dew
    rare beauty begins shining through

    Elegance feathered in the breeze
    gracefully touching me with ease
    Beautiful smile I adore
    a touch of warmth, as before
    Always, I am wanting more
    your love, I am longing for
    Elegance feathered in the breeze
    gracefully touching me with ease

  • ankita_saikia 18w

    Presenting some interesting thoughts on married life and the ultimate inevitability of parting.
    Two raindrops falling from the sky together
    Land in a puddle forming ripples of their own.
    As each of them begins to move with the weather,
    They are comforted to know that they are not alone.

    They begin to grow, becoming one as they collide,
    Each wanting (just a little bit) to be alone and free.
    But as they begin their long journey side by side,
    They realize together that they were meant to be.

    Along the way, each ripple has an experience in life
    That is of themselves and not known to the other.
    They start to understand that like a husband and wife,
    Each wave in the water is best shared with another.

    As they travel along, they become weak and know
    That soon their time together will end as a couple.
    But throughout their travels both high and low,
    Each is thankful that their life was not just a ripple.

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    Two Raindrops

  • ankita_saikia 38w

    Mind VS Heart

    What heart does know
    The mind does see
    The mind tells lies
    That are told to thee

    At times it will grasp
    Your life giving air
    The tricks it plays
    Causes great despair

    What's known in the heart
    Keeps it on track
    But the mind rips apart
    It forever attacks

    There is a fine balance
    They will play their part
    Forever doing battle
    Mind vs heart.

  • ankita_saikia 47w

    Morning walk in the Woods

    I got up early, to go for a walk.
    Empty handed, just a bag in hand
    With cool breeze caressing me.
    Soon reached the Woods
    View there was breathtaking.
    In front was a carpet of orange, red and yellow leaves
    More were falling constantly
    Took off my slippers, put them in the bag.

    Barefoot I walked on the leaves enjoying the feel
    Listening to the rustling sound
    Chirping of bird's resounded the air
    I looked around to spot a flying beauty.
    At that moment saw a butterfly
    It was black with intricate designs in yellow.
    Some distance away was a snail walking slowly with shell in its back
    Dew drops on leaves and flowers glittered like diamonds
    Beak touching beak dove and sparrow were enjoying
    Parrot and gold flinch perched atop a tree filled me with exhilaration.

    As I walked ahead, sound of flowing water made me stop
    I stood under a tree and watched colorful leaves floating on water
    Leaves fell on me like slow drizzle.
    Suddenly a frog popped out of water
    Only to jump back again.
    Up in sky, sun a perfect red ball smiled at me
    It's reflection dancing on water - Oh! What a beauty!

    Capturing it all in my mind, I walked back
    There can be no artist as good as God
    Nature is God
    Thinking so, satiated and blissful, I walked back home
    Even now every time I think of the walk, I am filled with joy.

  • ankita_saikia 50w


    One day, in the middle of night,
    I saw a ghost - all white.
    It's waving gave me a fright,
    I closed my eyes tight.
    I felt my end was very near,
    To harm me it had come here.
    Everytime I opened my eyes,
    I saw it in front of my eyes.
    Miserable was my plight,
    Full night spent in fright.
    In morning when I saw in sunlight,
    It was a towel of white.
    I laughed at my fright,
    If only I had been brave at night.

  • ankita_saikia 60w


    (Nothing relatable btw����)

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    Material things really mean nothing to me
    I always believe the best things in life are free
    The fresh air we breathe, the greens trees we see
    The love that is shared between you and me.

    I may not be as rich as Mr. Bill Gates
    But I am sure blessed by the fates
    I have the man who gives my heart pleasure
    And that is the world’s most important treasure.

  • ankita_saikia 60w

    We all carry memories and yes when we loose a friend we loose a treasure, no friend can ever be replaced, but new friends will come our way and tomorrow will be brighter than today..
    This piece is for one of my very close friend, to whom I don't talk now. But all I can do now is to cherish all the memories that we had spent together. I still miss that person and I am still hoping someday everything is going to be fine.

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    The memory of you is what sees me through
    The memory of all the things that you say and do
    In your absence my heart had been feeling so blue
    Everything in this life means nothing without you

    The memory of you is what keeps me alive
    The memory of your beauty is what helps me survive
    Without you i am now ready to take that final dive
    Without you i know that i will never survive

    The memory of you is all that remains
    The memory of you will forever haunt my brain
    You are like blood that runs through my veins
    With you gone there will be nothing left but pain

    Now i sit here and try to understand it all
    Losing your friendship had made me feel so small
    All i want is to come to you, to beg and to crawl
    Before into this dark nothingness i finally fall....

  • ankita_saikia 63w

    Diamonds and Roses

    Diamonds and roses
    Are eternally beautiful.
    No matter what year it is, they are timeless.
    Be they a gift or a promise
    They hold their charm.
    There is not a chance for them to leave me,
    And I'll feel forever young.

    Diamonds and roses
    Can never leave me.
    Unlike love, their worth is constant.
    Being beautiful is their meaning.
    Even if the rose's petals fall off,
    And the diamond doesn't sparkle brightly,
    Their beauty is still priceless.
    Even damage their dignity is forever intact.

    Diamonds and roses
    Will forever be beautiful.
    I know that they can not leave me.
    So when I wither and die,
    My youth and beauty will be reflected in them,
    So I too will be eternally beautiful.
    My spirit will forever have dignity.

    Diamonds and roses
    Eternal beauty is what a woman strives for.
    For in this world it is only
    Diamonds and roses that are eternally beautiful.

  • ankita_saikia 67w

    A point of view as seen through death's dark prism.

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    Death's Protest

    I have come for you in times of the past,
    Never have I revealed my face to you,
    And still, the next time will not be the last,
    For man does not live only once it's true.

    So why fear me of all there is to fear?
    Do I not alleviate those from pain?
    And yet for me, no one does shed a tear,
    When after all from life I do not gain.

    Learn you shall that I am life's true ally,
    As the leaves fall from thy tree, it is me
    They seek for their refuge, still as they lie
    Quivering not from my grasp, they are free.

    For I am both the sunset and sunrise,
    Existing in all things, countless my skies.

  • ankita_saikia 67w

    Just look into my eyes

    For these moments in time that I'm with you
    At a loss for words to try and explain
    I know in my heart that you feel it too
    For you make my whole world appear so sane.

    We give to each other a warmth so true
    You are my flower and I am your dawn
    For I am the grass and you are the dew
    Whenever I'm with you I feel reborn.

    How do I express what you mean to me
    Shall I start with a song with melody
    Shall I paint a picture with imagery
    Please tell me dear for I need you to see.

    There is no way to make you realize
    Just trust me, dear, just look into my eyes.