Good days gives you unstained happiness Bad days gives you absolute experience

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  • ankahe_alfaz_ 4w

    Shayad hamare mohabbat mei kisi ki nazar lag gayi..

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    Andhe ko dekha hai
    Kisi ka hath pakad ke chalte hue...

    Mohabbat mei tum par aise hei
    Bharosa kiya tha

  • ankahe_alfaz_ 5w


    Chand se zyada yakeen muje tere hone ka tha,
    Darr muje andhero ka nahi tuje khona ka tha.

    Sab kuch paane wale bohot kuch khoya karte hai,
    Iss duniya mei hasne wale sabse zyada roya karte hai...

  • ankahe_alfaz_ 14w

    #post #mirakee #after #long #time #amazing #thinking
    Like and comment if you agree��

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    Tuje kaise le jau tere pita ke
    marzi ke bagair,
    Kal toh mei bhi ek beti ka baap banunga...

  • ankahe_alfaz_ 27w

    Might be I was dreaming with this kind of bond but I just forgot this is not a dream it's just a reality we have to live with����

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    Let's do that♥️

    Let's hold hands and walk together
    Through the problems we face in life.

    Let's sit with each other and share
    Everything about each other's lives.

    Let's make each other feel loved
    Without giving our bond any tag of relationship.

    Let's be the reason behind each other's
    Smile for lifetime.

    Let's stay together till our last breath
    Without promising a forever.

  • ankahe_alfaz_ 27w

    In the era of "I m done with you don't ever call me don't ever contact me
    (Frankly saying these were the last words when she left me and that's true)

    Find someone who will say,
    It's okay, I understand if there is your fault I'll give you another chance and we will work on it and we'll try to make our relationship more stronger ����

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    First adventure ♥️

    It took him courage to make up his mind,
    This was it. This is the last chance he'd give her.

    She had kept increasing the distance between
    Them with every step.

    "What's going to be then? Tell me fast
    Or else I m jumping off this cliff right now!"

    "Okay, Okay! Yes I'll go with you!" She cried out

    With that they completed their first adventure of cliff jumping with huge smiles on their faces♥️

  • ankahe_alfaz_ 27w

    Bhul jane ka bahana naa bana dena
    Durr jane ki bss ek wajeh bata dena

    Hum khud chale jayenge apki zindagi se...
    Par kaha teri yaad naa aaye vo jagah bata dena,

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    Khuda ne kaha♥️

    Wo chod kar gaye hame,
    Naa jane unki kya majburi thi...

    Khuda ne kaha,
    Isme unka koi kasur nahi. Ye kahani toh mene likhi hei adhuri thi...

  • ankahe_alfaz_ 27w

    My only point is that though whoever started that argument it will be better that any of them should kneel down either and save that cute relationship ��

    Becoz it's better to save our relationship instead of keeping our ego in front of it��

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    Argument ♥️

    After a long argument,
    I got a text that read-

    "Please don't fight with me.
    I want to fight for you... Not with you."

    And then I realised, This is the one♥️

  • ankahe_alfaz_ 28w

    A person who wanted this kind of love but he lost everything in his life so anyone who is reading this... Hope so you deserve it♥️

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    Anyone Reading this♥️

    I hope you find someone,

    Who doesn't make you sad at night, someone who reminds you how much they love you everyday, who laughs at your jokes, wants to listen to your music, who genuinely wants to be with you and doesn't make you second guess their love for you

    I really hope you find that
    Because you deserve that

  • ankahe_alfaz_ 37w

    @tia_2005 @misty_2004 @prose_of_soul @black_pearl @writes_solemnly and one special friend ��can't tagged her��
    Happy friendship day to all my precious friends maybe I can't tag all of them but everyone is near to my heart����

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    Because of you all, I laugh a little harder,
    Cry a little less and smile a lot more

    A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together
    As long as the relationship lives in the heart,
    True friends are never apart

    True friends are those who care without hesitation, remember without limitation, forget without any explanation and love with even little communication

  • ankahe_alfaz_ 37w


    Sanson Ke Silsile Ko Na Do Zindagi Ka Naam,
    Jeene Ke Bawajood Bhi Mar Jaate Hain Kuchh Log,
    Uske Haatho Ka Khilona Hi Sahi Khush Hu Main,
    Kuchh Der Ke Liye Hi Sahi Mujhe Chahta Toh Hai