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  • anjithasankar 50w

    It was filled.The stones wrapped like a cottoncandy..Is it ready to bombard upon us That huge weighing bundle! Sometimes there was a feeling like it was overheading me... sometimes my beloveds..sometimes upon some random strangers...She is always trying to console me like, Dont worry dear, it never fell down!meanwhile I can hear her heavy heartbeats..It might be the vapours merge together from the boiled human miseries and sins..May be it cannot put up with its heaviness ..Is it bring a painless apocalypse or something like that we heard of...The pandemic and the disasters are crawling towards..That bundle..Is it an angel or an evil, a stereotypic black or white..Cant differentiate sometime...

  • anjithasankar 51w


    This day confused me!
    Confused about a word,
    Phenomenal woman,
    who defines her own!
    Is there any phenomenal man,
    a bird, a cheetah or a sky!!
    I got astonished when that fly
    muses on my ears that,
    me too phenomenal..
    the dark red flower also says like..
    My pretty cat too...
    Iam about crazy..who is the most
    Who is the most???
    And what matters?
    gender or creed or....
    Suddenly I heard something struggling
    to say something...something louder..
    I gave my ears and my life
    ..It is echoing loudly that
    I want to be a phenomenal being!!!!

  • anjithasankar 53w

    From that canoe, we stepped to a coast,
    adorned with yellow buds!
    The blue tinted water reflected some
    Magic! Its nothing! thats your blink of
    Infinite love waving in your eyes.
    The hands that possessed my elbows
    made me being in a shelter!
    You bring me to this garden,
    To this garden of violet lilies..
    Our soul is started dancing as it is in the gentle breeze..As we are getting deeper
    and deeper into that heaven of blossoms,
    The two souls merge and flow together..
    There is only one smile.the smile of the lilac...
    Only one fragnance..its yours! Enveloped and swallowed me!!!

  • anjithasankar 58w

    അതിജീവനം ..
    മറ്റൊരു ഉപമ അസാധ്യം....

  • anjithasankar 59w

    ആ വയലറ്റ് ലില്ലികൾ വിടരുന്ന താഴ്‌വര വരെ നമ്മൾ ഒന്നിച്ചല്ലേ കൈപിടിച്ചു നടന്നത് .....
    അവിടെനിന്ന് എങ്ങോട്ടാണ് നിങ്ങൾ പെട്ടന്ന് അപ്രത്യക്ഷനായത് ???....

  • anjithasankar 71w


    The mud coloured four walls
    The light offers really the darkness
    The strange faces vomit the
    grunting sound, drills the brain
    What is happening or what to do?
    Nothing more to do to bloom the
    bud sleeping like a corpse .
    After being tired off by searching
    for something, the droplets are
    started waving from the blue coloured
    ocean; started to flow and flow...
    Nothing is remaing to anchor it..
    Flowing ...flowing...flowing..
    I started watching its move
    Where is it going with such a hurry?
    Its sizzling move offers like a vibrant
    plume where it passes...
    A sort of happiness flagging
    As it moves through the body
    Realized how beautiful I am
    Gives a wild shape to my cheeks,
    Lip, breast and give a naughty dip
    On my navel..Moves and moves...
    Suddenly it stops! It stops!
    What is happening between them
    A fine drop of salt water merges with
    a black mole hides on my foot
    They melts together like a dew melts
    on a warm sunlight..My brain proclaims
    for a weird love I have ever seen..
    Bt my heart..It accept it..
    Just fell for them...That weird love..

  • anjithasankar 83w

    She was once a shining damsel who floats like a swan upon the orange valley.The hue reflects on her eyes show the whole universe as a setting sky. The waterfall showers with her celestial smile. She awaits besides the olive tree to hear the song that flows from the western prairie hill covered by the misty milkyway. Her touch made the wild magical......The time moves..all get started vague and vague..disappeared the time demands..But two lines from that song, still in her heart , she can hear as her breath flows..those two lines...infinite...

  • anjithasankar 87w

    The sunshine never demands
    a materialistic uniformality..
    Because it is magical indeed!!


  • anjithasankar 91w


    From the rush of those four walls,
    the silver lining flows through those
    antique wooden window...
    The two flies; the yellow blossoms
    swaying in the rain tinted canvas...
    It take that vague soul to a stream
    of paradise which shields the
    echo of faustus and Mephistophilis...
    They diffused on the breeze gifted
    by the green covered golden showering,
    into the world of hues....
    The seven deadly sins are melted away
    by the ring of love around those flies;
    the two yellow flies....

  • anjithasankar 95w