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  • anjalitri 3w


    I want to be the May,
    The May of all the months,
    When spring sheds down,
    To give her last kiss to the earth.

    When summer peeks,
    Shyly through the window,
    Witnessing the love of theirs,
    And Feeling their shivers.

    As their love has not decayed yet,
    But it's decaying fast,
    They both linger in the moment,
    A little less but a more vast.

    The youth bud blossoms,
    Marking the love of both the souls,
    It sways with the wind,
    Singing the song of it's ending ,like a burning coal.

    The whole garden sings in a chorus,
    The sun comes closer to listen fine,
    The petal withers from the heat,
    And the bud cries in its last line.

    The earth swells up with the heat,
    Opens up her arms,
    Holds the petal in her heart,
    As sun comes nearer to palms .

    The spring fades away,
    Leaving the dry petals,
    And the sun wraps the earth,
    In his warmth embrace .

  • anjalitri 3w


    The world hurts less when I make myself leave everything and linger forever, over the sweet painful thought of missing you .

  • anjalitri 4w


    Lend me a patio,
    On a terrace with a sky,
    Will be happy there .

  • anjalitri 4w


    Returned from the war,
    The scarred smiles sparkled same as a ,
    Gleaming kintsugi!

  • anjalitri 4w


    None raised me ,
    Yet I turned gaint and specular,
    Placed uniquely,
    I felt molecular.

    I cherished the streams,
    The flowers and the deserts,
    I adored the baby ,
    The calves and the cubs.

    I turned inside,
    Away from the sun dome,
    And called humans my family,
    As they called me their home.

    I watched them grow,
    As I grew differently with them,
    But they learnt their own ways,
    And started digging out all the gem.

    They shackled my free nature,
    They started committing blunders,
    Called me precarious,
    And slowly turned into monsters.

    Digging a hole through my heart,
    They forgot I too had a life,
    Exploding all the land and waters,
    They forgot it was my sky .

    Today while Orbiting around with other planets,
    I get suspicious,
    Whether they are my past instead ,
    Or my future vicious?

    They burn with gases,
    Yet to be known,
    I burn with the seeds,
    Long ago humanity have shown.

    Fighting for their individuality,
    Humans keep changing me incessantly,
    I miss my origin too,
    When they turn me away from myself continuously.

    Jewelled planets shining with their moons,
    Watch me painfully,
    As I rush to search for my moon,
    Disguised in the space debris completely.

    I still contain the songs of the peacock with the rainbows,
    Being blue with green,
    Yet I wait for another supernova,
    To turn me into the same, what originally I had been.

  • anjalitri 5w


    Is there an answer in those blank pages?
    Containing the stains of past ages,
    Staring hard at my lifeless face ,
    Calling the person ,screaming behind my false grace.

    Couldn't write anything on lost and founds,
    About the happiness and the deep wounds,
    Couldn't show anyone the violent blows,
    Feeding on it, the sharp beak black crows.

    The silence evaporates out from my burning ears,
    The sights assimilate themselves in the stacked tears,
    Through those pages, one can sense the pungent smell
    I don't write anything on it , I don't want to sell .

    I carry myself as the hard case of the diary,
    Enveloping the deadly countenance of my memory,
    I turn inside and kill myself with all the possible ace,
    But you won't find any expression on my blank face.

  • anjalitri 5w


    One morning,
    Under the cloudy sun,
    In presentiment of rain,
    Plausible solution to run home,
    I tasted the friendship !

    The sweet sour ,
    Laughing company,
    Under an umbrella,
    Too small to accomdate both of us,
    I touched it's shower !

    It was memorable,
    Suffusing itself over my elbow,
    My head ,
    Going deep into the skin,
    Beyond the ordinary touch!

    Knocking at the door of the heart,
    I heard him saying my name,
    With the bantering cry,
    And laughing with an unusual snort,
    I saw it !

    It had one crooked teeth ,
    Marking itself extraordinarily,
    We squeezed ourselves ,
    Into the tiny umbrella,
    It's fragrance was nostalgic!

    Seemed from my last life,
    My senses perceived it differently,
    But they acknowledged together,
    It's familiarity!

    One can't see the imprint of it,
    Not on my voice,
    Not on my eyes,
    Not on my skin,
    Not on sniffs,
    Not on my tongue!

    But way beyond the worldly senses!
    Way beyond the hourglass,
    Way beyond the sunrise and sunset,
    Way more than weathers,
    Changing their course!

    Way beyond the rainbows
    And waterfalls,
    Way beyond the sea and sands,
    But much nearer to me,
    Engraved in my soul!

  • anjalitri 5w


    So let's meet ,
    across some crossroads ,
    but not in the city ,
    somewhere near a country side,
    where nature is as lonely as I am!

  • anjalitri 5w


    Sprouting excitement,
    Giggling Happiness,
    Staring decisively,
    At an opportunity,
    As it fell off over my cheek,
    An eyelash !

    Prepared to conspire,
    Against existing world,
    An effort to widen it's horizon,
    Placing it carefully,
    On my small fist!

    Commanding me to close my eyes,
    Opening the door of dreams,
    Like a protagonist,
    I had to choose the one,
    For me and for us!

    Dollhouse or polka dot dress,
    Micky water bottle or Rainy holiday,
    Daisy stickers or barbie hair band ,
    Postpone the term test or Hot fudge Sunday,
    Ritual progressed ,
    As I wished firmly!

    Placing the hope over the eyelash gently,
    Blew it to the divine,
    Assuring the goodluck by a firm blow,
    As it disappeared,
    Carrying our hopes!

    Relief sighed over their face,
    Stayed there till I opened my eyes,
    Meeting their Curious eyes ,
    Eager to hunt my wish,
    Like a treasure in the basement!

    I never told them,
    As it was bad omen ,
    And they understood,
    The full course,
    Of our important ritual!

  • anjalitri 5w

    Coming back to an empty room!

    A tune from my past,
    Lingers from the ceiling of my room,
    I smell the corners,
    Oozing out the fragrances of it,
    A bagpiper making his way ,
    From east to west,
    Like the sun in my room.

    A spinning wheel Blooming,
    In the dull paintings ,
    I hear the song of festive fair,
    My thoughts merry go around it,
    With the laughter of the child,
    Around the cotton candy lady,
    Living next to my ear,
    Laughing and squealing .

    The minute I turn the darkness on,
    And lie alone in my bed,
    The fire crackers bloom,
    Celebrating my existence,
    I sleep peacefully in their realm,
    I know they would be waiting ,
    Eagerly in my room,
    No matter whatever is taking me away so long.