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  • angelictune 2w

    The ferns and the fragments
    Which distinguishes the large ethnicity
    Of a preseravable sounds
    I profound to be a digital fragment
    To surrender the uttermost
    Voice which is cold

    Now that the colours paint it's
    Own creation
    Within a serene silence
    Emerges beneath it
    That the colour of joy utters silently
    Your mask is compulsory....
    That your mask is compulsory..

  • angelictune 6w

    Wildlife day

    Creation is being created
    Throughout the raindrops
    Within a presence of a land
    Rather wild being a wild
    When mesmerising smell of the wilds
    Comes to regenerate the smells
    The touch of a butterfly
    When it often sits in a hand
    Inorder to make was recall
    That we are never alone in this earth...
    Being wild for this wildlife
    When flowers blooms to show it's beauty
    That even seasonal dimentions
    Shows its way,
    That trees are getting it's wings
    Once again with its spring...
    Making a delicate wildlife
    To flourish more and more..
    For a journey to be a wild..

  • angelictune 14w

    See as if the eyes are white
    Like a road beyond any toils
    Try not to distract the heavenly creature
    And amidst within the rainbow
    To connect with a drop
    Which is Falling within a soil
    To retrieve the agony of the drops
    Eyes looking toward a shore
    Asking a core of an eye
    When it
    Finally closed off
    To retrieve the phase of a shore...
    All the drops were collected
    Inorder to mix it up with the ocean...

    Road beyond the traveller
    The road beyond its journey
    The eyes are following the paths..
    And leaving its footprint behind
    To be followed...

  • angelictune 14w

    Senses are always in passion
    To utter a lyrics of a soil
    Sources that drags the region
    To clarify the youth
    That land is fertile
    Suppose that the coins stagger up the region
    Suppose that smell of a mesmerises
    To utter a words
    Which is dragging the kind letters of values
    Ideology in its vein
    Sources as if soil is digging something of joy

  • angelictune 16w

    On the owe of nature
    I profound to be quill
    Within and without
    The light
    Which often knocks
    Crossing the path of the leaves
    It is often when..
    Feathers sparkles the joy
    To be surrender
    To be equiped...
    In a full grown tree..
    Nurturing the soil
    For a substance to be free
    That the roots are staggered to say
    We are the source
    Of all rhythm
    We are the ways
    To show the directions
    To find nature within itself...
    The path to be trail...

  • angelictune 16w

    Sometime the joy of a rhythm
    To be a conscience of a pure soul,
    Sometime a sense of happiness within its own source
    flows with a sandy soil
    On behalf of my belief
    That the rhythms are still
    And belief is in still
    That the tranquil satire of fragile senses
    Flows toward an earth
    Coils as if the turbulance is over...
    And a joy of hope is still
    Completely still...
    Still in its purest form..
    And within a second of a time
    Suddenly a noise cranks
    Of a coin of belief
    Which is now in a river..
    To be a hope of a rhythm
    Which is flowing as a source...

  • angelictune 34w

    Kuch daabi daabi si hai ye aasayein
    Kuch shor andar m chupa saa hai
    Chand lamhein m simti Hui
    Meri kuch aashayein
    Kaiyi lamhein guzar Gaye ab to
    Nirasaa hi dekhi charo taraf
    Ab to harso ulash
    M v nazar aati hai
    Kuch simti Hui aasayein
    Aare desh duniya ki Kya batlaau
    Burayi karna Mana hai
    Takniko ki iss mehfil m
    Aaj iss tarah akele s rah jaa rahe
    Kehne ko to Swatantra Bharat hai
    Hum to insaan sahi rah Gaye
    Bas yuhi kitaanuo s v
    Hum lar mitne ko taiyar hai
    Bas ab to..
    Zindagi Chand lamho m simmat k rah Gaye
    Ye khamoshi bhare Zindagi
    Aashayein bhari ye Zindagi..

    Swatantra Bharat
    Hamara pyara bharat

  • angelictune 34w

    Dehing Patkai is now Alone...

    On the depth of my eyes
    It often happens that
    Tears rolls down
    When I remember
    My beloved animals and birds
    I just think of the day
    When my tears will dry out
    Slowly ! Slowly!
    When all my feathers
    Will fell down
    And nothing will left behind
    To be a being
    Will you be left to remember me
    My dear friends
    Trust me
    Now I am lying in the middle of the edge
    My place Dehing Patkai
    Is now Alone...

  • angelictune 36w

    Two untouched souls
    Inorder to reconsider it's
    Life for
    A everlasting love.
    Makes its own way
    For a belief that
    Universe is preparing
    Such a great boat
    To make this two souls
    To meet once again..
    To be together forever together
    Like in a calm ocean
    To get it sail smoothly...
    For a love ...

  • angelictune 37w

    When we see toward the sky
    With obscure vision of light
    It's become more diverse
    Toward the beam of hope
    To troll
    That everything is alright
    By my side
    Significance of eternal joy
    To succumbed within a per value
    Of deadly ethic to rejoice
    I surrender my eternal glory
    To my universe of hope
    That my light
    Will take me toward a will
    Of a journey,,,