I am a writer, poet, songwriter, create music, artist and encourage others to go for their dreams, never give up, Don't Stop Believing!

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  • angelactroutt 11w

    "Mind is MIA"

    What happened to love and compassion?
    Where did everyone's mind go?
    Evidently, some folks need to find it!
    Has the world gone mad?
    I don't know, but something ain't right.
    Where did all the sane people go?
    Evidently insanity has become normal
    But it isn't normal at all.
    The Heart within needs to wake-up
    Because the mind done flew the coup
    Heart would you speak to the mind of humanity...Our minds need to answer the phone call of service ...and be sane through action of the heart.
    Evidently some people forgot to set the alarm
    To wake....Up!!!
    Your heart is calling you...will you pick up the phone call of love and compassion...and wake up...please...we need humanity in unity of unconditional love and actions of kindness.

  • angelactroutt 13w

    "True Wealth"

    True wealth is not measured
    By what is in your bank account
    But by what you have deposited
    In your heart
    Having loved ones & awesome friends
    Caring, sharing kindness & inspiration & compassion
    Grows true wealth with interest.

  • angelactroutt 20w

    Angel Magic

    Spiraling sparkles
    Descending upon the ethers
    Falling angelic feathers
    Getting humanity's attention
    In a moment...of Infinity
    Intuitive angelic magical messages
    My clairsentient gift sensing
    A feeling of mystical music
    Harps playing in unison
    Bringing forth
    Angel miracles and blessings
    Speaking of angelic divine intervention.

  • angelactroutt 29w

    Positive Vibes

    High Vibin'
    Striving for manifestation
    Believing for the best
    Awesome life for you.

  • angelactroutt 37w


    With the stroke of the pen
    I rise from within.
    Simple words but powerful.

  • angelactroutt 44w


    Two conflicting waves
    Can not flow together
    High frequency consciousness
    Will cause the low frequency to deflect out
    The higher your Vibration goes
    You will attract high vibrational people
    The Universe will match your Vibration
    If you want to attract your desire
    You must become that Vibration
    In order for it to show in your reality.

  • angelactroutt 44w


    Fake me not
    Just tell me the truth
    No time for foolishness
    I expand my consciousness
    We all expand together
    Everything is connected
    We Are Love.
    And that's the truth within.

  • angelactroutt 51w


    Love knows love
    Consciously beware
    Of all that is not love
    Fear and love can't
    Be present within you
    One will be stronger
    Therefore be
    In the state of unconditional love
    If you let fear in
    It will overwhelm you
    But if you let love rule
    Love becomes your world
    Fear loses its power
    Love is the highest Vibration
    Love frequency is you at the core.

  • angelactroutt 51w


    Light within
    Light without
    May all the blessings
    Flow to you into infinity
    You are worthy.

  • angelactroutt 53w


    Keep things simple
    It's less chaos
    Less stress
    Less of a headache
    And you will have peace of min
    The more simple things are
    The more easily
    Things can be perceived
    Making things fancier
    Doesn't always mean
    It's better
    But you can keep
    Things simple
    And enjoy the natural beauty
    If your creation is kept
    Raw and real
    It holds it's own unique
    Power to touch the observer