Ethereal. Moved by words.

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  • anetita 40w

    Until Death

    Two gladiators brawling in the Colosseum,
    Hearts acting as an audience in kind,
    Provoking our stubborn minds,
    We sling words, like swords, to strike.

    Yet in this ultimate battle of wits,
    Neither warrior wins the fight.

    Longing for a truce,
    I'll accept a stalemate from you.
    No calling names,
    No shaming or placing blame.

    Let us quietly embrace the scars,
    Of a past we cannot change.

    Even in the midst of our anger,
    Between these foolish games,
    I'd give anything just to kiss you,
    Show how dearly, sincerely, I miss you.

    Let our skin softly whisper,
    Speak the words we cannot say.
    Lose ourselves in each other's eyes,
    And love our pain away.


  • anetita 43w


    You noticed me keeping my distance,
    So your form filled the space.
    Blue skies of your eyes
    Turned to blackest night,
    As your arms encircled my waist.

    Hunger ignited, lips crashing into mine,
    I could barely remember what we said,
    Let alone recall the time,
    Or how we drifted so smoothly
    From your countertop to the bed,
    Or how you broke open my heart,
    While I ripped yours from your chest.


  • anetita 43w


    Thinking of you
    Is a harpoon to the chest,
    Sick to my stomach,
    Wondering, "Was that the end?"
    So many times, I've typed the words,
    One step away from pressing "Send,"
    Collecting love letters to no one,
    Written confessions never read.

    I love you too much to hate you,
    But I can't just be your friend.
    So here I am,
    Mourning the loss of two men:

    The real one I knew,
    And the image I constructed in my head.


  • anetita 43w


    I learned to love my demons,
    The strongest of allies,
    Dearest friends from hell.

    Perhaps, if you'll allow,
    I can learn to love yours as well.


  • anetita 43w


    Passing faces in the crowd,
    My eyes search for you,
    Heart yearning for a glimpse,

    Wondering, "Do you search for me too?"

    Eyes open, pressing rewind,
    Mind stuck in overdrive,
    Consumed by 2 a.m. musings,

    Thinking, "With you I felt so alive."

    Body craving your touch,
    Etched into my skin—a tattoo,
    Scars marring my memory,

    Asking, "Do you miss me like I miss you?"


  • anetita 44w


    The precipice of change
    is the most frightening place you'll ever stand.

    Potential sits patiently at your fingertips,
    but you have to seize the chance.

    A little candle in your heart burns softly,
    fueling the flames that ignite your soul.

    And when opportunity knocks, open the door;
    fall into your fears and release control.


  • anetita 44w

    A Vow

    I'll ruin your life,
    But I'll do it beautifully,
    With passion and force behind every word.
    No skin left untouched,
    No stone left unturned.

    I'll be your dream,
    Living proof lying beside you,
    Freeing the nightmares from your mind.
    We'll walk hand in hand through your hell,
    And ascend to heaven every night.

    I'll make mistakes,
    But I'll stumble into your arms,
    For only yours will carry me right.
    No other will compare,
    No other love but mine.


  • anetita 45w

    A Myth

    You deem me ice cold,
    Modern-day Medusa,
    Goddess of the Gorgo.
    To gaze into my eyes,
    Shall turn one to stone.

    Serpentine hair,
    Spellbinding smile,
    Reptilian skin,
    Suitors for miles.

    Neither victim nor villain,
    A mortal being I am,
    Full of mistakes and misfortunes,
    And a life rife with sin.

    Yet you despise me all the same,
    For a secret I maintained,
    Locked away for your protection,
    Per the very essence of my name.

    Evil requires intention,
    And I never sought your pain.
    I only wished to guard your heart,
    Earn any love there was to gain.


  • anetita 46w

    If Only

    What if I was the happiness you deserved, but never chose to know?
    What if our bond was so deep that it sunk into our bones?
    What if our time together previewed a saga untold?
    What if we never even gave our story a chance to unfold?
    What if we go our whole lives trying to fill a void?
    What if that hole could have been filled if we loved instead of destroyed?
    What if you were my one, and I was yours?
    What if we wasted all our energy fighting this war?

    We could have peace if we tried.
    No wasted years, or any more tears cried.
    Help one another see, where once we were blind.

    In the end...
    If it's meant to be, it's only me you will find.


  • anetita 46w

    Too Late

    To love the broken
    Is to accept the fact
    You'll never see them heal
    Until you fall through their cracks.