Ethereal. Moved by words.

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  • anetita 6w


    The worst sinners parade as saints,
    Lighting fire to their paper trails,
    And erasing the stains.

    I own my sins,
    Inscribe them in ink,
    Construct them into crosswords,
    And solve them on my skin.


  • anetita 16w


    They say no man is an island,
    But the way those waves crashed around him
    Proved such a theory untrue.
    Sometimes hope flickered in his ocean eyes,
    Then disappeared in their depths,
    Like a diamond lost in the blue.
    An immovable mass of uninhabited land,
    All jagged edges, not a sliver of sand.
    Yet I witnessed a hint of softness,
    A rare smile reaching his eyes,
    Wishing his hostile shores welcomed me home,
    The one and only guest,
    On his lonely isle.


  • anetita 22w

    The Poetess

    If poetry was a person,
    She'd have a heart of glass within,
    Flaunting a feather quill finger,
    Dipped in her inkwell skin.
    Draped in darkness,
    She would love night, as I do,
    Burning the midnight oil,
    Writing tall tales of you.
    With a well-dressed vocabulary,
    And a mind full of sin,
    She'd be delicate to the touch,
    Yet filled with fire, to the brim.


  • anetita 25w

    Moving On

    There is peace in the hollowness,
    Music in the empty space,
    A calmness in the storm,
    And pride in walking away.

    I threw those bones in the graveyard,
    Laid my wishes to rest.
    My heart is ready to sing again,
    Be loved better than second best.


  • anetita 27w

    Low-Hanging Fruit

    Nestled in my palm,
    Was the apple of my eye,
    Bruised, decaying,
    Looking a bit beyond ripe.
    I cut away the rotten spots,
    Hoping to expose a healthy core,
    Salvage what good remained,
    Only to find there was no more.


  • anetita 28w


    When they ask me about pain,
    How it looks, I explain.
    I imagine your face,
    And my lips sound your name.
    Memories retained,
    Flood my heart, what remains.
    Our once-innocent game,
    Turned harsh, inhumane.
    I am ashamed.
    Not of the hurt, but the decay.
    A legendary love gone to waste,
    When we were one step away.

    And they say,
    "So it goes—the defining of pain.
    It is not what you've lost.
    It is what you failed to obtain."


  • anetita 29w


    I am neither an object to possess,
    Nor a trinket to own,
    Yet I still wish to be yours,
    Belong to you, and you alone.


  • anetita 29w


    For the nights she cried alone,
    All the suffering she endured,
    Such strength must be admired.
    She walked through hell to fight more fire.

    One day will never be enough.
    No amount of words could embody her love.
    Yet my life's mission it shall be,
    To return what she gave to me.

    From her children's first steps,
    To her final, selfless breath,
    A mother's love remains true.

    To the greatest hero I've ever known,
    To my mom, without measure,
    For forever, I love you.


  • anetita 31w

    A Solution

    We must solve this dilemma,
    Quench this inevitable thirst.
    Denying our love will only lead to demise,
    If the "what ifs" don't kill us first.


  • anetita 33w

    Until Death

    Two gladiators brawling in the Colosseum,
    Hearts acting as an audience in kind,
    Provoking our stubborn minds,
    We sling words, like swords, to strike.

    Yet in this ultimate battle of wits,
    Neither warrior wins the fight.

    Longing for a truce,
    I'll accept a stalemate from you.
    No calling names,
    No shaming or placing blame.

    Let us quietly embrace the scars,
    Of a past we cannot change.

    Even in the midst of our anger,
    Between these foolish games,
    I'd give anything just to kiss you,
    Show how dearly, sincerely, I miss you.

    Let our skin softly whisper,
    Speak the words we cannot say.
    Lose ourselves in each other's eyes,
    And love our pain away.