you need to calm down! ������

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  • androoo 71w

    Ending life,
    Livin pain,
    Sarcasm on the door
    Breaking window's pane,
    Praying for peace
    Isn't gonna work,
    You have to be a demon to survive in this vulture's world!

  • androoo 79w

    And then you are tired of tryin'
    Tired of gettin ignored every second and every week!
    But it's time to restore your self-esteem
    Get up bitch and fuck their worlds!

  • androoo 81w

    Earth is just takin a break
    And humans are already dying!
    And no one's gonna save us this time
    Cuz lord Rama is busy in Ramayana!
    Well this is to all those politicians,super powers, entertainers and so called Enviromentalists!
    let's see who has the real power!

  • androoo 83w

    I miss those glasses and those GK sessions,
    I miss those midnight chats and irritating mom a lot,
    I miss see you eatin' and that smile when you know that I wanna eat too!
    Dad you are awesome!
    Working for us when everyone else is quarantining!
    I am proud of you but come home soon this beautiful perfect ugly daughter of yours is missing you!
    With love

  • androoo 86w

    He never cries,
    he never complains
    He watches me growing, wishes best for me in the end
    He doesn't expect,he just wants me to be happy
    He is the first man I loved and hugged in his sleep,
    He is the silent ocean I am the noise
    He is my peace of mind and I am that chaos in his life!
    He is my father,my hero,my demon
    He is my life,my happiness and sorrow
    He is my world my earth and the stars
    He is the whole universe and I am just a part of his soul and heart!

  • androoo 89w

    Your toothbrush winks at me
    Your sheets untouched
    Your clothes all available
    But I still don't like em at all
    I miss those morning taunts
    And that enthusiastic smile
    I am turning off the T.V
    Watchin' your slides
    I don't wanna cry
    Don't wanna be sad
    It feels like you are on vacation
    And I am waitin for you to come home!

  • androoo 93w

    I know I won't win
    But I still wanna play
    I chose the wrong door baby
    But I'd open up the gates
    To where I can't go
    To where you won't ever lead
    To my home, my heaven
    Your heart indeed!

  • androoo 93w

    Whatever it is I don't care,
    Whether I am crazy or it's unfair
    I don't feel good
    I don't feel light
    All this shit faded the daylight
    I want to sing
    I want to dance
    But I don't want ppl to think that this can't last
    I am no stranger to pain
    I know the risk
    But darling I am still falling for you
    Even When you ain't here!

  • androoo 94w

    I couldn't breathe then,
    I can't breathe now!

  • androoo 94w

    She is a blessing,She is a curse
    She is a myth and the fact!
    She drove off the monsters and played with the demons,
    She is the mother and that whore you hate
    She hisses as a snake and then moves like vane,
    She is the devil who burned that bridge,
    Shining like a star she stays in the night and sometimes like a meteor she falls down!