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  • anathreek_jey 3w

    #pod #love #pain @writersnetwork

    Sometimes you don't say love you.. but you do.. You may say you don't care.. but inside you know how deep your love is.. This hidden truth behind every lies got to be recognized as a lie by your love. If not.. if he believe your lies and ignore your truths, I don't know what love is.. It's like his love is the biggest and loyal and truthful. A perfect partner will know what lies are and what truths are.. and moreover he knows what you are and who you are to him.. So.. proving your love to one who proves his love is of no use.. explaining the things may end up in argument.. Your feelings are just an unwiped tears.. that flows till the deepest..

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    "..Love is not how much you love her,
    It is that you would know how much she loves you.."

  • anathreek_jey 5w

    #pod #love #pain @writersnetwork @shine_jey

    "..You would never know my untold love
    But my time knowshow much time
    I spend with you.."

    "..You would never know my untold love,
    Yet my heart knows how much I
    Miss you even for a minute.."

    "..You would never know my untold love
    When my eyes deprive it's sleep
    Just to be dreamy in your talks.."

    "..You would never know my untold love
    When I fight for you against everyone.."

    "..You would never know my untold love,
    where I keep you my priority over my life.."

    "..You would never know my untold love
    when I used to zoom your pictures
    To kiss and smile in fantasy.."

    "..You would never know my untold love,
    Unless my tongue utters
    I Love You!.."


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    "..You would never know my untold love,
    When my eyes deprives it's sleep
    Just to be dreamy in your talks.."

  • anathreek_jey 6w

    Might be Miles apart,
    Yet your heart became my part.
    My eyes are hungry to see you.
    But just my tears quenches it's thirst.
    Your name lies between my lips,
    Urging to meet you soon.
    Silence has been our most love talks,
    That's why I get more emotional
    when you text me 'Hi'.
    I dare not to miss your phone calls,
    For that's my opportunity to hear your voice.
    If I miss one, I have to wait in regression until your next call.
    My days and nights may not start or end
    with your good mornings and good nights,
    But you will be filled through out my day in my memory.
    A text from you makes my heels to dance.
    So, Never forget to text me,
    cause that keeps me alive.

  • anathreek_jey 6w

    "..I wish I could leave from someone's life
    as simple as leaving a group in WhatsApp.."
    ' left..'

  • anathreek_jey 6w

    #pod #love #pain @writersnetwork @shine_jey

    I thought everything was over.

    My mind convinced that I can be without you.  My nerves didn't lose its flexibility.  My heart didn't stop beating.  My lips smiled. I was doomed by anger.

    My anger consumed me wholly, which made me to ignore your talks for a while. My ego got hung up and refused to melt from the summit of arrogance. My conscience believed that I did nothing wrong.      

    " Why should I always be the one to apologize? ".  That's the time I realized ego leaves no one.  It was like a crown that rules the mind. After a while, everything which consumed me perished slowly.

    I returned to my conscious, I became the real me again,  the one who never gives up on anyone at any moment.  I realized it was not over. Furthermore, I couldn't accept the reality without you. My nerves got numb, unable to think other than you. 

    The silence between my lips, though stretched, is now chanting your name. For my every smile, my tears welled up in remembrance of you. 

    My heart started to ache like it was the end. But my inner voice kept echoing, "I still love you.."

    I wish you won't turn me down, for already I'm alleviating the pain. Just let me hug you with my heart and knit you with my skin.

    ◇ anathreek_jey


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    "..Your heart became deserted,
    Vast and void,
    Yet the rain shows mercy,
    Aiding the pain and suffering,
    Letting down her tears,
    Enriches you into a new emerald,
    Where a garden of love blooms once again.

  • anathreek_jey 8w

    "..I cannot be dumb with you even after a hectic fight but I can make my heart as stone to not to talk to you if it's for your goodness.."

  • anathreek_jey 9w

    Lend your tongue to the dumb,
    Lend your ears to the deaf,
    Give away your love to the hatred,
    Bury your happiness in the graveyard of pain,
    Your anger shall be in silence,
    Change your beating heart to the lifeless stone.
    Be selfish from generous,
    Be adamant from carefree,
    Be independent from dependent,
    Be faked from real you,
    Live the reality to win over the dreams.
    Let your tears tell no truths
    Let your ego rule your mind,
    Be dead by soul for a while
    So you may be a step ahead.

  • anathreek_jey 10w

    "If you find hard to love me, better hate me.
    Don't do both.."

  • anathreek_jey 11w

    "..A prank is not a prank when you
    already know what the prank is.."

  • anathreek_jey 11w

    #pod #love #pain

    Love became toxic. The love which binded you together is now repelling like the similar nodes of the magnet. Even when you try to come closer, the ego, anger, and hatred repels you from your love. The love which made you to fly high without wings, the love which kindled your inner veins to tickle, the love which was fully contained by your heart, has become a diesease that is consuming you. The love which meant to be your world, has become a nightmare that haunts you forever till you give up. The love which gave you an ineffable happiness, yet brought an indelible scar on your soul. Your life got a meaning and purpose cause of the love, but the love belongs to you no more. Did you ask the cupid to aim at you? When without asking a good happens, why it's not permanent? Why it has always a question mark at the end? Why does love becomes a past and painful memories? What makes two persons to stay? The commitment ? Or the promise? Or the love which warmed your heart? There's no difference in breaking up and being together with hatred because the love which you gave birth got buried into the coffins of your dead soul. Whatever the life gives you, it's hard to stick around in hatred than to let go with love. No matter how your love is, you cannot forget that easily. You may feel like inhaling poison, but the fruits of happiness that you tasted will be unforgettable. Your inner heart knows how good your love is. You know it's hard to live with them, yet you cannot live without them. So, you choose to be with them, a desired life. And the peace comes along your way with love.

    @writersnetwork @shine_jey

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    "..You know it's hard to live with them,
    but you cannot live without them.."