ANAITA RAKSHIT 16 yrs only ✌️life is all love and war... Don't follow to unfollow...

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  • anaofficial 119w

    Ana is back guys.... All I need is your support and love...

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    Listen to your heart

    Listen to your boldness
    Listen to your madness
    Listen to your happiness
    Listen to your sadness
    Listen to your loveliness
    Listen to your loneliness


  • anaofficial 143w

    Something special

    It's heartbeat
    It's passion
    It's droplets
    It's confidential
    It's suspense
    It's moody
    It's awesome
    It's fun
    It's dimensions
    It's dedication
    ...................... YES IT'S LOVE

  • anaofficial 147w

    I'm leaving mirakee... Good luck all... Take care... Love you all a lot...

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    Take care love... Hope I will see you all again...

  • anaofficial 152w

    Today you are not with me. But I believe you are in me. Every day at every single moment I can feel your touch, your smell and your passion. Baba I love you a lot. I know your body will never come back to me but the vibes of soul is in me.... Don't leave me...

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    The one

    A breath, a touch, a sip of love, a warmth, a lullaby - all of these created a faith of strength and my vision of inner soul.

  • anaofficial 157w

    Reality makes me a complete enjambment seeker cause I lost my cesura...


  • anaofficial 158w

    Grey leaves leave me just to get the touch of genuflected love...


  • anaofficial 161w

    T- tranquil
    E- engagement
    A- adorns
    R- realistic
    S- scars of life

  • anaofficial 163w

    Someday we will be lorn but still you will feel compunctious...


  • anaofficial 163w

    Listen to your contrition to feel the vibe of your passion...

  • anaofficial 164w

    Your eyes were the black roses which were clandestined in the tinged red of my heart...