Writing is my newfound fad. I don't expect myself to be regular here.

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  • ananya_n 42w

    Cheers to all the good times this year
    To all the self-love and self criticism done this year
    To the times I didn't know what to do and still found a way out
    To all the rash decisions and overthinking
    To the times when I was hopeless yet hopeful
    To the moments of clarity.

    To thinking straight..

    To the love and warmth of a family
    To the books which gave a new perspective
    To the series and movies which helped to get through the year
    To the friends, talking to whom made the day better.

    To every moment, good and bad :)
    Cheers to 2020! ❤️

  • ananya_n 101w

    Rough patch

    From "nothing can go wrong" to "why is nothing going right", time flew by!
    Can you please end this?! Please!
    It is not funny anymore.
    Can we switch back to normal mode?
    Or is this what adult life feels like?
    Okk I got it.
    I don't need more explanations.
    Learnt my lessons from this chapter.
    Can I take a break until the next one?
    It is getting saturated up there.

  • ananya_n 138w

    Some things better left unanswered..or maybe not!
    #laziestsundaythoughts #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    You never know

    There are questions
    For which you never knew the answer
    And there are others
    You know what to say
    But don't want to say it yet
    Unless someone pops it to you
    And you blurt the first thought that comes
    Then and there
    Is that the right answer though?

  • ananya_n 164w

    Ente Keralam

    The Garden of Spices,
    They called this place.
    And then someone decided
    To take a stroll through it.
    It turned out to be
    More of a marathon
    That lasted for days.
    Anyone who dared cross His path
    Could only bow and give way.
    When the run came to a rest
    People couldn't rest anymore.
    Rebuilding a garden takes work right?
    With heads and hopes held high
    Brotherhood at its peak
    Lost humanity regained in everyone
    This can only become an easy task.
    And from above
    The Rain God smiles
    A smile of satisfaction.
    The stroll didn't go in vain after all.

  • ananya_n 164w

    I just happened to give my driving test today.
    Can't say it went really well..#drivingtest #nuts

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    An 8 is all that matters

    Honest to God
    I could have never guessed that an 8 would drive me so crazy!!!

  • ananya_n 165w

    Onam in waters, or is it?

    Perhaps no other Onam has been as collectively significant to all of us as this year's.
    Even as the past few weeks have taught us yet again,
    That all the technology in the world can only do so much against nature's wrath,
    We can take heart from how we were united in this fight against the deluge.
    Treading back to normalcy might take time,
    But surely we will,
    Coz Hey! Time heals all wounds, remember?