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  • ananya2212 30w

    Don't shy
    You no need to just try ,
    Spread your wings️ dauntlessly ,
    And FLY high in your own colourful sky

  • ananya2212 36w

    Disappointment is another reason behind your sadness

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    ना ही ढंग के दोस्त मिले
    ना ही मिला मुझे सच्चा प्यार
    अब सोचता हूं बैठ कर
    कहीं मुझमें कमी
    तो नहीं है मेरे यार ।

  • ananya2212 36w

    One day

    One day someone else will steal your heart And it will happen One day I will be angry with you forever but I will not be able to say anything Because you didn't do anything wrong I don't wanna do anything that will make you uncomfortable when you come with someone else you have to make Distance from me I love you and I didn't want to hurt you My heart will be broken to see you with someone else The good is in our separation And by the way we both are no longer together.We both know that many people came to my life But in my life love is you and you will also be for always...❤️

  • ananya2212 37w

    Sometimes loneliness is better than fake companies

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    Akela hi Accha Hu..

    ❤️Sabdo ke khel me na faaso mujhe...
    Sabdo ke khel m na faaso mujhe...
    Mai Akela hi Accha Hu
    ab or saza na do mjhe.

  • ananya2212 37w

    Mana koi rishta nhi

    Maana koi rishta nhi hmara jisse Mera tu keh laaye..
    Dhoonti rehti Hu Mai Jag Sara pr khi tere jaisa na mil paaye ..
    Kya hi bole ab HM pyaar sirf tmse hua badduaa HM laakho ki khaaye .
    Pta nhi kyaa jaadu h tjhme k HM bs tera Hona chahe❤️....

  • ananya2212 38w

    तेरी तस्वीर ही महज एक जरिया है
    जो मुझे तेरे पास होने का एहसास दिलाता❤️