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  • anant5998 159w

    Nicotine Ice

    Lungs burning,
    cigarette ash falling,
    grey man-made flakes of snow.

    They waltz through air 
    as they plummet down
    to the black concrete.

    I catch my breath, as   
    my heart slips on
    nicotine ice in my veins.

    Nudged one step closer
    to the edge,
    but today I walk away.


  • anant5998 162w

    Don't you know?

    I wish I was sunshine
    getting gazed at by your hazel eyes
    watching me set under the horizon.

    Don’t you know?

    I built my castles close to shore
    and every time I want much more
    you hold me captive in sky filled eyes.
    Release me woman in roaring waves
    to catch my breath and softly say-
    I wish I was the cool soft rain
    to wet the skin I so much crave.

    Don’t you know?

    I built my castles close to shore
    for you to wash them all away.


  • anant5998 169w

    Found this one gathering dust :)

    Also, there used to be a brilliant writer Parneet here, some time back, with the username @parneet_kaur . She has deleted her account here. Anyone knowing her whereabouts, by any chance?

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #blood #death #red #perhaps #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod

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    Crimson Flush

    There is nothing more comforting than warmth
    Rays of sun painting my cheeks red
    Blistering campfires that tickle my toes
    My own blood trickling down my sweating arms.

    As I looked into the bathroom mirror
    I felt nothing but
    Glowing and smouldering.
    Toxic words that had been spat at me
    disappeared down the sink
    A blurry fist fight faded to memory
    My black eye and bleeding nose
    ceased to pain me
    All I felt was the red blanket coating my arms
    It doesn't hurt
    I feel nothing
    Silver pens write terrible tragedies in red ink
    But they also write happier endings for
    troubled minds.

    I am my own demise
    My own destruction
    There is no conductor and my train is
    off the rails
    Spinning, racing out of control
    And stopping at a red light
    Red lights that pool into one in my palm
    Translucent, reflecting the light above me
    I see red
    I feel warm
    I taste fate
    She can't hurt me as long as I am warm.

    I will leave this world
    with no blood on my hands
    but my own.


  • anant5998 170w

    Hello, how you all doin'? :)

    This one's inspired by the cyclone Titli which recently wreaked havoc in the eastern coastal states of India. Titli meaning "butterfly", is an astonishingly delicate name for something so deadly!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #titli #cyclone #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod

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    You hear about me,
    You wait for me,
    You prepare for me below,
    While I sit silently and brew
    In the heavens above.
    Innocently I start
    Scattered clouds
    Smudged across the sky,
    As I calmly exhale over the land.
    But with each breath I fill up with frustration.
    Frustration turns to anger,
    Anger becomes rage,
    And before you know it
    A tantrum is born.

    I batter,
    I consume, 
    I cough out my rage.
    I strip your trees bare and scream
    at your purring cat,
    Howling with laughter at the mess I've made.
    I charge through the streets 
    Stealing life after life to strengthen my own.
    Tears get washed away with salted rain.
    You think your excruciating pain 
    Will make me stop?

    Bodies of trees lie across the roads,
    Hollow shells of used-to-be homes 
    Poke their heads from the water,
    Scared to see the damage I've caused.
    Exhaling once more,
    I return to the sky
    Where I will sit and sulk 
    But never die.


  • anant5998 180w

    Miss Me?

    Haunted houses creep in and out
    Giving life to the ghosts
    Carving, clawing their way
    to the present
    Leaving you bleeding from the eyes

    Kiss them gently to retell their tales
    Feel their dark caresses
    Drawn forth from your gut
    Fingers wrapped around your spine

    They feed, oh so deeply
    Tooth and fang deep inside
    The pain amplifies, rippling
    Keeping you immobile and trapped

    Anguish sours softly bedded dreams
    Their voices,
    Electric, hallowed
    Like nails down a chalkboard
    Paralysing your actions

    Coiled muscles, anxious to explode
    You want to lash out
    Scream, drown out the past
    Scatter those broken ghosts

    But they overwhelm
    And you cringe, 
    In the darkness
    Until you see the light...


  • anant5998 193w


    Revisiting the oceans;
    pulled away from death, 
    by the thin lines of air 
    hanging over my head.

    You pull me under, again. 
    Yet, I survive-
    why must you 
    keep grasping at my sore ankles, 
    gnawing at my pale flesh? 

    I am reaching to the cosmos for rescue,
    but the water is warm. 
    Do I drown in the sea or dance 
    among the stars?


  • anant5998 193w

    To all those girls whose pictures have swept me off my feet. ��

    Also, the response to my previous post 'Dear Mom' was overwhelming, to say the least.
    110 reposts!!! Thanks a lot everyone!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #love #beauty #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod

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    Making me freeze
    A beauty, simple; uncontrolled
    Looking infinite 

    Stars above, stop their spin 
    Faded, dimmed, paled to you
    For all that, my Love

    Never shadows, nor lies
    A lightning's wicked strike
    Leaves me in awe, encased. 

    Time stands still, rapture until
    My heart returns: beating so slow
    Nothing else matters,
    Pure bliss.


  • anant5998 194w

    Dear Mom.

    From a doting son to his paralysed mother. ��


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #son #mother #love #paralysis #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #pod

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    Dear Mom

    You are heard. 
    Your cries are echoing through infinite skies. 
    One can't fathom the present tortures you endure,
    Drowning in a sea of temptation.
    And just as you begin to gather the motivation
    To emerge from your humiliation, 
    Your lungs are engulfed with defeat. 
    You see the surface but you can't reach it. 
    You're handcuffed to the ocean floor, 
    Chasing what could be, but won't be. 

    How pitiful it must be to be frozen; 
    Watching the world,
    Which seems to be moving in slow motion,
    How haunting it must be
    To see the ones you love,
    But can't touch or hold them
    Like you should, like you would. 
    You wish that you could. 
    One can't imagine the pain you suffer. 
    Freedom is inopportune. 

    The sunlight taunts you. 
    Your aching heart wants to reach out
    And embrace the beams that rain down
    from the heavens;
    Melt in its homely warmth, 
    But your body still grasps the darkness. 
    It still falls short of its duties, responsibilities. 

    How tragic it must be to know that, 
    As you lie in that single bed, 
    Society keeps changing, growing, 
    Shrinking without you; 
    You never know who's thinking about you.
    You never know who's cursing you
    beneath their lips.

    But it's okay mother, you are heard. 
    Never neglected,
    Never brushed off. 
    Beloved, you are. 
    Forever respected,
    Forever adored.


  • anant5998 195w


    How do you measure pain?
    A gasp
    A step or two
    away from someone whose
    world used to
    revolve around you
    A tear
    A sigh
    A stretch of arms
    that used to wrap
    A soul so tender and warm.

    How do you measure pain?
    A stomp
    A slap
    A finger pointed like
    A gun or a dagger
    On your chest—
    Tired, frustrated

    How do you measure pain?
    The distance
    from A to Z
    A tick of clock
    A grain of sand
    blown by the wind
    A drop of blood
    from a blade-stricken wrist.

    How do you measure pain?
    A smile
    A laugh
    A response telling
    them you are fine
    But hell,
    You are not.


  • anant5998 196w


    Another light goes out; another bright star gone, making the world a bit dimmer.

    You were the one who drew me towards electronic dance music, and made me fall in love with it.
    Such a talented music producer and DJ, loved by millions and millions all around the globe. You gave hope and brought smiles to the faces of thousands who were weary and depressed. Gone far too soon, at just 28.
    Heartbroken. Why, just why?!!

    You'll be badly missed, Tim. You and your music will stay forever in our hearts and in this world, as long as humans are there.

    I urge all of his fans out here to share the word, as a tribute to the love and happiness he spread through his music.

    RIP Avicii. ����

    #Avicii #RIPAvicii
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod

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    A shooting star,
    fading across the moon-lit sky;
    it was gone too soon.

    Skipping stones,
    sinking in the blink of an eye;
    they were gone too soon.

    A sandcastle, 
    washed away by the rolling waves;
    it was gone too soon.

    Like coffins, 
    being lowered into graves;
    it was gone too soon.

    Only this time, 
    It was you that was in the coffin
    It was you that was the castle
    It was you that was the stones
    It was you that was the shooting star
    Being lowered into the graves of our hearts
    Being washed away by waves of tears
    Sinking in the blink of an eye
    Fading across the moon-lit sky.

    Only this time, 
    You were the one that was gone too soon,

    And we didn't even get to say "goodbye".


    One day you'll leave this world behind
    So live a life you will remember.