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  • ananomouswriter 1w


    Hold my hand and i will never let you go
    Let it be a rocky road or a mountain covered in snow.
    Even if the death is on the verge or if the life is out of surge.
    Our bond will be stronger and i will hold it forever.
    Hold my hand and we will walk on a beach
    Above the golden sand away from anyone's reach.
    Where the sand will be soft as a cotton ball and the breeze will flow spreading the golden glow.
    There will be a sweet melody from the singing of birds as they have just arrived to their cozy nest.
    As the sky is slowing wrapping up the blanket of the stary night.
    i just want to hold your hand and hug you tight.
    We will sit on shore and feel the waves touching our feets with a little splash.
    I will hold your hand and stare in your eyes and the search for the little surprise.
    The moment will be magical as the souls will be free, same as the two love birds from the oak tree.
    Away from the world as the two souls fly.
    There will be no one looking at the sky .

  • ananomouswriter 2w

    Kafi hai

    Aasu dene wale tho zamane mai hazaro hai
    Koi eak feeke si muskaan ki keemat hi bata de kafi hai
    Gum ke bogh tale tho dube sare hai
    Koi sarahe ko eak haath bhi badha de kafi hai
    Soye tho hum zamane se nahi
    Koi sukun mai agar aachal bhi failade to bas kafi hai.
    Koi keemat tho batye guzre jamane ki.
    Hum jaan bhi luta de tho kya yeh kafi hai

  • ananomouswriter 14w

    Almost ninety nine percent of relationships break because at least one of the two shows dishonesty-in whatever form or degree- towards it.
    What about the remaining one percent?
    They are single-sided.

  • ananomouswriter 14w

    Sometimes the weather outside is the reflection of an inner build up

  • ananomouswriter 15w

    Lup-dup,Lup-dup,Lup-dup goes the heart.every dup in my heart is because of the lup in yours .And every lup of your heart is because of the dup in mine.Such is the connection of love.

  • ananomouswriter 15w

    I think I should stop

    I am in love you with your from the first moment i saw was just magical.
    I was in my teens and you must be sixteen.
    Your dark black eyes and sharp red hair.
    that milky skin tone with face that i have never seen before
    Words are just to short to discribe what i really feel for you.
    The time spent with you are the best time of my life.
    I wish i could re live those moments again and again.
    When i use wait hours just to see you and have a peak.
    I tried to tell you many times that how much i love but words just won't come out of my mouth.
    I always feared that it might just end our friendship and it was the worst nightmare
    Of my life.
    But times has passed we were separated but i always tried my best to not to loose you
    At any cost
    Even if i have to bet my own self respect.
    I was and always will be there for you.
    But ,now i think i should stop.
    I have put my ego self respect and all the thing that i have just to talk to you
    I wait whole day just to get a single text from you and sleep with a sad face seeing no replies.
    And just wait and hope that the next morning will be good.
    I am not angry nor did i ever think bad of you .i am just tired and yet to hear side of you.
    I have just waited too long,i dont know how these 7 years have passed and now i think i should
    Stop and just wait for the day when you will realise how much i loved you or for better good this chapter will be closed forever

  • ananomouswriter 16w

    Woh kaisi ho

    Woh kisi khuli kitab ki tarah ho
    jisse har dafa bas padhta hi jau
    Usse isqe jindigi ki suruwat ho aur maut jiski bas aakhri panah ho.
    Woh mere us khusnaseeb khwab ki tarah ho jaise
    kisi andheri raat ki wo meri sunehri subah ho
    Woh meri shardiyo mai dhoop bhi aur woh hi meri garmiyo ki chaaw ho.
    Jiski muskurat mai eak nasha ho aur daat mai bhi chupa pyar ho.
    Jiske ruth ne mai bhi eak ada ho aur jisse manane ko sara jag bhi fida ho.
    lakho mai na eak na karodo mai koi ho
    Woh to bas meri woh to bas meri ho

  • ananomouswriter 18w

    Jaam pai jaam peene se kya fayda
    Subah tak utar hi jani hai.
    Humne to aapki aakho se pi hai
    Khuda kasam sari umar nashe mai guzar jayegi.

  • ananomouswriter 23w


    Aapke aaknho ke esaro se hum ghyal ho gaye
    Aapki har ada pe hum kayal ho gaye
    Sunehri subah khusnuma aur saam rangeen ho gayi
    Aap ke aane se yeh jindigi aur bhi haseen ho gayi
    Sub kuch hote huye bhi sayad kuch nami si thi
    Sayad humare akelepan mai aapki kumi si thi
    Aap ke aane se hum pure ho gaye
    Kuch adhure supne sayad pure ho gaye.

  • ananomouswriter 24w

    Mile kuch is tarah aap hume jaise koi adhura sa khwaab tha.
    Jise humne samjha tha apne sapno ka raza
    Wo to eak jahreela saap tha.