Darkness has always mesmerized me..

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  • anamika_anamika 167w

    All my compromises composed nothing but a bewitching design known as scar
    True that it's the most alluring art of a forlorn soul

  • anamika_anamika 168w

    At times we tend to hold the memories of our loved ones close to our heart knowing it only holds us a hostage in stuck somewhere between the past, present and future.. you try your level best to let go of things that wasn't meant for you but somehow it's locked in you.. the biggest pain you can give yourself is trapping yourself in the memories..

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  • anamika_anamika 169w


    Every now and then I peep at the light everyone talks about
    As I have always engulfed myself in darkness
    Will this tiniest light enlighten my voidness
    Will it mesmerise me as darkness was and is what I adored the most
    However let the door ajar as I couldn't resist myself from peeping..

  • anamika_anamika 171w

    In every sunset let me be the dark shadow
    Who hunts for a ray of light
    Let the tiniest ray of light enlighten the hollowness in me
    Till then let the shadow art be panoramic

  • anamika_anamika 171w

    How foolish I was to believe you're the missing puzzle in my life
    When even a piece of you was never mine
    For this I wish to hate you forever
    But helpless as my soul
    I drown deeper day by day
    Thirsting for a drop of your love
    Again and again and again
    Cursing myself how fragile I am to you..

  • anamika_anamika 171w

    Between like and and love
    Between forever and always
    Between rapport and sync
    Between curse and boon
    Between sunshine and darkness
    Between dusk and dawn
    There's always a difference
    In which I forgot to see
    I learn to accept your leaving unwillingly

  • anamika_anamika 172w

    I die a little more when the hazy visions blindfolds me
    Munching the remaining heart that somewhere somehow beats for your love


  • anamika_anamika 172w

    It's so strange how things evolved in a year between us love
    In a year you made someone somehow happy
    In a year too you somehow shattered my heart into infinity pieces with your sweet lies
    That till today it was never able to mend
    Ashes it has turn up to be now
    Just looking out for a way to capture you stolen heart again..
    I wonder how is it even possible for the same person to be a bliss and a curse at the same time..


  • anamika_anamika 172w

    For once let me breathe the same air as you love
    Let the magical spell in it mesmerise me too

  • anamika_anamika 173w

    I wonder why these tears still feels warm whenever it brims
    Though my heart is cold as an iceberg
    Have my heart forgotten that you were only a chapter in my life
    A wand that enthralled me for some moment
    Yet the impact you left in me was the enormous pain
    Years passed yet the pain still bleeds like fresh wound
    When will the mourning end..just when..