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  • an_empty_chest 3d

    #song #wod
    @writersnetwork Here is a compilation of my short individual poems that I woved during different times. Each poem starts with the first line of a hindi song continued by four lines and goes on in no particular order.
    @miraquill I hope you would like it. Eager to hear your fav songs and thoughts on it as well.

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    अब तोहे जाने ना दूंगी।
    I wish some songs to never release.
    I wish some poems to never publish.
    I wish some people to never exist.
    I wish some poets to remain in peace.

    ये आइना है या तू है जो रोज़ मुझको सवारे।
    I don't want some singers to die.
    I don't want some seasons to fly.
    I don't want some roads to end.
    I don't want some people to cry.

    हमेशा तुमको चाहा और चाहा और चाहा कुछ भी नही।
    I want to experience butterflies in my stomach.
    I want to experience sheer winter amidst summer.
    I want to experience the pain of someone's heart.
    I want to experience my childhood in a montage.

    बैठो कभी साथ मेरे भी दो बातें करो बातें करो।
    I want to know how my partner felt after we broke up.
    I want to know what they talk after they hook up.
    I want to know where one can find a perfect partner.
    I want to know the address of spring amidst winter.

    मेरा मन कहने लगा पास आके न तू दूर जा।
    I long to sit by the steps to see you.
    I long to know the world through you.
    I long to feel the gaze of your eyes.
    I long to experience those days and nights.

    मुझे छोड़ दो मेरे हाल पे, जिंदा हु यार काफ़ी है।
    I like reading sad prose.
    I like travelling endless roads.
    I like talking to the moon.
    I like harking on mellow tunes.


  • an_empty_chest 1w

    Words I used : enchanted, cursed.

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    Inside the enchanted forest of mind,
    Wonders a cursed soul day and night,
    Battling dangers both inside and outside,
    Calling life a never ending fight,
    A master which reigns the bodily estate,
    A soul that knows no limit at all,
    Thinking of all that's good, bad, ugly or gore,
    Is there a way to keep it under control,
    And that I leave upon everyone's conscience to know.


  • an_empty_chest 2w

    Remember Remember

    What's common among seasons situations and people?
    No matter how good or worst they get
    After a point of time
    Everything changes.

  • an_empty_chest 3w


    //A sad poem//

    I wrote a prose
    Which nobody read
    In it I poured my heart out
    To ease the brain
    But I guess everything
    Remains the same
    My efforts to make it read
    Just goes in vain.
    Of agony and of pain
    Of mischief and refrain
    I had to put adjectives
    To make it even sadder
    On gory truths I wrote
    Which couldn't be adhered.
    A book of lies
    Should be its title
    Not any of what I told
    But the ones I had to hear.
    Love has a filthy reputation
    As it's easir to get
    And lasts till sex
    Feelings are caused by chemicals
    At least that's what scince said
    Otherwise a broken heart
    Was the synonym for loss.
    Dose it gets sad
    As I write more
    Does it ease the pain
    Ugh! Nobody saw
    Too much sugar
    Is indeed saccharine
    A lot of happiness
    Is ofcourse obscene
    In this cruel planet its hard
    To know one's call
    Where this inanimate pen knows
    The need to my whatever soul.

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    Too much sugar
    Is indeed saccharine
    A lot of happiness
    Is ofcourse obscene...


  • an_empty_chest 8w

    The problem with them was that he knew her too much when she didn't knew him at all.

  • an_empty_chest 12w

    Tears aren't a sign of vulnerability they are a form of expression.


  • an_empty_chest 12w

    The language is Nepali.

    Happy Birthday Mom❤️����

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    शुभकामना ❤️

    जननी जनमदाइनी आमा म तिम्रै अंश हुँ।
    तिम्रै शरीर भित्रबाट उब्जिएको एउटा बीज हुँ।
    जन्मिनुभन्दा अगिको जीवन तिमी भित्रनै बाँचेको हुँ।
    मेरो मुटुको पहिलो धड्कन तिम्रो शरीर भित्र धड्किएको हो।
    मेरो शरीरमा बग्ने रगतको प्रतेक थोपा तिम्रै देन हो।
    मेरा जीवनको सबैभन्दा सुखको पल तिम्रो हाथमा थियो।
    संसारमा सबैभन्दा मिठो निद्रा तिम्रो काखमा थियो।
    स्यानोमा बामे सर्न र जीवनमा अघि बढ्न तिमीले सिकायौ।
    बिरामी भएको बेलामा आफ्नो ममताको ओखती पिलायौ।
    मेरो जीवन बचाउने अमृत तिम्रो दुधको धारा थियो।
    तिम्रो प्रगाढ मायाको आभास त्यो स्यानो मुस्कानमा थियो।
    सम्झन्छु तिमीलाई आमा, आज तिम्रो जन्म दिवसको अवसरमा।
    फेरि एक पल्ट तिम्रो ममताको सागरमा बग्ने प्रयास गर्दछु।
    हे आमा तिम्रो ओठको मुस्कान सधैं रहोस् भन्ने कामना गर्दछु।
    तिमीमाथि आउने सबै संकटका बादल हट्ने आशा गर्दछु।

    धेरै माया
    तिम्रो कान्छो छाेरा,
    भानुदय उपाध्याय।

  • an_empty_chest 13w

    #refrain #wod #pod

    ����//It's sad that I'm slowly forgetting these memories but more worst that I can't erase 'em completely from my brain//����

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    I don't feel you anymore
    But sometimes...

    While crossing the lanes we once walked together
    I remember.

    On those fallen flowers that you picked and sprinkled over us
    I remember.

    Between those sleepless nights and doomed days when I close my eyes
    I remember.

    I do feel you some more.

    Around my chest when your hands were enveloped in bear hugs
    I remember.

    When that strand of your long black hair was left on my white tinted T shirt
    I remember.

    When my leg stumbles on stones by the roads and I don't find your helping hand
    I remember.


  • an_empty_chest 14w

    बचपन में जिस अंधेरे से डर लगता था
    आज उसी अंधेरे में सुकून मिलता है

  • an_empty_chest 15w


    ��// A ray of hope //��

    A beam of light peeping
    Through a hole in the ceiling
    To lighten a small portion
    Of my dark room
    Travelling horizons
    To gently touch my bare palm
    For a fraction of time
    That slowly passes by
    And then it fades away
    To reach other destinations
    And enlighten gloom
    Of some other circle
    Falling on someone else's palm.
    I had the portion of my sky
    Within a beam of the mighty sun
    For a traveller travelling west
    East is in the opposite direction
    Had I, to stand, above the horizon
    For me, the sun, would never set
    A beam, whose presence
    I could not trace
    The deep scar, of one's heart
    Leaves no physical mark
    Who knows, how old,
    This sky could've been
    The clouds, the rain, the sun
    And that light touching my palm
    Is it from forever to forever?
    Or are we being played on loop
    To the tunes of time
    To be that light
    Travelling horizons on a fraction
    Touching a portion of the skin
    And setting down onto dusk
    Until the circle turns.


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    For a traveller travelling west
    East is in the opposite direction

    Had I, to stand, above the horizon
    For me, the sun, would never set.