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  • amsterdam 15h

    We could have been mistaken
    A married couple
    Cruising the world
    In style
    If only no one pulled the trigger
    And shot Cupid in the eye

    We could have been
    Honeymooners in Maldives
    Barenaked in the sand
    Yet, here we are
    Writing poems about bullets and graveyards
    As if the pristine sky
    Has gone mad

    I know a dream
    Could end so soon
    Before you figure out what's going on,
    And the clock would stop ticking
    Dragging the labored whiffs of dawn

    In places where the sun has failed to visit
    I'm a broken memory of a leaf
    Stitching flimsy patterns,
    The fragments of my swollen mistakes,
    No one told me
    What once made your toes curl
    In time could turn to dust,
    For all along
    I thought that love would last forever,
    But, oh well, I was wrong.

    the #end is pffft. Good night @murryben ��

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  • amsterdam 1d

    The rain is falling
    On silent meadows
    A cascade of silver tears
    Spilling from the fringes
    Of the blue horizon

    But the sky only visits me in my dreams
    Telling me

    Your smile is a lie,
    A portal of bleeding gums,
    Hiding crumbs of sadness
    Between bites of soft memories
    And sips of cozy mornings

    Two lovers found a sweet escape
    In the eyelashes of a Forget Me Not
    But alas! it was all a dream,
    A fading song's haunting refrain

    Through the looking glass

    Her eyes look like unheard stories
    Telling and retelling Once-Upon-a-Times
    Counting gasps
    In the mood of Oh-My-Gods

    When flowers bloom at
    The first kiss of spring
    She sits on the shoulders of farewells
    Awaiting the sky to
    Unfurl the petals of a new dawn
    Subduing the blues of a withering sunset
    Alongside the steady rhythm
    Of April refrain.

    #start of all
    @writersnetwork tysm!��

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    A Spring Kiss

  • amsterdam 3d

    modified ##pastoralpoem ��

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    Origami Memories

    Far away,
    The afternoons are
    Infused with lemongrass
    And buttercup glow,
    Freshly baked apple pies
    Wafts in the air
    Filling nooks and crannies,
    And the bathtub overflows
    With rosewater and naked dreams

    Somewhere, in the languid corners
    Of my mind,
    I'm a bubbly little girl
    Bathed in talcum powder
    And drops of lemon sun,
    Following the heartbeat of a sundial
    As butterflies braid my hair
    With twigs of rosemary and thyme

    Behind the hills,
    Sailing on pastel gradient sky
    Are rainbow kites
    Free as sparrows,
    I inhale nostalgia
    Distilled in ocean mist,
    The wind softly caress my cheeks
    While dancing with demure honeysuckles
    And late summer peonies

    Some nights,
    When the hills are veiled in sleep
    Lulled by the moonlight's yawn
    I sit with the stars
    And write tumbleweed poems,
    Wintergreen days leave footprints
    On the shores
    Of my ocean heart
    And seasons roll
    Behind the shadows of trees
    Into the shape of origami memories
    Folded a thousand times.


  • amsterdam 4d

    #life is short.don't make it shorter.��
    @writersnetwork mwah!

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    In the end, this existence is a blur
    A broken thud
    In the static clouds
    A stained memory
    Wrapped in a thousand cocoons
    Peeking from a pierced belly button

    How strange to think
    That the wind won't recall your name
    In the vibration of the waves
    That wipes traces of your destiny
    In every grain of sand
    That swallows the reds of your sunsets

    In a flickering blink of a fading thought,
    You are a passerby
    Faceless as a three o clock shadow
    A common noun with an existential crisis
    As a spark of grace
    In a lonely fireplace
    Life goes on
    Despite a broken rib
    In the end
    You are a nameless pebble
    At the bottom of the unforgiving sea.


  • amsterdam 5d

    The mirrors in my house
    speak in french
    teacups and wine goblets gossip
    about a budding romance
    carried by the laughing wind.

    Vases filled with love potions
    swoon at the sight of the silver moon
    dressed in vintage silk,
    mysterious like a lady in red
    peeking behind the clouds,
    smiling like Monalisa,
    her dewy eyes conceal
    the bottled secrets of the seductive night.

    Tulips blush and sigh
    under the satin blanket
    of the sanguine skies
    when the mighty sun arrives
    in a chariot of dawns
    and his majesty sets the horizon
    in orange flames
    initiating the bewitching betrothal
    of the virgin stars
    and royal constellations.

    #patheticfallacy #wod

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  • amsterdam 1w

    #combination of cobwebs and whatnots

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    Fractured Rhymes

    If my poem doesn't rhyme
    Maybe it's carrying the weight
    Of life's burdens
    Its feet swollen
    From endless walking
    Looking for exit routes
    For the jumbled words trapped
    In the four corners
    Of an empty paper

    Maybe it's a lamppost
    Tired of shining on fishbowls
    Everything here is empty
    A wicked sigh here
    A mistaken identity there
    Of a forgotten prima donna
    Begging alms and validation

    Holding a pen
    By its neck won't make it bleed
    With identical verses
    Don't judge a poem by its fractured rhymes
    Watch how it folds itself
    Around the stem of a fleeting thought
    Look into its eyes
    And ask why a storm is deadly
    When it's quiet.


  • amsterdam 1w

    Random temp. Good night.

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    I'll never be a Juliet
    So save the last dance
    For the belle of the night

    I watch the flames
    Tango to the tune of your breath
    Making a slow love
    With the orange glow
    In your eyes

    It takes more than two
    To play this ancient game
    Of win or lose

    But why did you summon the thunder in broad daylight?

  • amsterdam 1w

    @writersnetwork you're one in a melon!��

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    Salted Scars

    What flavor is pain?
    In the mouth
    Of a broken-hearted sky

    A sour red velvet story
    In salt and thorns

    A kiss mark
    Once held a cup of succulent suns
    Luscious as daylights
    With juicy tangerine vows

    But what will quench the thirst
    If we only exist
    In the fleshy tales
    Of an overripe forbidden fruit?

    And the leftover ache
    On the floor of a purple tongue
    Now craves
    For a slice of peach heaven
    And a few sips
    Of molten honey sun
    Only a few heartbeats away
    From its expiration


  • amsterdam 1w


    You look like a dream
    Walking barefoot
    Under the midnight sun
    And the earth trembles
    Like a mad heart trapped
    Inside a paper ribcage,
    Skies blush and swoon
    And stars fall on your feet
    Following you around like fireflies
    Infatuated with the sound
    Of a beating silence

    You look like an angel in disguise
    But I beg your pardon,
    Aren't you a genie in a bottle
    Whispering webbed moonlights?

    Your name,
    The religion of my heart
    The indigo truth I write
    In the palms of forever
    And it feels like a sin
    To wrap my fingers
    Around the veils of your smile

    My heart sings
    The silver symphony
    Of the nightingale
    Growing a garden in my chest
    Where the bees are praying
    From moonrise to sunrise

    You walk like a dream
    In the aisles of broken solar eclipses
    Fireflies follow you around
    Worshipping the dewy holy ground,
    And flowers sigh out loud
    Wishing the night never ends
    As the sun steals the moon
    A good night kiss
    When dawn walks in
    Dreamy under your spell.

    #love #wod
    Got cheese? Hehe.

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    Your name,
    the religion of my heart
    the indigo truth I write
    in the palms of forever
    and it feels like a sin
    to wrap my fingers around
    the veils of your smile.


  • amsterdam 2w

    I LOVE

    How the mirror changes
    Its mood
    At every stolen glance
    And extends its fingers
    To an imaginary ceiling
    It's a hologram sky
    Where the rain washes away
    The footprints of grief
    And rewrites tears and suicidal thoughts
    Into lyrics of a mermaid song

    How a heartbeat mimics
    The delicate footsteps
    Of a virgin kiss
    As if being shy is as natural
    As sunkissed blush
    Tucked in blooming sunsets

    How the hymn of the wind
    Teaches the leaves
    The secrets
    Of not breaking
    When dancing and swaying
    To Bohemian rhapsody

    And when the shores
    Persuade the waves to kiss and make up
    At the faint crack of a sleepy dawn

    I love
    How the sky
    Splits open
    Into thumbnails of wishful thinking
    When a storm leaves.

    #start #wod

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    I love
    How the sky
    Splits open
    Into thumbnails of wishful thinking
    When a storm leaves.