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  • amishatiwari01 11w

    Mystery of World.


  • amishatiwari01 12w

    Daffodils & dasy of spring,
    Forever like energy ,
    You came into my life ,
    Made good Synergy.

    Everything will be possible
    When you are around,
    I have never felt scared,
    When anything bad surround.

    You are Snapdragon
    Of my pot culture,
    You are born fire of my
    Mountain adventure,
    You are my teacher ,
    My life is empty
    Without your chapters.

    Thank you for being in my life.
    Thank you for making me smile

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  • amishatiwari01 14w

    Rewind all your past mistakes,
    You get hundreds of solutions
    Of your present faults.

    The things you chose,
    The cloths you decided,
    The people you talked,
    The cream you applied.

    Prohibiting re-createing your
    Journey of past to present
    To present to future

    It result in to stand on the same point
    From where you were started .


  • amishatiwari01 15w

    She is a mother

    She is a lady who can do whatever she wanted,
    But can't do whatever she wanted,
    she can identify,
    But Can't clearify .

    She is the leader ,
    She is the master,
    She is the thunder ,
    Everybody smile on her laughter.

    She cooks for you,
    She looks after you,
    She Always yearn to see you.

    Never breaks her heart,
    She is the most sensitive women by heart. ❤️

  • amishatiwari01 17w

    One single body,having two head
    No matter where you are it's always connected.

    Slim shape wire can carry a lot of emotions,
    No one else knows your music connection,
    Except these crazy wires , with a Lots of upgradations.

    From wire to wireless
    From thin to broad .

    It can take you to a ride of outer world
    Without moving a single step,
    I know you are too smart to guess,
    Yes!, Its none other than your own earplugs.


  • amishatiwari01 17w

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  • amishatiwari01 17w

    Diligent bird Vs Monster Humans.

    Rain was very high,
    She was unable to soar
    a Little bird can't fly.

    She was clutched,
    She was afraid,
    She was trying to plod,
    She was unable to glide.

    A monster human watching her,
    No one came outside to help her,
    Everybody taping her,
    Filming her ,making her viral
    By named "A Diligent Bird"

  • amishatiwari01 18w

    DAY IS A

  • amishatiwari01 18w

    तुम कितने भी सही
    और गलत के फैसले लेलो,
    मगर अंतिम फैसला वक्त का ही होता हैं।


  • amishatiwari01 18w

    उसके आदर्श हैं,उसके संस्कार है,
    सिर पर उसका हाथ एक सबसे बड़ा आशीर्वाद हैं ,
    तुम्हारी हर ख्वाहिश पूरी करदे , जो सब जानता है ,
    वो भगवान के रूप में पिता कहलाता हैं।