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  • amimmy 10h

    And I know I don't deserve such attitude

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    Not deserving

    I don't know what I have done that I am receiving so much of anger

  • amimmy 3d

    बस एक बार

    अगर तू सिर्फ एक बार मेरी आंखों में आंखे डाल मुझे देख लेगा तो,
    तेरा मेरी जान का कातिल होना भी मुझे मंजूर है।।

  • amimmy 4d

    I don't know

    I don't know whether it's a good idea or not but spending your whole life in the memory of the person with whom you share your soul is far better than spending life with a person with whom you can only share your body.

  • amimmy 1w

    I hope

    I just hope to start our story all over again and again.

  • amimmy 1w


    सब कहें रहे कि मोहब्बत हिसाब कि ही करो,
    अब उन्हें कोन समझाए की वो मोहब्बत ही क्या हुई जिसका हिसाब रखा जाए।।

  • amimmy 3w

    I am meaningless

    I talk about love, but my talk is meaningless as I have got more hate than love.

  • amimmy 3w

    I want to write your name,like a never ending story,
    I want to scream your name , like a never heard story,
    All I want is you, because there is no else I love like you,
    I want our name to be together, because nothing else will define us.
    But sometimes I think writing or reciting name is worthless, as our love is priceless even though it's nameless.

  • amimmy 4w

    Mohabbat he hai na

    Tumhari Mohabbat thukra kr usne koi gunah to nhi kia,
    Usse puch ke to tumne mohabbat to ki ni thi,
    Abb jb wo tumse duur chli gyi hai,
    Kyo uski aabroo ko usse dur kr re ho tum,
    Mohabbat he thi na wo, ya apni hawas ko mohabbat ka mukhota phna dia hai tumne.

  • amimmy 7w

    Happy Teacher's Day

    To the ones who were once strangers to me,
    To the ones who created the real me,
    To the ones who always tried to nurture me,
    To the ones who made me find myself,
    To the ones who taught me to solve my life's most difficult puzzles,
    To the ones who helped me design my future,
    I bow my head and stand in front of you with folded hands, just to say you
    "My dearest teacher, I wish you HAPPY TEACHERS DAY."
    Bless me like you always do.

  • amimmy 7w

    Our recognition

    You recognize my silence even in my words, I recognize your feeling even on the beat of my heart.