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  • amethyst_20 12w

    People who like you criticize you
    People who love you appreciate you
    Know the difference

  • amethyst_20 20w

    Inequality may get worse if inequity is preached

  • amethyst_20 20w

    Finalized today's obligations makes a better tomorrow

  • amethyst_20 23w

    Letter from detested soul

    I may be
    Your only trouble
    Your only pain
    Your only cacophony in this tranquil universe
    Your only parasite

    The way you roll your eyes in exasperation in every scuffle
    Every emotion of mine is left unspoken
    Often it's you who raise your voice for every silly reason ,my feelings go unnoticed
    It's you who never made me feel special ,acting like nothing happened the next day

    When I look into the mirror,
    There is a big question mark of my existence in your life
    I can't find the girl ,some five years back,who lived for herself
    Her soulful smile , her cheerful laugh,her eyes which once glittered with dreams and aims
    Now it blurs with unspoken emotions, forbidden love ,rolls out as salty distress

    Only blunder that she committed is when,
    She kept all her happiness in you, focused on your well-being ,

    You paid her back with sharp words ,that tore her heart ,her dignity, her love for you to pieces
    She tried so hard to fix it back ,now in vain

    There she goes, not willing
    She know it's hard to forget you because she loved you but herself more
    But its her indignation which makes her leave today
    Leaving you in peace tomorrow, taking her in pieces today

  • amethyst_20 26w

    Too Much

    Is it too much to ask for,
    a romantic rainy night , in the cozy corner of the mattress under your arms
    Under the blanket,
    Our fingers intertwined, hearts entangled
    Feeling as light as a feather,
    Your forehead kisses ,in turn my neck kisses
    Just a small escape from this tiring schedule
    A peacefull sound sleep,hoping the night to extend a little longer

  • amethyst_20 48w

    Thirst of a lonely soul

    The loneliest moment in someone's life is
    When they struggle to get back on track
    When they are desperately searching for one soul to say,"I'm here for you"
    When they feel so useless,become a pessimism preacher
    All they were yearning for is some love,some moral support,some care
    When they have sleepless nights with nightmares haunting their dreams
    When those smiling faces which showed up in happy moments go vanish with no relation
    When they are stranded by their loved ones
    When they long for some peace of mind
    When they need nothing but a single being to remaind them that they are strong and to make them feel better about themselves
    When everyone misunderstands them,thinking that they need someone to share their agony but all they need was a shoulder to rest their head,a lap to sleep on, warmth of hug, a soul to bring them back to give courage to face the reality,to value their hardwork,to feel proud of them

  • amethyst_20 48w

    Essence of life is a mixture of ephemeral beauty,energy with eternal sea,wind and sky

  • amethyst_20 48w

    When madness mingles the stars twinkle⭐

  • amethyst_20 55w

    Love never fades

    There was a tinge of sadness in her voice when she said,"see you soon".
    She a strong wise lady who choose her career over love of her life
    A selfish one,who is gonna leave her man desperately for years
    Her vision blurred as tears rolled out of her eyes filled with dreams
    She hugged him tightly as her tears fell on his heart
    He said, "I'll be waiting for you,call me as you reach there,I'll call you everyday,take care"
    His voice stammered,he whispered,'l love you"
    Her grip tightens and now she never wanted to leave him
    He unwinds her of him, held her face all of his hands,wiping her tears
    He said,"I know this distance would not last long"
    "I know how much effort you had invested to get this golden opportunity "
    "Don't worry about me I'll be alright"
    "You will be alright as well in few days as the work starts"
    She couldn't help her tears,yet he convinced her saying she's never gonna regret leaving
    He managed not to cry in front of her
    As she goes leaving her heart with him,taking his heart with her
    All he did is stare at the flight as it takes off
    Years passed , and her work was completed
    She returned home one fine sunday evening to surprise him
    As he opened the door he was surprised and he stared at her as if it was their first meet
    As she closed the door he hugged her and kissed her forehead and said,"Never again,you will leave me alone please!!"
    She replied, "Never ,I promise" as she liplocked
    Everything went smooth from that day
    True love never fades ❤❤❤❤

  • amethyst_20 58w


    "Doubt is a magical lock for the door of hope enclosing the room of success,lock enlarges to hide the door of hope as uncertainty prevails,it shrinks if hope destroys uncertainity, just cast "alohomorah" with your wand of serendipity to unlock the door of success"