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  • amcysan 16w

    Just Me !

    Millions of questions in my head
    Searching for answers in every move i make
    Wondering if talents and success are reserved for the ace
    Holding back tears and fears in my livid heart
    Startled by aesthetic fake scenarios with star dust
    Thinking if making 'em true is just as easy as a rub on a magic lamp
    Exploring what's stopping me
    Ending up in mysteries
    Blurring my life with people's notion
    Trying to put out words and doubts like anchors that pull me deep down
    Realising that every winter doesn't have a warm hug
    Watching people crumble the door of my insecurities
    Building walls with hopeless "everything's gonna be fine"
    Feeling like a snow flake floating on blaze trying to make a snow man
    Hoping to be a star in the darkest skies
    Knowing its gonna be me
    Just Me !

  • amcysan 21w

    My tears run dry
    Sigh is high
    And now
    Deep breaths try


  • amcysan 22w

    I'm fine

    When millions of words in my head wanted to create a story

    I ended it with

    I'M FINE

    When millions of thoughts in my head wanted to create a fantasy

    It ended with



  • amcysan 22w


    From : "Love others as much as you love yourself"

    To : "Love yourself as much as you love others"



  • amcysan 39w

    Life changes

    I am in my bed
    Lookin' back at the days
    Where Happy and Carefree had jobs
    Where fantasies and daydreams had magic
    Where innocence lived in little creatures
    With back packs and cute smiles
    When tests were just papers
    With stars and ice-creams marks
    When responsibilities and
    career meant nothing
    Slowly everything fades and is changed
    Where innocence is swapped with hatred
    Where Stress and depression ruled
    Where tests,responsibilities and career
    are everything that matters
    And then there's just me
    Trying to fit in the reality
    With wet pillows and books by side
    With doubts that hunts me every night
    With nightmares and truth' that hits
    Thinking how hard life can be at times

  • amcysan 50w


    Cheers to all !
    Who are still living
    With all the emotions
    All the hatred
    All the failures
    All the dramas
    All the negativity
    All the disappointments
    And all the shits that goes on in this world.

  • amcysan 61w


    You came
    You were my friend
    You made me feel loved
    You made the worst day the best
    You made me laugh when i cried
    You made me perfect in everyway
    You made everything to me
    And you left the same way the others did
    I'm looking back at the memories you gave me
    And you were another one in the clouds that had already passed
    Yet you were the best
    And i love you


  • amcysan 67w

    I am

    I am a
    Magic with no miracle
    Cupid with no love
    Nap with no nightmare
    Muggle with no hatred
    Art with no scar
    Reality with no regret
    Story with no rumor
    Promise with no forever
    Music with no tears
    Bond with no misery
    Voyage with no end
    Life with no mess