true things are essentially ordinary!!

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  • amalendu 2h


    A dream wrapped in paper
    Gathering those alphabets,
    it wishes to say something

    Emotions are hidden in those words
    He wishes let those reach her the way he expressed

    Between them an assembly of agencies
    that starts from thoughts
    passes through the creation
    penetrating the alphabets
    goes around the alley
    before reaching her heart

    And then the trail of return begins
    through the words

    There is a perpetual wait
    before the emotions find affinity

    Dreams arrange every passed moment
    reducing the distance between the flesh and the feelings


  • amalendu 1d


    एक अजीब सा सूनापन समाया हुआ है
    भीतर भी, बाहर भी
    उसके होने और ना होने के अंतराल में
    बार-बार कुछ यादें पनपती हैं
    कुछ ख्वाहिशें दफ़्न होती है

    वो दूर देश में
    मेरे आंखों से देखती है
    कोई प्यारा सा सपना
    मेरे हाथों से छूती है अपनी देह
    सिहरती है
    खिलखिलाती है वो

    मैं भीतर समाना चाहता हूं
    कोई स्वर, जगाता है मुझे
    उसके दूर होने का एहसास दिलाते हुए


  • amalendu 1w


    एक अपेक्षा रहित चुप्पी
    हवा और उसकी गूंज,
    पहले कभी इतनी तीव्र न थी

    कुछ एक लोग फैले हुए,
    मास्क में छुपा हुआ है उनका परिचय और अस्तित्व
    उनके चेहरे,
    चेहरे पे छिपा गहरा घाव और वेदना
    जैसे मृत्यु से लुकाछिपी खेल रहे हैं वो

    इनसे दूर
    वो ताकती है घटनाएं
    अपनी दोपहर की खिड़की से
    और याद करती है पन्नो में छुपा दो शब्द
    बरसों पहले पढ़ी थी वो एक किताब में

    अंतराल में गूंजता है
    अकेलापन और साथ चलने के
    अरसों के उसके अंतर्द्वंद


  • amalendu 2w

    Within, without

    How are you?, He asked
    as unintentionally, as he could
    I am sad, she responded
    What do you do when you are sad?, He asked again
    This time he was sounding curious
    And, she was lost.
    She did not know how to describe her sadness
    She put her palm on her own heart
    eyes started to wander around

    She realised
    there is hardly any resemblance
    of anything
    that would resonate her sadness

    He was busy staring at his phone
    Sadness resides within, he murmured

    She was lost
    within, without
    sadness prolonged it's mysterious existence
    within, without


  • amalendu 3w


    अब तुम ले लो थोड़ी बारिश
    उधार मे दे दो थोड़ी कच्ची धूप

    क्यों ना ऐसा करें
    हम घुलजाएं एक दूसरे में
    समा जाएं कुछ धूप कुछ बारिश में
    सूखे पत्तों की कस्तियां
    बहा ले उस धारा में
    कंकड़ बटोर कर जमा ले पानी की पूंजी
    घर से दूर
    जहां से पहाड़ और आकाश के विस्तार दिखे
    निगाहें दूर तक फैले

    इतनी दूर
    के फिर
    दूरी, दूरी ना लगे


  • amalendu 3w


    Now you take a bit of rain
    lend me some raw-unripe sunlight

    Why not do this way
    Let's merge in eachother
    mingle in the rain and sunlight
    sail the dry leaves
    in that tiny stream

    Arrange the pebbles to accumulate water
    Far from home
    the spread of the hills and sky is visible
    where, eyes can wander

    That far- where distance doesn't matter anymore


  • amalendu 8w


    Like in the olden days
    I don't see the sparrows
    On the wall ventilators,
    In the guava tree in front of the house
    In the newly prepared garden plot

    The old bicycle was recently sold to the scrap dealer
    There is a new motorbike at home
    For the car garage, the guava tree had to be cut
    So as the adjacent berry tree

    With the trees, cut off, numerous old relations
    With the aging house, the people in the house aged too
    The small kids of olden days are far in the cities,
    some are in foreign land
    far from the sparrows

    Sparrows slowly vanished from the memory
    Some things and a few remembrance withered slowly

    With the aging houses the sparrows too became homeless


  • amalendu 13w


    Everything seems half-done

    Numerous tasks seemed unfinished

    When he felt like everything is done
    A bug enters the brain
    and entangle him asking
    "What is the purpose of your life?"
    Everything done, again seem unfinished

    He climbs the hill
    Walks on the beach looking at the tides and beyond
    gazes moon
    Counts the years gone by

    The distance between life and death
    none could measure precisely
    for own self

    That extended self always bothered
    and reminded of that half done you


  • amalendu 13w


    A new story would be written again
    A new path
    Some new dreams
    She would disappear
    gathering all these
    keeping these dreams
    beneath the pillow
    in that solitude filled night

    In the morning
    dreams would feel like dream

    and with a wish of solitude filled night
    there appears
    a spread of the day
    As if, night is like a shelter
    and day,
    a repeated search!!


  • amalendu 14w


    A lingering solitude
    and without

    In the interval
    of her appearance and reappearance
    some old memories resurface
    a few wishes get buried

    In far-land she sees a dream
    through my eyes
    she feels the touch through my hands
    She trembles, glees in elation

    I wish to immerse
    A sound wakes me up
    The preempted solitude prolongs in the afternoon veranda