true things are essentially ordinary!!

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  • amalendu 3d


    A lingering solitude
    and without

    In the interval
    of her appearance and reappearance
    some old memories resurface
    a few wishes get buried

    In far-land she sees a dream
    through my eyes
    she feels the touch through my hands
    She trembles, glees in elation

    I wish to immerse
    A sound wakes me up
    The preempted solitude prolongs in the afternoon veranda


  • amalendu 1w


    We scrape
    and the old wounds reappear

    In that interval of happiness
    torments of century or perhaps a millenium

    For every obtainment
    the remorse of all that could not be acquired

    Or is it a squabble within
    that entangles repeatedly
    and concords

    Between the ebb and the tide
    someone, as if engrossed in,
    measuring the depth of the ocean


  • amalendu 2w

    Bride of the sea-farer

    It is ages I felt the touch and smell of soil in that village
    Someone said a plague is surrounding it now
    for the remaining inhabitants.
    Others had left long ago

    After the alluring path,
    kewda bushes, and paddy fields,
    you will see Mahanadi!!
    Approach to the river is still far.
    First, the handpump
    Then the threshing yard
    Once you cross these, around the dew-laden grass, you will see
    the bride of the sea-farer

    It is years now
    In the dream I see dew-laden grass
    the village
    and the bride of the sea-farer
    in the village path


  • amalendu 3w

    Between Deaths

    An un-awaited prolonged silence
    Sound of wind was never so prominent
    Barely a few people,
    dispersed, masked.
    Difficult to read the faces and emotions engraved in those
    A deep fear
    as if,
    every life wishes to cheat a death

    Away from this,
    she watches events unfolding
    from her afternoon window

    She remembered those two words from the book, read long ago
    Her dilemma continued
    swinging between 'solitary' and 'solidary'


  • amalendu 4w



    एक और ढलान
    फिर कम होगी नदी की रफ़्तार
    वो फैलाएगी अपना पसार

    रफ़्तार से यादों की कड़ी छूट जाती है
    और कुछ रिश्ते भी

    दिल की आवाज़ फीकी हो जाती है रफ़्तार से

    उस ढलान के साथ नदी भी छोड़ आई
    अपना बचपन
    बचपन का अल्हड़पन

    ये विस्तार एक जिम्मेदारी है
    साथ लेके चलने की
    जो अपने है और जो अपने से है

    अब दूर तक चलना है
    दूसरों के होने और ना होने का
    एहसास लिए


  • amalendu 5w


    This time death didn't come from the back door
    It didn't come by night, in the darkness
    It was not sane this time around

    She kept the front door closed
    and the windows open

    Beyond the window there is an alley,
    a narrow one
    from where, he once left her in lurch

    It is now deserted
    At a distance, she hears the sound of an ambulance siren,
    more frequently in recent days

    The alley depicts nothing
    just light and shadows
    a few dogs lazying around
    darkness engulfs as the evening falls

    All other events of alley are in the memory
    She feels tired to remember the past

    Today is not different from yesterday

    She leaves the window
    tired, devoid of hopes
    Tomorrow won't be any different either.


  • amalendu 6w


    Another slope
    and then, the river would slowdown
    She would spread herself

    Thread of memories are broken when we rush
    and some relations too
    The voice of heart becomes frail in that rush

    With that slope
    the river too left behind,
    her childhood
    the mirth of childhood

    This spread now is a responsibility
    to take others along
    those who are dear
    and those seemingly near

    A long way to go
    who comes along


  • amalendu 7w

    कहीं दूर

    वो भी उड़ना चाहती है
    पंख पसारे
    असीम गगन में
    सुख और दुःख से बेखबर
    भूख से परे

    दोस्त बनाना चाहती है वो
    उन्हें जो उसे सवालों में उलझा ना दे

    भूलना चाहती है वो उन किस्सों को
    जो अंधेरे में लौटते है
    और नज़र हटाना चाहती है
    अपने इर्दगिर्द दिख रही हर चीज़ से

    घर से आगे बरगद
    फिर कुछ ही दूर पर नदी
    नदी के उसपार फैला विस्तार
    वो समाना चाहती है
    असीमता में
    इच्छा पूरी होनेकी प्रतीक्षा लिए


  • amalendu 8w

    At a distance

    She too wishes to fly
    spreading her wings
    in the endless sky
    oblivion of grief and bliss
    obscure from hunger

    She wishes to make friends
    with them
    who would not entangle her with questions

    She wishes to forget
    those remembrance
    returning in the darkness
    And wishes to ignore
    everything, visible around

    A little ahead from home
    there is a banyan tree
    Further to that, the river
    And a vastness beyond the river.
    She wishes to unite in that infinite
    and awaits


  • amalendu 9w


    What would be the colour of restlessness
    It would perhaps be bluer than sky

    Restlessness would perhaps sound like the autumn dry leaves being crushed

    The lonely house haunting every moment
    or the disgraceful blurred fog,
    restlessness perhaps takes shape here

    Embracing darkness of night
    restlessness would mingle in black

    Sleep is just a misnomer when restless
    A mirror of untruths
    A tussle entangled in fear
    A fight within