I'm just gonna let my mind do the talking.

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  • alxndr_ 68w

    On a clear windy day, a young girl from Surat climbed a mountain she was not supposed to. Every step on that mountain wasn't planned but rather a motion of rebellion: for it was that stage in her life already.

    "I'm not even alive."

    The thought repeated in her head along with pent up frustration and anger. Her brothers, she thought about how much she hated them ."Ever since papa died they've treated me so badly." Three years they've been on the island; for three years her spirit has laid dormant. Mauritius was a beautiful paradise but paradise was an insufferable reminder for all that was gone: the long stretch of sand along the beaches was a reminder that her friends were not there to run wild with; the lush greenery of the plateauing landscape had no one to explore with; the warm shallow water was after sometime un-inviting and the perfect weathered days in the camps were joyless without the time she used to spend with her father in the balcony, reading as many book as he would happily give her.

    "Why are you always mopping around? All you talked about when you were little was traveling." Her second brother's words came to her mind along with his face and how much she wanted to smack it. "Listen to me, never go up that mountain or you'll have to live there alone, do you understand?." Her oldest brothers words came up, his face too was even more tempting of a smack but also more scarier. She hated being afraid of him. The pace of her steps increased as her anger piled up; every step she took up that mountain was out of defiance and it felt exhilarating.

    Her brothers were never this serious and waspish before. It had always seemed to her that they had swallowed all of their glee on the day of their fathers funeral, a price for all of their tears. She will never know why they decided to leave their home thought: they told her the white men were not letting them do business anymore but she couldn't understand why that was a reason to sail away across the ocean to cut sugarcanes.

    Finally she was on top. It was a spectacular view: the water, which at one time lost its intrigue, captivated her; the waves from a distance seemed like those on rivers she saw back in her old home; the sky from above was so vast that it appeared to have expanded on all sides; the winds never sang as beautifully as this before; the land had colours so delightful that it made her forget she thought it was dull; she was glad to have disobeyed her brother. She thought about how it might be worthwhile to do it more often. After gathering herself and calming for her emotions, the realisation of having to go back into camp made her more and more despondent; having to be responsible all the time for everything from food and water, washing, cleaning to doing the chores of the employers wife and watching over their children. How her only happy moments are the times spent reading books she brought, and playing with the kids. The books she has read many times over but has never feel repetitive. She could have read them a thousand times over and still live through every moment with an unwonted experience .

    "You can't just do nothing, you have to be useful now." She had never imagined herself as a just hands to be used for convenience of others. That was all she now thought she was going to do; all she was expected to do and all who she was to be her whole life. "I'm not even alive. All the experiences of growing up with desires and being shaped by them. Those lives in all the books my papa and I shared, I'd thought that I'd atleast get one in my lifetime." She sat there on top of that mountain as tears began to impair her vision. As she wiped her face with arm, what she saw she couldn't comprehend. The moment before her arm touched her face, the sun was beaming down from about but after she had taken her wrist away from her eyes she found herself in the dead of night.


    I'll try and finish this in the next part. Don't want to put it off like all the other stuff I start.

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  • alxndr_ 68w

    I'm kinda cheating a little bit but I couldn't find out another way to make it work, hope you guys don't mind. It was such a blast to write this little story though; I really liked the challenge. #picturec #trioletc #writersbay #wordplay

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    The trip

    Joe was hurt when he had a trip;
    It was such a terrific fall,
    He broke his back and dislocated his hip,
    Joe was hurt when he had the trip.
    That autumn, he couldn't take his mind off his slip
    So he decided to take a drive across Montreal.
    Joe was hurt so he had a trip,
    It was such a terrific fall.

  • alxndr_ 68w

    ~Poem meter~

    Dactylic trimeter
    /. . /. ./. .



    #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Apart of something bigger than ourselves

    From the beginning, in all of us
    Exist the faith of a child with trust;
    Following blindly on steps laid out
    Wonder in spirit: beyond a doubt.

    Spirits that be, is of such great aid
    When weary hearts with the times they fade;
    For in this universe: fathomless;
    To comprehend with our emptiness
    For in a moment we were a part
    Of an infinity at it's heart.

  • alxndr_ 68w

    Excerpt from a short screen-play I wrote called day of thinking.

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    Time pass as he lie still, staring into nothing. He's becoming more still as the days go by and now he can't help but lose control of his thoughts; been doing that for as long as he can remember. His thoughts are black, he feels a slow beat dragging him; sucking the life that he's gradually forgetting at the moment. He battles his mind and all the while laying still in his bed. It finally stops, a void appears in his mind; a horror he is instantly repulsed by, it grows intense; a pain he feels inside his soul.

  • alxndr_ 68w


    Few things can bring you peace and happiness. But as humans, we chase for happiness in milestones reached and success achieved. Most often than not, peace and happiness doesn't come along with the milestones and at the end, you end up just chasing the dragon.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

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    Fence of happiness

    A fence you look at impassively
    But the other side stirs up a fantasy
    Of emotions coveted; a life desired,
    Chasing happiness from titles acquired.

    Once climbed and hurdles you've passed;
    Fences crossed and left behind, atlast.
    Mirage of happiness through barriers leap,
    Valley of dreams are better in your sleep.

  • alxndr_ 68w

    Being committed

    It shifting, can't be locked on
    Lost focus, my thoughts gone
    The talk, I need with myself, about
    Choosing a book on the best shelf
    Pick something good, stay with it
    Something legit that I can't quit
    I can put the time and live for it
    Nothing but just being committed
    Something I'm not just dragging
    Got up in the morning with passion
    Creating what I wanna do for a living
    Searching for a cliff that looks hard
    But I know I got the skills to take part
    Now make it really easy for me
    I'm on the journey that I wanna be
    Doesn't matter where or what I pick
    It's what I did, what I felt really click
    Don't wait around for life to choose
    Go after a life you don't wanna lose.

  • alxndr_ 69w

    I was watching this comics based show called doom patrol and in it is a character called negative man (his name is Larry Trainor) who was a pilot. He was in an accident that burnt his whole body; he was flying a spacecraft when he collided with an entity in the other atmosphere and crashed to earth. What's special about him is that he is bounded with this entity but unlike what you would think, it doesn't seem to be whole without him anymore and him without it; it becomes his spirit. Larry is a man troubled by his pass and we see all of his memories unfold in dreamlike projection in his mind. The spirit pushes these memories, memories that Larry suppressed due to the pain they bring, to confront truths about himself so that it would bring peace to the both of them.
    It was such an interesting thing to behold and I was reminded of Carl Jung's human psyche. The self is an archetype that combines our consciousness and unconsciousness, it needs to be in harmony, and if not then the problem has to be addressed by the person to resolve the distress felt.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakee #carljung #fulfillment #happiness #peace

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    Questions for us

    Can we, beings, every master ourselves
    Is appeasement of the spirit perpetual
    Will knowing the self be that important

  • alxndr_ 69w

    ~Inspired by a song and someone special~

    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork @lorette

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    So can I call you?

  • alxndr_ 69w

    Let's just say an omnipotent, omniscient force or being made every single one of us spawn in random places on the earth. Imagine how that would pan out.


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    Popping up in places unannounced
    In a world without a single host available
    Randomness can bring us together
    When everyone on earth is stranded
    Camaraderies formed by loneliness

  • alxndr_ 69w

    ~soap box~

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

    Even if they haven't worked out all the quirks yet, like maybe there's a 2% chance you might get disintegrated.

    Well, I'd still take that bet over the chance of sitting next to someone with a baby.

    #DoctorWho #wordplay #writersnetwork #mirakee
    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

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    I'm TARDIS travelling


    Sitting at home
    Scrolling through my phone
    Looking at all these
    beautiful destinations
    Hating the fact
    that it's a long travel
    Realising you can't even go
    at these times
    Thinking it's about time
    someone invented a
    teleportation machine!!