she lies in wait so the pain can fade

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  • always_true 13w


    The rain is falling and the dust that has made its home in my heart washes off
    I wonder if the heavens knew that I needed to cleanse my heart
    Maybe some flowers will grow
    Maybe some tulips
    My all time favorite
    I guess if I water my heart more often
    Flowers will start to grow

  • always_true 13w


    So I guess the stories I hear about the monster are true
    Depression killer of many
    Even though it won't show in the autopsy reports
    You took her life, the one I loved among everyone else
    Depression you took her
    Leaving my heart empty with no love to store
    You have stolen all that was love to me
    All that was happiness to me
    And now I am helpless
    I thought that love would last forever, I was wrong

  • always_true 13w

    Combination challenge

    As for me I wouldn't give up just as yet
    Yes, I might be feeling empty time and again
    Poetry is my last hope
    I want a life to live
    To be proud of myself for holding on till this far
    This though alone keeps me sane.

  • always_true 13w

    Pathetic fallacy

    Through the pains and struggles
    I hope to never lose sight of the little things that excite me
    But one day I hope to be as joyful as the tulip flowers on the fields of Netherlands
    And I never want that joy to fade
    Once it's there I will fight to keep it

  • always_true 13w


    Why can't I be happy?
    To create your own happiness
    You need dreams, dreams to turn into reality
    But turning dreams into reality
    That's a tough journey
    I'm glad I learned how to be tough
    And that alone doesn't mean the journey will have mercy on me.

  • always_true 13w

    Keep your head high

    Now that everyone has had their chance at attempting to care for your heart and still broke it,
    It's time to give yourself a chance.
    Tend to yourself not because you have a broken heart
    But because it's time to grow and work on you
    It's time to turn dreams into reality.

  • always_true 20w

    Don't compare

    The story of Rome and juliet does not compare to the burning flame of our complicated and fierce love
    One that is so stubborn
    The memory of it is installed into my heart like the skeleton that is in me to give my body support
    For that I can never reject it

  • always_true 20w


    The illusion of feeling safe does not leave my mind
    It has built its home amongst the thoughts that torment me day and night.
    Amongst the prayers I have to be held in your arms again
    The conflict between my thoughts have my heart racing at 2am it's a constant game of which I can fall asleep to

  • always_true 20w


    I swallow the stones of painful words you throw at me
    Nevertheless I will never come close to show my defeat
    As vulnerable as I already am, as teary as my eyes are I refuse to let the tears fall
    I am strong and can be broken yes
    But not by you

  • always_true 20w


    The tears that fall from my eyes burn my cheeks like ice
    To the ground they are planted,
    Now the earth knows the depth of my pain
    I try to contain it but it escapes everytime

    As I try to swallow the constant taste of my pain that is still so unfamiliar to my throat, I feel the suffocation and with no pitty I have no savior, I am the victim of the pain that I did not deserve but the pain I am carrying for someone else.