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  • alveeranaaz 2w

    It takes time for a Catterpillar to turn into butterfly
    It may seem hideous for you
    All you need to work and keep growing
    In no time you will
    flying high beautifully
    like a butterfly

  • alveeranaaz 2w

    But is it okay
    If he cries
    Bcoz tears are for girls
    And not for the guys

    What if world called him coward
    Even if it is just normal
    To shed tears
    Why tears are a sign of lost of mettle

    Why when a boy is born
    He is told to be tough
    And world make him believe
    tears are only for girls

    Why when a boy is hurt
    World told him to be strong
    Why can't we teach boys
    Sometimes it is okay
    To be vulnerable and fragile

    Why tears are not considered a mere emotion
    But a sign of timidness
    Why it is not told to us
    It is really okk to cry out your pain

  • alveeranaaz 2w

    Moon tells us the story how even darkness we can become someone light❤️

  • alveeranaaz 5w

    You will be the rainbow that emerge gracefully after the rain storm

  • alveeranaaz 5w

    The day her ship sank
    and she reach at chasm of ocean
    she feel lost in the abyss of despair
    and all she can see is the murk and her end
    Now all she can do is
    to muster her courage
    and get back to where she belongs
    With all the grapple and potency
    she counterattack the gusty waves
    which almost drown her
    She eventually reach the shore
    and all she can feel now is
    a panoramic view with crisp breeze
    She knows it was arduous
    and the contentment and merriment
    after fight back all the hindrance is worth it

  • alveeranaaz 5w

    She is the flower who bloom beautifully crossing the thorns in her way

  • alveeranaaz 5w

    I wrote a fairytale
    contrasting to wonderland
    where cindrella does not wait
    for her prince to change her fate

    A fairytale
    which is beyond imagination
    where princess made her castle
    with all of her determination

    A fairytale
    where princess destiny
    does not change overnight
    but it takes years of hardwork
    and hundreds of her sleepless nights

    A fairytale
    in which princess have all the comforts
    and everyone knows how
    difficult path was it for her

    A fairytale
    which seems as smooth as rose petals
    where people want to impose their thoughts on her
    Yes,she has lot of thorns as obstacles

    A fairytale
    where princess not anymore want to impress the audience with her beauty
    But want to set an example to all
    the girls how to win the world with their bravery

    I wrote a fairytale
    where prince does not feel any burden
    to save the princess from any mishap

    I wrote a fairytale
    which no more happens only in fantasies
    But describe all the struggles and realities

    #start #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #wod

    I basically want to write it as simple as possible
    to tell the people how much change a fairytale is in the present world.

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    I wrote a fairytale.....

  • alveeranaaz 5w

    Let them do what they want to do
    And don't judge for what they are doing

  • alveeranaaz 7w

    Those wandering echoes
    In a hushed room
    Slit my soul into pieces

  • alveeranaaz 7w

    There is a tranquility in frightening